Happy Holidays from Edge of Reality

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Happy Holidays from Edge of Reality

Edge of Reality here, creators of Loadout, stopping by to wish you all a very happy holiday! Launching a game during the holidays is extremely rewarding and exciting, making this time of year even more special!

Happy Holidays from Loadout

2014 was a crazy year for us and we’re pumped to finally make our way into the PlayStation community. We’re excited to see what you all do and create in Loadout, with your crazy weapon combinations, ridiculous outfitter selections, and some stellar matches with friend or foe.

We appreciate all the feedback, opinions, and love we’ve received over the past few days. It’s made every bit of this endeavor worth the effort. We take your opinions and support seriously, as we have some exciting plans for the community in 2015 and we’ll begin sharing what we have in store after the first of the year. So get ready for some wacky, crazy, outrageous fun in 2015.

See everyone then! Be safe and have an awesome holiday season!

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  • Thank you very much! I wish you a successful year 2015!

  • Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all at Edge of reality, love your game!!

  • would play it if psn wasn’t down

  • I enjoyed the Blogcast interview, but when I actually played the game I felt that there is too much grind to get a good loadout that I would enjoy started, and I didn’t like the implicit “buy Spacebucks now” vibe.

  • So you’re telling me I’m paying for PS+ so I can get DriveClub PS+ editon and to be able to play online?

    And I’m not getting either of them?


  • @5 this is not the time or the place.

    Also… go take it up with the DDOSers.

    Also… It’s not even a dollar that you are out from these attacks. If you’re that concerned about a dollar I’m not sure how you got a PS4. You still have all those free PS Plus games you can play. Which is worth WAY more than your dollar.

  • It’s not about the money it’s about how frustrating it is to purchase a product and not have it work. Most of my games are locked and I can’t play them, I buy all my games digitally and I don’t understand why I can’t play them.

    I’m sorry if you don’t understand but if I buy stud I expect it to work.

  • i buy most of my games digitally , because i have a PlayStation credit card and get 10x reward points for buying on the psn network. ALL my games work albeit i don’t own driveclub , but the crew is a great game

  • Kansha Arigatou :)

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