Happy Christmas From Hello Games!

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Happy Christmas From Hello Games!

Hello PlayStation Blog, I’m Sean Murray, I’m a programmer working on No Man’s Sky with a group of friends, here at Hello Games.

Happy Holidays from Hello Games

We’ve just come back from Vegas, where the whole team went to Playstation Experience, The Game Awards (and then the Grand Canyon for biome research).

This has been a very different kind of year for us. This time last year I was worried that no one would watch our reveal trailer, and now I just worry if we can live up to some people’s excitement. So many people have been so lovely and supportive. Personally I’m going to disappear in 2015, probably until the game is out. I just want to focus on programming, which I definitely prefer to talking to press, which I’ve done a lot this month.

If you want to know more about the game, there’s lots of new No Man’s Sky videos to watch. We showed No Man’s Sky off at The Game Awards. Then we showed at PlayStation Experience, and finally we threw a concert with the band 65daysofstatic, who will be doing our soundtrack.

Also this month we are on the cover of Game Informer, which was a huge moment for me (it’s a first for an indie game). They are doing lots of video features, and people say the quickfire question one is good. I haven’t actually watched any of these, but I saw some animated gifs of my face whilst browsing NeoGAF, so that was enough for me. :(

Hopefully the vids are ok. :)

It’s been an incredible year. We’re going to focus on finishing No Man’s Sky, but I want you to know how much we’ve valued each message you’ve sent us. Thank you. It means a lot to me and the team.

Hello Games Jumps for Joy

Have a super happy Christmas and New Year. Here’s to 2015, the year No Man’s Sky comes out.

Love you guys,

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  • Happy Holiday’s Sean. The reveal and 65daysofstatic concert at the PlayStation Experience was surreal. Good luck to you in 2015 and the rest of Hello Games. Looking forward to blasting off and exploring worlds in my SPACESHIP!

  • Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all at hello games

  • Space awaits

  • Not to be “that guy” but…

    If your game was out right now, and installed, would we be able to play it without any online? Or is it all completely server based.

    Please don’t have this post devolve into a blame Sony, or outrage or anything, I’m just wondering/reminding them of issues they might want to have a contingency plan for.

  • @ MakaiOokami: On the PSX livestream, Sean was saying that the game world streams to your system in order to decrease the install size of the game. As you approach areas and worlds, that all streams onto your system, and when you leave an area, the data is “thrown away”, as he put it. So no, we won’t be able to play it without online. And considering how big the game universe is, I don’t think it’d be realistic to install it onto any size drive we could currently fit in to the PS4.

  • Happy Holidays Sean, and to everyone at Hello Games! And congratulations on getting on the gameinformer cover. I can’t wait to dive into No Man’s Sky and explore those countless worlds. The new galaxy gameplay trailer that was shown off at PSX blew my mind when the No Man’s Sky Universe was shown. The 65daysofstatic concert was amazing they have a new fan lol.

    I’ve been following the month coverage by gameinformer to cope with the release of the game. I like how there will also be procedural music so that each persons experience will be unique to that space and time. I’ll be recording and live streaming the first step I take into the world. And for anyone wanting to learn more about he game they should check the gameinformer coverage out… http://www.gameinformer.com/p/nomanssky.aspx

    Happy New Year everyone, looking forward to 2015, the year of No Man’s Sky.

  • Im ready for tye next fight night or boxing game

  • @MakaiOokami @Zshiro the game can actually be played fully offline, if you so choose. When Sean Murray was talking about streaming, it was about the streaming of assets being procedurally generated from the mathematical equations, not from the internet. I recommend checking out gameinformer.com, they’ve been running month long coverage of No Man’s Sky.

  • Really looking forward to this game, if it lives up to even half the hype right now I’ll be a happy gamer.

  • I a super pumped for Hello Games. I bought Joe Danger at launch on PS3 and loved it. It was well polished and fun. I was already committed to playing whatever was next and then we get this HUGE game, No Man’s Sky. You’ve gone above and beyond with your next title and I cannot wait to play it.

  • Kansha Arigatou :)

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