Season’s Greetings from the ATLUS Crew

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Season’s Greetings from the ATLUS Crew

A joyous “Season’s Greetings” from the entire ATLUS Crew!

As 2015 (with massive emphasis on the “5” in 2015) approaches, we wanted to sit back, kick up a nice glass of nog, and reflect on the PlayStation-tastic year we had this year.

Some of you have been accustomed to your PlayStation devices being home for your Persona (or depending on the generation, Shin Megami Tensei) games, but 2014 was a banner year for ATLUS’ indie titles.

Happy Holidays from ATLUS, 2014

We started things off with the first-person procedural horror title Daylight from Zombie Studios, we released ACE Team’s Abyss Odyssey, the 2D platformer with a heavy dose of fighting game mechanics in it, Rollers of the Realm, and the Pinball RPG mashup from Phantom Compass. Not to mention the baby-making PS Vita dungeon crawler Conception II and the elephant-riding, turn-based strategy RPG for the PS3, Tears to Tiara II, but I guess Spike Chunsoft nor Aquaplus count as an Indie studios, now do they?

For all the tournament fighters, tournament hopefuls, and button mashers (Like myself!), we released Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, the sequel to our award-winning fighting game on PS3 in September — there was an impressive final at the NorthEast Championship (NEC) fighting tourney last month. Hopefully you’ve had some equally tense, nerve-wracking fights in the online lobbies. Keep an eye out on P4AU on the long road to EVO!

But while 2014 was a great year for ATLUS and PlayStation, 2015 is going to be even bigger!

Right out of the gate, we’ll have Citizens of Earth, the indie-developed RPG from Eden Industries. Players will guide the Vice President of the World in this western take on a retro-inspired JRPG, chock full of colorful characters to recruit to your party and then force to do your dirty work. Why? Because when you’re the VP of the world, you don’t fight, you delegate. It’s coming to both PS4 and PS Vita, because we can. But seriously, this game will scratch that JRPG itch if you’ve been needing something to occupy your time.

Then of course, we can’t forget the two titles ATLUS has shrouded behind the veil of mystery — Persona 4: Dancing All Night and Persona 5. We don’t have much news other than they’re coming in 2015, but rest assured that when we do, you’ll read about it on PlayStation.Blog! We may have a few other PlayStation titles to announce along the way, but for now, keep your eye out for Citizens and more news about the upcoming Persona titles.

So as we all kick back and relax with a cup of spiked completely normal eggnog and enjoy playing a metric buttload of video games over the holiday break, please take the warm tidings and thanks we give to all of you for being ATLUS fans!

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  • Have a beary merry holiday!

  • Season’s Greetings to everyone at Atlus. Loved Dragon’s Crown on my Vita! One of my favorite platinum trophies I have. Hopefully we will see a sequel someday.

  • Whatever you do, just don’t turn Persona 5 into a DLC fest.

  • I love Atlus even for made a Persona in 3DS, and I will love more if we can get Persona 3 FES Golden on PS Vita. Happy Holidays.

  • I second to the number 3.

  • Looking forward to Persona 5, of course, but I really hope Persona Arena gets a PS4 and Vita release. ASW and Aksys have been very good about bringing BlazBlue and Guilty Gear to all PS platforms. Would love to have P4A on every platform possible!

  • Would be reeaally cool to see some Persona 3/4/5 PSN avatar icons :T.
    Nevertheless, Happy Holidays to everyone!

  • Can’t wait for Persona 5. Happy Holidays =D

  • Atlus is the best developer there is, they make amazing games and they are one of the biggest Vita supporters. Cant wait for Persona 5, and i hope it comes to Vita, Persona just seems to be made for Vita, would buy it for PS4 and VITA just to support you guys (although the vita version would be the one I really want)

    Happy Holidays :)

  • I love you ATLUS
    Thanks releasing some great Shin Megami Tensei Games and thanks for support chilean developers like Ace Team.
    Next year is gonna be great.
    I wish you all a Bea-rry Christimas.

  • Atlus, one of the best JRPG devs along with Nihon Falcom, NIS, Namdai, From Soft, and Level 5 imho. Anyway can’t wait for Persona 5 and P4 Dancing. I hope Atlus don’t forget about Growlanser, Catherine, and 3D Dot Game Heroes too. A sequel for three of them would be cool.

    But enough with my gibberish. I wish you a hapy holidays ^^

  • Can’t wait to dance all night. :3

    I wish Persona 4: Arena had been on PS Vita as well. Both games. Still not sure why it wasn’t.

  • Happy holidays Atlus! Glad you guys are still around and didn’t get caught up in that nasty bit of business that had nothing to do with you in 2014. Here is hoping your 2015 is a benchmark year!

  • Happy holiday. My wish this year would be a Persona 5 disc (PS4 version). Hopefully we will get more information about this game soon. When you announce Persona 5 release date, I would be the first who pre-order it.

  • Happy Holdiays Atlus!

    Persona 5 is my most anticipated! I can’t wait to try out your new masterpiece!

  • A certain non-Sony Persona title is keeping me warm over Christmas break. Cannot get enough Persona.
    Love ya, Atlus!

  • I just bought a Playstation TV and Persona 4 Golden should be arriving today. What am I in for, Atlus-senpai!?

    PS – Waiting on a release date for Persona 5, fire up my 2015 calendar because I’m reading to play that on the PS3. Happy holidays to the staff over at Atlus USA!

  • If we’re not getting P5 for Vita, maybe we can get a swagged-up Vita version of Nocturne or the Kuzunoha games? WIth patented anti-frustration features, extra stuff, and a 16:9 facelift.

  • I now hate you guys, once persona 5 comes out i’ll love you again, but i’m persona 4’d out now.

  • To think Atlus flew under my radar for a long time. i tried person3 on psp which lead to persona1 and 2 (psp), Catherine(ps3), persona4 golden (psv), and anything Atlus loved gungnir (psp). Happy Holidays Atlus.

  • All of this talk of the holidays is unBEARable!!!

  • “Some of you have been accustomed to your PlayStation devices being home for your Persona (or depending on the generation, Shin Megami Tensei)”
    I miss those days.
    welp Happy holidays!!

  • I second the motion to prevent P5 to be a dlc heavy game… please don’t ruin it…

    I really hope we get a Vita version, P5Crimson!(?)
    We Vita owners love you guys!

  • Have a Beary Christmas, ATLUS!

  • I asked a while back for confirmation on if Hardcore Risette Fan’s trophy caries over to new game when you start over on new game + for Golden. I was told I’d get a answer then got none. Can I get a answer for Christmas, had this game day 1 and still can’t get it 250 hours later…

  • it would be cool if you bring out a shin megami hd collection for the ps4

  • Altlus thanks to the fun loving memories you gave me back in 1996 even till now with all the gifts and lastest news . Remember who you are , don’t let others judge you the wrong way and never make inexperienced companies ruined the bond you gave us . We love you as always Happy Holidays .

  • Persona Q HD for vita!!!!

  • Atlus is love. Atlus is I would also like to see some persona avatars. I hope persona 5 isn’t heavy on dlc. Happy Holidays Atlus. ^-^

  • @25
    I don’t believe it does. All phrases reset and you have to start over to get the trophy.

  • Thanks Atlus. A company that definitely cares about the fans. Take note Squeenix!

  • Merry Christmas and thank you Atlus.

    I buy most of the games you release.

    Persona Golden is why I bought a Vita at launch and the games you’ve put out for it are among my favourites.

    I’ll be getting P4AU for Christmas, can’t wait to play it.

    Day 1 purchase when P5 comes out!

    Keep the good games coming :)

  • Can’t wait for P5!!!

  • At the start of this year I finally got around to picking up Persona 4 Golden. It was my introduction to Persona and I’ve since fallen in love. Platinum’d P4G, which I played through four times in a row and could have easily gone for a fifth. Completed P3P several times on my Vita. Watched and loved every episode of Persona 4 The Animation. P4GA, not so much, but still had it’s moments. Enjoyed Persona 4 Arena but I love the hell out of Ultimax, it’s an incredible game.

    Needless to say, I am beyond excited for Persona 5 and Persona 4: Dancing All Night. I feel the latter in particular isn’t getting enough love, but hopefully that will change as more is shown/revealed about it. Personally, I can’t wait to see my favourite characters bust a move to some awesome remixes of some incredible Persona music. Persona music is best music, so a game that’s all about Persona music is just everything I need. :D

    Hope to see more Persona love on Vita in the future. =D

  • Happy Holidays, Atlus. I voted for P5 as my most anticipated 2015 game, more than Bloodborne, more than KH3, more than U4. That’s how much it means to me. As for DLC, it’s a business decision, so if you make them, I’ll buy them all, especially avatars for the loveofgod please!!

  • Happy Hoidays, ATLUS! Been playing Persona 4 Arena Ultimax and loving the game so far. Can’t wait for all of your future titles. :)

    Oh, and anyone that doesn’t like them are but a bunch of worthless criminals or kids with a tantrum who can’t have their way.

  • Rollers of the Realm was awesome. I highly suggest to anyone who likes pinball to pick that one up.

  • So do we plan on finally putting the original JPN audio now for New Year’s resolution instead of being cheap and putting useless things to jack up the price(looks at 3DS games)?

  • Is there any way you guys can bring Persona Q to Vita?

  • PERSONA 5!!!!!

  • Bring Shiren 5 plus over via physical retail. Would buy -_^. Merry Christmas.

  • Thanks for love you gave to PS Vita.

  • Yeah and Persona 3 for VITA!…. right?

  • Thanks for all the fantastic games this year (Persona Q = Game of the Year!!!)

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (and again and again) that “Atlus just doesn’t make games that suck”. Grammatically incorrect, I know, but it states the point. Your games are GREAT. Shin Megami Tensei is feeling the love with Persona, etc. Can’t wait for the next titles. You guys are my favorites in years past and I’m sure that will continue in 2015. :D

  • Kansha Arigatou :)

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