Happy Holidays from the Kingdom Hearts Team

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Happy Holidays from the Kingdom Hearts Team

Happy Holidays, PlayStation.Blog readers! The Kingdom Hearts team would like to wish you a very merry holiday to you and your loved ones. The launch of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX on December 2nd has brought together countless people and the #feels have spread in good spirits.

The magical saga continues in three remastered journeys… and each individual’s journey with the Kingdom Hearts franchise has been quite unique. For those who have seen the Kingdom Hearts launch trailer, you saw fans across the globe expressing their love and passion to the creators of Kingdom Hearts. To shoot the trailer in North America, 293 people came out to voice their experience with the game. In EU it was a very special few dozen of fans from England, France, Germany and Spain, and in Japan I counted at least 50 smiling faces of the development team.

Kingdom Hearts Holiday Card 2014

Working with the North America team, I’ve never had the chance to actually meet all the artists, programmers, character creators, storywriters, producers, and art-directors that have been working on Kingdom Hearts since its birth 14 years ago. Let alone, I’ve never really had full conversations with a group of savvy Kingdom Hearts fans at once! Thanks to our very sweet counterpart in Japan, we were successfully able to coordinate a surprise reaction video shoot with Japan. The US and EU team eagerly anticipated to see the faces behind the creativity and work that goes into our games.

Oh boy… it was extremely hard to cut the developer reaction from hours into literally one minute. Developer reactions stating that they felt “love from around the world” were no surprise and some of the comments they had about the “cool style” of our fans were super sweet. What we didn’t get to add into the trailer was that the Japan staff initially thought that all of the fans were actors! Everyone’s “labor of love” really made a piece that just cannot be scripted.

Thank you Kingdom Hearts fans for embracing your voice and experiences through life. We found through getting to know you that we all have overcome so many obstacles in life. The way you cheer each other on and support fellow Kingdom Hearts fans is such a special gift. In closing, as this very special game brought all of us together please remember… no matter where we go, we will always be connected.

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  • Happy Holidays
    Vita Kingdom Hearts wink wink !

  • Please, please bring Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 HD to Vita.

  • Well deserved smiles on their faces. A fantastic game and series. Happy Holidays!

  • @2 we just want so many games on vita. YOW SONY, WAKE UP! Your people needs you!

  • Merry Christmas!

    Kingdom Hearts HD digital releases, please!

  • My best friend got this for me for Christmas and man, those developers should feel proud. Birth By Sleep is one of the best games I’ve ever played and now that its in HD on my 42″, it looks as sweet as it plays!
    Thanks devs, it’s only Christmas Eve, but my Christmas wish has already come true!

    • + WildVulture312 hello! 2 weeks in since the game has launched… and we are back from the holiday. The developers are excited to hear that KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep is well received by new fans and old. It’s so nice that video game gift giving is a tradition that will never go away. Hope you have a fabulous year!

  • I was gonna buy 2.5 on PS3 but I have a feeling you’re gonna put both 1.5 and 2.5 on PS4 just like FFX so I’m holding out.

  • I checked the Ask Playstation Twitter and it said to come here for answers regarding the update that would allow the Christmas pack to work. That fact that everyone is asking and being ignored on the subject is only worsened by the fact you are still selling the non functioning Christmas pack. Get it together for once Sony.

  • Kingdom hearts Vita?

  • Why isn’t this being ported to the vita????

  • Yeah merry xmas and stuff but zero vita support! I wish you the worst sales ever during the next year :)

  • Please start pumping out some KH3 new soon. It doesn’t even have to be important, just some updates every now and then like Tabata’s started doing for FFXV.

  • Please give me KH 1.5 and 2.5 HD on the PS4!

  • Vita needs some love too.

    Kingdom Hearts should work great on Vita. Atleast port BBS to it.

  • Kingdom hearts!!!!!!!!! Merry XMAS SORA!!!!!!

  • Where’s the minecraft update?

  • Please guys, bring Kingdom Hearts to the Vita!

  • Merry Christmas Square Enix and Merry Christmas to Kingdom Hearts!!!! ^-^

    • Same to you +ossiecastro5! I liked playing the holiday themed areas of KINGDOM HEARTS. Festive and feels hopefully will last passed the holidays!

  • Merry Christmas kingdom hearts team.

  • Minecraft update and PS4 ports.

  • Vita? They want to make money, not lose it.

  • I am absolutely loving kingdom hearts 2 final mix. I’m working on getting its platinum like I did for the first one.

  • @21 Well they are losing my 10 bucks a month because i am going to cancel my + membership today.

  • Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 + 2.5 on PS4! Please! T.T

  • To Vita,.

  • Merry Christmas

  • Merry Christmas everyone and have a safe Holiday Season! I can’t help but think how great these games would look on the Vita. Please make it happen.

  • Bring the Collections to PS4 and/or Vita. I missed them because I kept with the generation

  • please make the two kingdom hearts games digital thanks

  • You guys do realize that there’s a limit of up to 4GB for a Vita game right?

    Somehow I don’t imagine these games would do very well with that limit.

  • Thanks to the staff over at Square for putting in the hard work in getting KH2.5 HD Remix for the Christmas season in the same year, worldwide! You’ve made the PS3’s twilight years something warm and fuzzy!

    I remember when the original KH2 came out for Japan for Christmas and we Americans had to wait until March just to play it! I’m really happy to be able to play the Final Mix versions of KH2 and Birth By Sleep on PS3. We’ve come a long way, huh? Well a very Merry Christmas to everyone. Except those who think Vita and PS4 are entitled to PS3 exclusive games for some reason. =/

    • + ChibiMrBubbles- Thank you so much! You make a good point, :) The world is getting smaller… games and people have been evolving over the years but the one thing that stays in common is that a fun game translates across the world! WORLDWIDE love. I remember those days when games would NOT get localized, and you would have to search wide and far for a copy of the latest Dragon Quest… As we watch PS3 also evolve into a new generation of PlayStation consoles, the KH team is happy to have brought out KINGDOM HEARTS on PS3!

  • @23 Green-banana-kun why aren’t you paying yearly for the PS Plus? So much cheaper. What does Minecraft updates have to do with Sony, Kingdom Hearts, or PS Plus?

  • Happy Holidays, KH team in particular and SE company in general. I have the KH 2.5 CE and love my Heartless plushie. I never played a KH game back in the day, so these HD releases are all new to me, but I love the characters, love the Disney themes since what’s not to love about Mickey and crew, and I hope for a beautiful KH3 CE which I will buy.

  • Happy Holidays, Kingdom Hearts Team! :)

    Still playing Kingdom Hearts Final Mix in the 1.5 ReMIX and will be getting the 2.5 ReMIX later in the future. Kingdom Hearts is no doubt in my opinion to be better than Final Fantasy. I hope the Kingdom Hearts Team succeeds while Final Fantasy Team fails.

    • + Gamerzlimited Happy Holidays to you as well!! :) KINGDOM HEARTS over FINAL FANTASY. The split is very interesting. Do you like seeing the FINAL FANTASY characters in there? The collaboration of the two worlds do play a pretty big role. Hope you can give FINAL FANTASY a try? There might be on that may pique your interest?

  • Will this love continue into patches? 2.5’s loading times, good golly. Puts KH1.5 summons to shame. But then, dunno how much can be fixed, without, say, a data install option? Eh? Eh?!

    Looks nice, sounds nice, but crumbles under its own Blu-weight.

  • Merry Christmas KH team.

  • Merry Christmas and a VITA KH in New Year!

  • Merry Christmas, and a Kindom Hearts for Vita for the New Year! BBS HD Remix for vita(on psn) prease.

  • merry xmas, but bring Kingdom Hearts to VITA!!!!

  • Kansha Arigatou :)

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