Happy Holidays from Bandai Namco

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Happy Holidays from Bandai Namco

It’s that holly jolly season to spend time with your loved ones, dust off your Christmas tree lights, and reflect on all the great moments you’ve had in the past year — especially your greatest gaming moments!

Here in our Bandai Namco Games America office, we’ve experienced some great highs this year, like finally beating a boss in Dark Souls II with co-workers cheering us on, as well as some face palming lows, like accidentally rolling off a cliff in Dark Souls II… with co-workers watching.

Nonetheless, 2014 has been a great year.

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles

Since the beginning we have prided ourselves on bringing well-loved anime franchises to video games in the West, and 2014 was no exception. Kicking off the year, we launched Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z and One Piece: Romance Dawn and kept the anime train rolling throughout the year with Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution and Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn for our anime fans.

Speaking of fans, something needs to be said about our “Tales of” fans. The immense support and devotion we receive from our “Tales of” fans has spurred and motivated the Bandai Namco team to localize more and more Tales of games and prove that classic JRPGs are as strong as ever! Just in 2014, we were able to bring over Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, Tales of Xillia 2, and Tales of Hearts R and the reception for each one was fabulous!

Dark Souls II

However, the biggest highlight from 2014 that all of us at Bandai Namco Games America would agree on would be the much anticipated and celebrated launch of Dark Souls II. The Bandai Namco elves worked long hours and late into the nights, even during the 2013 holiday season, and boy did all that hard work pay off! With over 400 million in-game deaths worldwide from the game’s launch until now, we believe it’s safe to say that Dark Souls II is the most challenging and punishing, yet gloriously rewarding, action RPG experience that has come out of the Bandai Namco Games lineup to date.

With 2015 creeping up fast, we fully intend to keep the 2014 momentum going and hope everybody is looking forward to another fantastic year of epic battles, nail-biting victories, and pwning noobs! But for now, have a wonderful holiday season and happy New Year!

From the Bandai Namco Games America crew

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  • BAMCO, Digimon story sleuth for vita in english please!!!!

  • Thanks for all the great Vita games you’ve brought over. Now make 2015 awesome by bring Digimon Story, Sword Art Online: Lost Song, God Eater and Irregular At Magic High School! :D

  • Loving Tales of Hearts R! I think I need to grind a little because Creed is being a bit of a booger. Bring more Tales games to the Vita and I will buy them on release day. Happy Holidays!

  • Thanks for all the great content this year and all the upcoming stuff too.

    I hope you can release One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 on Vita before 3. It would be nice to have the Vita version finally released here. With 3 confirmed for Vita too [which surprised me tbh], it would be a good reason to do it.

    Also really hope we see Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth come over. I’ll be importing in April, but I want it in English. Tales of Innocence R would be nice too ;3

  • Happy holidays! Really looking forward to tales of zesteria already.

  • Happy Holidays Bandai Namco!

    Thanks for the great games!

  • Tales of Innocence R!!!

  • We are waiting for Tekken on Ps Vita and also a new story of Lords of the Fallen.

    Please bring more Vita games to west this year.


  • Please bring Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth to America”S”.

    Greetings from Brazil. Happy 2015.

  • Half of my PS3 games this year have been Namco games, someone there must be doing something right. Thanks for giving us this much quality content across multiple Playstation platforms!

    Cheers for that and Merry Christmas in particular to the Namco Bandai of America staff hard at work at localizing games!

  • I mean a new story of lords of the fallen on Vita.would be awesome.

  • Congrats on an excellent year Bandai Namco! Merry Christmas and good luck with next year!

  • I loves you guys! Happy Holidays!

  • Happy holidays Bamco and thank you for all your hard work! Oh and BTW super excited about J-Stars Victory VS+ coming to PS4. I DID NOT expect that all. I will be getting my hands on that for sure.

    Loved Symphonia Chronicles and just finished with Hearts R. I beat the superboss and Creed and saw the extra scene. Could that be a teaser for something else? Anyway great games!

    Here’s what I want to be localized in 2015:

    Gundam Extreme Vs Maxi Boost
    Tales of Innocence R
    Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth
    Tales of Vesperia (Yea I’m still saying it. Besides I heard English voiceover was done for the PS3 version anyway)

    Looking forward to great things from you in 2015 Bamco!

  • Merry Christmas! Thanks for all the “Tales of” games this and hopefully even more this coming 2015! You know what we mean *wink* Tales of Innocence R *wink*

    Hopefully, 2015 will also be a year of Digimon! Bring us Digimon Cyber Sleuth please!
    Maybe even God Eater 2 Rage Burst? There’s so many we want localized from you! Hopefully we’ll get some of them here.

  • Happy Holidays !
    Tales of Hearts was a pleasant surprise and SAO was kinda fun too.
    Please keep the Digi-support to the vita.

  • Please bring Pac Man CE to Vita. That game was meant to be played on the Vita.

  • Cyber Sleuth English release PLEASE!!


  • English Digimon please it will be a day one buy for me.

  • Gonna pick up ToH:R when I get the chance, but pleaseeeeeeeee localize both of the new Digimon games.

  • Bandai Namco FTW!!! Tales of Hearts R is great and the Symphonia Chronicles collectors ed. was outstanding (I have the figures on my desk at work XD), even though I can hardly understand Japanese, I got an import of Tales of Vesperia for ps3. I’m really hoping that Innocence R and the new Digimon Cyber Sleuth games will come to the US. In fact Bandai Namco, Localize Everything!!!!! Old games, New games everything is just fantastic. Can’t wait to see what you guys have planned for 2015, Happy (insert you holiday of choice)!

  • digimon cyber sleuth english please,it’ll be a very good christmas present

  • THANK YOU GUYS! You’re literally saving the vita! Merry xmas and happy new year! I wish you the very best for the upcoming year and the best sales ever too! :) please keep it up and don’t stop supporting the vita and you’ll have our love (and money haha) n_n

    @19 if you don’t know how to read go to the school and learn how to do it instead of acting like an idiot saying “no dub no buy”… I hate the guys like you who don’t suppor a great game/company just because they don’t know how to read xD

  • Please please please bring Gundam Breaker to the West :D

  • Thank you Namco, thanks for the localizations.
    Pretty please bring Cyber Sleuth and God Eater 2: Rage Burst to the west!

    Sub or dub, i’ll still buy it!


  • Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

    Bamco, thanks for the localizations. Please bring over Digimon Cyber Sleuth and God Eater 2: Rage Burst for Vita!!!!
    Physical, Digital only, Sub, Dub, I really don’t care. I just want to play them in English!!

    Also, great job on bringing over J-stars Victory Vs, Day 1 buy for me on Vita. I read somewhere that a few characters are gonna be cut from the western release, as long as it’s not Himura Kenshin, I’m good!!

  • I love you guys! Please consider Digimos for Vita. And if you can get Tales of Symphonia for my favorite handleheld… that’d be awesome

  • Digimon Cyber Sleuth*

  • Digimon for the Vita please.

    Please bring Tales of Innocence to the Vita as well.

    Happy Holidays!

  • where’s the minecraft update?

  • J-Star Victory Vs ,Yes! Happy holidays.

  • Thank’s Bandai namco for the games this year
    Merry Christmas and happy New Year too

    hope next year you guys bring more games for Vita ><

    Cheers X3

  • We need just Digimon Story Cyber Slueth in America AND Europe (with multi language sub). It´s nice for Tales of series to have a stand in the west now but some Games need support to… like Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth (yes, i pre-orderd my japanese copy but need a Release with german or at least english sub).

    But still wish all at Bandai Namco a merry christmas and a happy new year :D

  • Happy holiday Bandai Namco…
    Waiting for next Sword Art Online reg3 english
    Thank you…

  • For me, the most positive sign was to see Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment perform “above forecast expectations” in the West. (for my part, I’m still on level 95, and have completed the “main” Hollow Area campaign – although I’m havign trouble with one of the bosses in the “new” post-update Hollow Area region.)

    For 2015, top of my wish list would be a retal copy of Sword Art Online: Lost Song on Vita (as well as retail PS3 copies for those wishing to play the game on that platform).

    Following that, I’d also like to see Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Out of Order, God Eater 2: Rage Burst, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth (while I wouldn’t consider myself a fan of the Digimon franchise, the recent Jump Festa promo looks promising), and maybe one or two of the music/rhythm games which Bandai Namco Japan have for various PlayStation platforms (such as HaNaYaMaTa: Yosakoi Live! or Idolm@ster: One For All).

    I just wish that a Puchim@s game existed for me to add to the request file…

    (Also, might it be possible to offer some of the Japanese game OSTs on iTunes or 7Digital? The OST for Out of Order sounds like it might be good, while I’d be keen to hear more of what Lost Song will have to offer.)

  • Merry Christmas to you as well. This has been an excellent year of gamin. So many games this year, especially Tales. I’m still currently playing Tales of Hearts R for me PSVita amongst other JRPG games I have including Persona 4 golden. I’m pumped up for more Tales of games coming to the US. Tales of Innocence R, Tales of Zestiria. Oh I even forgot about Vesperia since it may not get localized, but the more Tales the better. Have a great year Tales staff and Namco Bandai. :)

  • Merry Christmas I hope you keep dubbing your games. I’m looking forward to zestiria.

  • A real holiday miracle would be a *proper* translation of SAO:HF. But we know that’ll never happen.

  • Merry Christmas!!!
    I’m hoping for these localizations next year.
    Sword Art Online: Lost Song (Physical Release please!!!)
    God Eater 2 Burst
    Digimon Story CS
    Tales of Innocence R
    Praying they’re announced and all get physical releases.
    I’ll be buying DBZ, JStar, Naruto and Maybe OP next year on Vita or PS4 depends on choice and PS4 benefits.

  • PS. Dub the Next Sword Art game please, as well as Tales. Those are 2 series that need to be treated a little better than just a Sub only release

  • The sweet loving Bandai Namco had gave us gamers unforgettable memories and moments leaving us breathless., more will be will heading our way as we asks sending us to experience it once again . So embrace yourselves guys and Happy Holidays .

  • Thank you for bringing ToHR to U.S. I really enjoy it so much.
    I hope you will announce the Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth soon.

  • Thanks again for a great year. I would like for a localization of SRWOG game please.

  • just wanted to say thanks for all THE GAMES UVE BEEN PULLING OUT! happy holydays…


  • Still no love for Ace Combat anywhere. Not really shocking, but I suppose it’s really the RPGs that people play from Bandai Namco here. While everyone else celebrates Dark Souls and Tales, I’ll just continue enjoying the skies of battle.

  • We need Dark Souls on Vita please! :D

  • Thanks for the good games, keep it up!

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