Holiday Sale: Final Week Sees More Games, Movies Discounted

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Holiday Sale: Final Week Sees More Games, Movies Discounted

The Holiday Sale has been spreading holiday cheer to PS4, PS3 and PS Vita owners for the last three weeks, and today marks the beginning of the final week of discounts on a ton of games, movies, and TV shows. Following today’s PS Store publish, we’re discounting a new line-up of games at up to 65% off. PS Plus members get an added bonus with titles discounted at up to 70% off.

Holiday Sale 2014, Week 4

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Pick up some sweet games like Grand Theft Auto V, Alien Isolation, Battlefield 4, and more all at a discounted price today through Monday, December 29th. And if you missed out on picking up Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare during Week 3 of the Holiday Sale, don’t worry because it is on sale again this week! Check out the full lineup for the last week of the Holiday Sale, below.

Title Platform PS Plus Price Sale Price Original Price
3-in-1 Mega Bundle PS3 $5.99 $6.99 $9.99
Alien: Isolation PS3 $24.99 $29.99 $49.99
Alien: Isolation PS4 $29.99 $35.99 $59.99
Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag PS3 $12.00 $15.00 $29.99
Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag PS4 $20.00 $25.00 $49.99
Battlefield 4 PS3 N/A $9.00 $29.99
Battlefield 4 PS4 N/A $12.00 $39.99
Battlefield 4 Premium Edition PS3 N/A $30.00 $59.99
Battlefield 4 Premium Edition PS4 N/A $30.00 $59.99
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PS4 N/A $44.99 $59.99
Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PS3 N/A $44.99 $59.99
Castle of Illusion: Sega Genesis Bundle PS3 $7.49 $8.99 $14.99
Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair PS Vita $23.99 $27.99 $39.99
Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition PS4 $35.99 $39.59 $59.99
Escape Goat 2 PS4 $4.00 $5.00 $9.99
FLUSTER CLUCK PS4 $6.00 $7.50 $14.99
Grand Theft Auto V + Great White Shark Card PS3 N/A $28.00 $79.99
In Space We Brawl PS3 $7.19 $8.39 $11.99
In Space We Brawl PS4 $7.19 $8.39 $11.99
Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut PS4 $4.00 $5.00 $9.99
Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut PS3 $4.00 $5.00 $9.99
Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut PS Vita $4.00 $5.00 $9.99
Luxury Fun Triple Scoop PS3 $8.99 $10.49 $14.99
Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes PS4 N/A $6.80 $19.99
Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes PS3 N/A $6.80 $19.99
Metro Redux PS4 $29.99 $34.99 $49.99
Nidhogg PS4 $8.99 $10.49 $14.99
Nidhogg PS Vita $8.99 $10.49 $14.99
Peggle 2 PS4 N/A $4.80 $11.99
Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Digital Exclusive Bundle PS4 N/A $41.99 $59.99
Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Digital Exclusive Bundle PS3 N/A $27.99 $39.99
RACE THE SUN PS3 $5.99 $6.99 $9.99
RACE THE SUN PS4 $5.99 $6.99 $9.99
RACE THE SUN PS Vita $5.99 $6.99 $9.99
The Legend of Korra PS3 $8.99 $9.89 $14.99
The Legend of Korra PS4 $8.99 $9.89 $14.99
WWE 2K15 PS4 N/A $49.79 $59.99
WWE 2K15 PS3 N/A $40.19 $59.99
WWE 2K15 Digital Deluxe PS4 N/A $66.39 $79.99
WWE 2K15 Digital Deluxe PS3 N/A $53.59 $79.99

Just as in the previous three weeks of the Holiday Sale, the discounts don’t stop at games. The following movies and TV shows will be on sale through December 29th along with the movies and TV shows that were announced for the first three weeks of the sale:

Title SD Sale Price HD Sale Price SD Original Price HD Original Price
2/11/1900 $7.99 $7.99 $9.99 $12.99
300: Rise of an Empire $7.99 $7.99 $9.99 $14.99
Batman: Assault on Arkham $9.99 $17.99 $14.99 $19.99
Godzilla $10.99 $10.99 $14.99 $19.99
Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Ex. Ed. $7.99 $9.99 $9.99 $17.99
Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow $10.99 $10.99 $14.99 $19.99
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings Ex. Ed. $7.99 $9.99 $9.99 $17.99
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Ex. Ed. $7.99 $9.99 $9.99 $17.99
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Ex. Ed. $7.99 $9.99 $9.99 $17.99
Man of Steel $7.99 $7.99 $9.99 $17.99
Pacific Rim $7.99 $7.99 $9.99 $17.99
Tammy $10.99 $10.99 $14.99 $19.99
TV Shows
Title Season Number SD Season Pass Sale Prices HD Season Pass Sale Prices SD Season Pass Original Prices HD Season Pass Original Prices
Elementary 1 $19.99 $19.99 $29.99 $29.99
Elementary 2 $19.99 $19.99 $34.99 $34.99
NCIS 1 $8.99 $8.99 $19.99 $19.99
NCIS 11 $26.99 $26.99 $34.99 $34.99

The final week of the Holiday Sale runs through Monday, December 29th. What are you going to pick up during this last week? Let us know in the comments below, and happy holidays!

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3 Author Replies

  • No Atelier. No Rogue Legacy.

    What a disappointing sale. The whole sale.

  • So much crap.

  • Goodbye Depair !

  • @1

    Yes. I mean WOW. Sony really wants us spending our money on steam. Maybe Gabe has a deal or something cause this is just unbelievable.

  • Nice! BF4 for me (again) thanks!

  • Nice I’ve been wanting to get battlefield 4 again.Thanks PlayStation!

  • I saved so much for today… very disappointed =(

  • Good deals

  • Nice, Korra for $9? I’ll jump on that.

  • LOL can’t wait for a flash sale to make up for this…

    Where the Vita games Sony!?!?

  • what the %^&$ is this? 3 indie games and a virtual novel for vita. I love my vita. I have a ton of awesome games for it, but wow. Crappiest sale ive seen since i first joined psn. What a holiday letdown. Once again Sony, thanks for ignoring most of us.

  • We’ll never have an Atelier sale in the US again ;-; whhhhhhhy

  • Only one slightly tempting title. Shame…

  • Where’s How to Train Your Dragon 2? It’s on the header pic, but not in the list. I might have to buy Alien: Isolation at that price…

    • Good question cubbielovr. How to Train Your Dragon 2 the movie went on sale during Week 3 of the Holiday Sale, but it the discount will be offered through December 29th.

      How To Train Your Dragon 2 (Movie)
      SD Original Price $17.99
      SD Sale Price $12.99
      HD Original Price $12.99
      HD Sale Price $12.99

      Each week the new discounts are listed in the post’s content table. Since How To Train Your Dragon 2 was discounted last week, it was not listed in the post of new discounts this week. Hope that helps!

  • I’m very disappointed as well!

    I’ll possibly get MGS Ground Zeroes, but other than that… sheesh.

    like, SHEESH.

    If I had a PS4, I’d be interested in Escape Goat 2.

    Oh well.

  • Awww man I was hoping to fill these mem cards I just bought for my Vita :'(

  • Nothing for me, again! I think I’ll spend my money elsewhere.

  • I’ve been hoping for a Minecraft sale but I’m still going to get it anyway so that my daughter and I can play together on Christmas :)

    Merry Christmas Everybody!


  • Some nice games on sale but its b.s seeing so many publishers not supporting ps plus in the sales this week.

  • What a ****** sale.I guess my $40 stays unspent.

  • Really disappointed in plus this whole year. These sales are a total let down.

  • No Atelier… So sad. I wouldn’t have minded Ar Tonelico 3 being on sale either (even though the first two are better). I normally don’t mind buying 3-5 copies of GUST games, but… that is for physical copies.

    Well, I guess I’m not renewing my PS+ today.

    Wonder if they’ll do an encore sale next week like a lot of companies have done. Would be amusing if they did.

  • People need to start stating opinions as opinions. Just because YOU don’t like this sale doesn’t make it bad, it’s just not for YOU.

    Anyways, I got 3 games in the last sale, I’m thinking of picking up Nidhogg this time, the Blogcast guys keep raving about it.

  • Danganronpa 2 is incredible! If you own a vita its a must play. But you should play the first entry before.

  • yuk! the LAST drop of the year and it’s just….. cr@p…..

  • Nope nope nope.

  • Meh. If I had a PS4 I would jump on Diablo III, but other than that there’s really nothing here for me.

  • Ground Zeroes shall be mine!

    btw, happy holidays, Chieh! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

  • Can we get 1$ Flash Sale please again?
    Also a Demon’s Souls sale is much appreciated.
    Happy new year Chieh!

  • This whole sale was a huge disappointment. Every week I was looking forward to something good but nothing. What a let down playstation..

  • This is an extremely disappointing sale.

  • Peggle 2 and MGS it is then.

  • Was worried I would be compelled to purchase this week. Hooray for saving money!!

  • The whole month of deals ended absolutely HORRIBLE. Ended up buying only Child Of Light… So so so so much rubbish deals…

  • Was really hoping for rogue legacy. Maybe flash sale or ps+ in January. Sigh.

  • I was waiting on Peggle 2. Yeah!!

  • I have been waiting an entire week for this… Terrible for Vita owners. I mean Danganronpa 2 is OK but we would love to get a FIFA game or some Senran Kagura Shinobi Versus…

    I really am sad… I mean why is Lone Survivor on sale AGAIN… I Mean seriously who decided that this should happen.

    And Nidhogg? Seriously?

    Well since I don’t have enough for Danganronpa 2 I will just let my $15 hang in there. Will keep playing Soul Sacrifice Delta… Getting SSD for $14 was the best deal so far

  • Added 60 to my wallet with paypal because of the get 10 back promo and expecting that at least one of the 4 weeks of holiday sales would have something worth buying.

    All that money is still sitting in my wallet and these ‘sales’ won’t be changing that.

    Guess I’ll save it for some of the Vita games coming out next year.

    Yes Sony, there are people (quite a few) who want to buy Vita games. (not indies)

  • Yey! The sales sucks! I can save money this week.

    Honestly their not horrible just not impressive, and anything worth while I already picked up on Black Friday for cheap on Amazon.
    Anywho happy holidays

  • well, for this i dont renew my ps plus membership, the only intersting game was danganrompa 2 ._. more vita discounts please, games like project diva f or op unlimited world red will be nice

  • This sale is insulting! Comparing to the other sales on xbox live (dragon age only $30!), Amazon, and even Best Buy.


  • No Danganronpa 1 :(

  • Final week and we got those.

  • Man. 4 weeks of nothing for me. And no, I didn’t own 99% of that stuff. Just nothing that interested me. lol

  • Final week of disappointment,
    Only the first week had something worthwhile (Tomb Raider) which i should have got :(
    And very true about vita games, wish Tearaway would of been on this sale like there is hardly any titles for the vita, so very sad

  • Only thing I’d get is The Legend of Korra since I already have Alien and Metro.

    Pretty weak sales overall.

    At least I got PlayStation Vita Pets from last week’s sale so I can play the game of the year.

  • Transistor. Valiant Hearts. Child of Light. Now, Peggle 2. This sale has been like a perfect check list of titles waiting to go on sale to purchase. Be a very Merry Christmas, thank you PlayStation folks!

  • I have yet to buy anything during these ‘sales’.

    Metal Gear seems intriguing but even at $7 I am debating wether to get what is essentially a glorified demo.

    Ahh…the good times back on the original playstation where you got a demo disk and it came for free instead of paying for it.

  • I’m confused about Battlefield 4 Premium, I own BF4 for PS4 on a disc and I want the Premium season pass (normally $50) will the season pass be discounted to $30 or do i have to buy the game again with premium for $30? Or if I buy the game with Premium can I just download the season pass and not the game again because I don’t want the full game on my hardrive taking up space because I have it on a disc.

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