Happy Holidays from DrinkBox Studios

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Happy Holidays from DrinkBox Studios

H-O-L-I-D-A-Y time is here! …And nothing really changes at DrinkBox Studios because we’re still hard at work.

Luckily though, I do have the privilege to give you a little recap of how we’re sending out the year.

Happy Holidays from DrinkBox


We just got back from showing Severed publicly for the first time at PlayStation Experience, which was amazing for a bunch of reasons. First, there was a real excitement in the air from all the gamers walking around at the inaugural event. Second, we got to chat with fans of Guacamelee!, who were nice enough to come up and say positive things about our game. I can’t tell you how great this makes us feel.

Thirdly, we were able to let people play Severed for the first time, allowing us to get valuable feedback, and hopefully leaving everyone with a good impression or two. People seemed really excited, which, in turn, pumped us up a lot.

Guacamelee! STCE 4 Player

Happy Holidays from DrinkBox

But hold on, that’s not all! As a special treat for PlayStation Experience, we added four-player support to Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition. WHAT?! That’s right, Guacamelee! STCE 4-player.

And if you’re wondering if it’s as hectic and crazy as it sounds, the answer is 100% yes. We’re hoping to release a four-player patch sometime in the new year.

Guacamelee! PSTV

Not done! Since I’m sure all of you will be getting a PlayStation TV as a gift (from yourself) pretty soon, we figured you might want to play co-op with the original Guacamelee!. What?! That is correct.

Happy Holidays from DrinkBox

Our free update to Guacamelee! Vita is now live, making the game fully compatible with PS TV and adding two-player support on it as well. What this means to you: if you own Guacamelee! on PS3 or PS Vita, and have a PlayStation TV, then you can play Guacamelee! for free.

With all of this said — everyone over here at DrinkBox Studios would like to send out a very warm happy holidays to everyone out there who have supported us in any way. DrinkBox Studios would not exist if it wasn’t for your support — we never forget this. Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays from DrinkBox

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4 Author Replies

    I loved Guacamelee on PSVITA and im thankful Severed is coming to the vita as well.
    My best wishes to the development team and….I’m finishing up my college degree for Software Engineer….think about it ;)

  • 4-player co-op in my Guacamelee? Yes please!

  • Likewise, happy holidays guys! Looking forward to Severed =D

  • Thanks to everyone at DrinkBox for making one of the best Vita games I played. I enjoyed every last bit of the adventure and even more the ElDiablo challenges. Nothing could be better thank turning from a Luchador to a chicken…lol…literlary speaking.

    Happy Christmas

    PS: I keep checking for the week 4 sale on psn… Lol…

  • And BTW Severed looked absolutely fantastic. Can’t wait to see where this adventure takes me… I just love the vivid color palette you use for the games developed

  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you DrinkBox. Keep up the great work!

  • As a lover of Guacamelee! I can’t say I’m not disappointed that the next Drinkbox project is not on the same scale. A touch based game isn’t doing it for me. Hopefully a proper followup is on the way or something else of that caliber. Still love you guys though.

  • Happy Holidays guys! Can’t wait to play Severed on my Vita.

  • Happy Holidays Drinkbox! Love your games and can’t wait to play Severed on the Vita. Also the 4 player co op for Guacamelee is super sweet too. Thanks for all the great games and for supporting the Vita so much.

  • Happy holidays Drinkbox! Can’t wait to play Severed on my new PS Vita and Guacamelee and excited for 4 player support on Guacamelee in the future

  • Great news and Happy Holidays! Guacamelee is mos def a favorite in my household. Also, props to adding 2 player support for the PSTV!

  • hopefully there is a deal for guacamelee ps4 version that 4player sounds awesome but I already bought the ps3 version your guys games are awesome about a blob and guacamelee are so much fun

  • I’m glad some devs are actually supporting PSTV. Not the best system ever, but it has its perks.

  • You guys are the best! I love Guacamelee! and four player co-op sounds like the best kind of madness. I personally am so excited for Severed. I have been looking forward to it since your original post on Gamasutra.com, but was a little distressed when you guys talked about putting the game on mobile (originally). So EXCITED THAT IT’S ON VITA!!!!! Please put a Platinum on it?! That would make my Christmas complete. In all seriousness, thank you so much for all your hard work. My friends and love it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

  • I’m really excited for this game! I loved Guacamelee and I love that you’re bringing the same art style back.

  • You had me at DrinkBox Studios.

    Seriously, I’ll buy everything you guys make because it’s all great

  • Hi Chris!
    Seriously, you guys have heart, and from what I´ve seen, you DO know what makes games exactly what we want. If there´s one thing that translates well what a playstation experience means, it´s the kind of games that you make.
    Guacamelee for example, is a game capable of pulling long dormant gamer strings of people tired of today´s “more of the same” every year after year after year. Platinumed Guacamelee without even seeing the trophie list, just playing and enjoying and exploring, like games we all played in the old days. days we counted bits in hands fingers lol… yeah, I play games since that.
    Wish you guys only the best, during christmas, the new year and every year after. Keep your minds fresh and continue with the great work you´ve been doing these years.

  • Also, if you accept suggestions for games, what about some scifi (or prehistoric age) platformer with mischievous kids? Fun story and gameplay, smart mechanics, hard to master, as nice to play as Guacamelee, and truly honest to its games for gamers roots like I know you guys like to work. The kind of thing that only you guys at DrinkBox Studios would be capable of doing.
    thanks again!
    On PSVita, the perfet platform, of course :-)

  • Why isn’t Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition on PS Vita?

  • Thanks for all of your time and hard work guys. It has allowed me to waste more time and do less hard work. Loved Mutant Blobs and I recommend Guacamelee to anyone I can. I am interested to see what Severed is all about. Thanks again and please keep up the great work, I appreciate it.

  • Really looking forward to Severed! Guacamele and Mutant Blobs Attack are among my faves on Vita. Happy Holidays!

  • Thank you Drinkbox for your neat games. Looking forward to Severed.

  • Cant wait for this…

  • I loved Guacamelee and can’t wait for ANY games Drink Box does next!

  • Kansha Arigatou :)

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