Happy Holidays From Bungie

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Happy Holidays From Bungie

Hey, PlayStation Nation.

It’s been a crazy year at Bungie. Not only did we launch a new game, but we saw a brand new community rally around it. We’ve had an amazing time welcoming you to the Tower, and fighting alongside you in public events. Even better, we got to meet some of you in real life – at E3, gamescom, or even the very first PlayStation Experience.

With the holiday season upon us, we’re grateful for the past year that we’ve shared. As Guardians, you’ve made Destiny better than it could have been without you. As players, you’ve given us the feedback we need to make the game even better. That conversation will continue into the new year and beyond. There’s a lot more to look forward to, and we’re thrilled that you’re a part of that process.

Over on Bungie.net, we’re taking a final look back at the first 100 days of Destiny. Check it out. More than the statistics, it’s the memories that we value the most.

We have some gifts in store for each of you – a small token of our appreciation. See the End-of-Year Update for details.

Thanks for playing. See you next year.


Happy Holidays from Bungie

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  • Thanks Bungie/DeeJ. Keep up the hard work guys/girls!

  • It has been quite an experience being a Guardian of the last safe city on Earth. Thank you for the experience and happy holidays to everyone at Bungie :)

  • Looking forward to expansion 2. Have a great holiday and thanks to everyone at Bungie, for making and continuing to support a great title. Some Fireteam action over the holidays, is just what Doctor ordered.


    Haha, but seriously happy holidays bro! See you starside!

    Add me on psn Deej! PSN ID: DesertAss2in


    I’ve been playing since Day One and have yet to get the Ice Breaker! The more I want it, the more I feel I will never get it. Deej, can you sweet talk Xur for me hoping he’ll have it this coming weekend? It’s been a nice xmas present for sure.

  • pay attention to the engram master Rahu( I believe what he called in game?) holding ! there’s is a crack at the bottom shoes what inside the legendary purpal engram, a uncommon blue! Bungie best trolling ever.

  • Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you to Bungie. I’m enjoying Destiny so much. Take Care!

  • I have a feeling that Master Rahool has a green engram in that present. ;)

    Anyway, congrats on the success of Destiny Bungie! Hopefully the game will develop more in the new year for everyone. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

  • Come back to me when you figure out how to make a good game, have a nice Christmas!

  • Already bored with The Dark Below. Finished the content, now it’s back to grinding bounties. Uninstalled destiny, I’m done.

    To even call the pack an “expansion” is a slap in the face to MMO vets. I’ll check back in around Destiny 3 or 4.

  • More FREE content please!

  • Fix the damn game, its a good game but the progresion of the weapons is a pain in the ass.
    I love the game but please do more changes.
    I m from south america and i hate to play it in european spanish, at least put spanish subtitles to the english version.
    Greetings and happy holidays to all Bungie team.

  • Hey guys. Just like to say that I absolutely love the game. Wishing everyone at Bungie a great holiday season. Cheers.

  • Sad I no longer have any interest in this game. You guys had me at launch but my interest in this went down hill once I realized there was nothing to do but the same few strikes and raid over and over and over again. Might check back again in a few years when there’s more content but as of now I’m sad this game just didnt live up to the hype for me in the end.

  • Can’t wait for the full version of Destiny!

  • DeeJ is was a pleasure meeting you at the PlayStation Experience. Keep up the great work and I look forward to Destiny’s future. I hope you and the team at Bungie have a great and much deserved break.

  • Destiny was the worst purchase of the year.

  • Thank you so much for Destiny. It is now my most played game besides Final Fantasy VII. I have clocked over 100 hours, which I’ve never done for anything that wasn’t an RPG, and is very rare for me to do with any game period. I’m still hooked and see myself playing every day for months to come. Keep up the good work and thank you for consuming my life.

  • Enjoy your holiday, but yeah. Huge lack of content and story, and a lot of lazy and rehashed mission. I never played Halo, so this is my first Bungie game and it’s not a good first impression of the studio

  • Wishing you guys at Bungie happy holidays. Can’t wait to see what Destiny brings us next year.

  • Love Destiny, you guys are doing great work.. Keep the patches incoming…

  • You know you ruined Christmas for a lot of people thanks to Destiny, right?

    All you had to do was to make a good game, because we all knew you could, but you fell on the same hole that every effing developer is falling: the “modern gamer pit”.

  • Thanks for all the hard work. I hope all of you at Bungie and your families have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • Bungie next time you deiced to blow 500 million on a game I recommend Not doing it.

  • Thank you Bungie for making the most dissapointing game I’ve played in my life O_o Anyhow, happy holidays

  • That picture is sadly indicative of the game. It looks like purple at first glance but it’s really a green under the shiny paper. Cmon bungie

  • This game saddens me. In ten years (when the game is finished) it might live up to the hype. I paid full price for a full game, and only got the prologue. On the next game, put in a full “satisfying” story arc. No more of this “the game really begins once you’ve beaten it” garbage. TO ALL DEVELOPERS: Finish making the game BEFORE you put it out!!! So far 90% of all PS4 games, Destiny included, have all been extreme disappointments.

  • nice game graphics are nice, story kinda garbo but pvp made this game… for me at least, bought the base did not get the xpacs haven’t played in a month. XRD is out soon more stuff in 15 since I payed 60$ digital download stuck with it so might revisit it here and there still find myself playing warframe over this. if this shapes up to be a real MMO with guns i’ll die to come back but as is meh… anyone planning to pick this up for Christmas get a good used copy from gamestop, best buy online, amazon, ebay, craigs… because $60-65$(after taxes) plus 2 $20 xpacs 100$ game not worth 100$ IMO

  • Thank you for one of the best experiences in gaming to date!

  • + latinace21

    Has being awesome the challenges bring friend to convert In unit and teams in legends

    Thank you keep up the amazing work

  • My first bungie game and definitely my last. I have Uninstalled it and will not play it ever again. Your expansion is glorified dlc. You took all the bad qualities from real mmos and put it in this garbage. Horrible rng, weekly lockouts, currency lockouts, the list goes on. Yet you can’t implement the most simplest of things like trying to make a raid party in game, or even a freaking chat log. A colossal failure. Thanks for nothing.

  • I value memories as well. I remember Halo’s canon being completely wrecked in a desperate gambit for independence. What was to be born from such a bold move? Destiny? What a sad disappointment that was… Best of luck in the future Bungie.

  • Master Rahool wishes you a merry christmas.

    You get a present wrapped in purple paper.

    OMG … Finally a legendary engram!

    Opening the present … it’s just a green one.

    Rahool is such a obvious troll.

  • Bungie… Why don’t you make an Oni remasterization? Someday? T_T

  • This is the problem with americans always complaining as usual never thankful. But Destiny is one of the best games out despite what people are complaining about.

  • Bungie…. you’re officially dead to me, since you refuse to acknowledge that Destiny would be just as good in third person and would open the game up to a lot of people who can’t play first person games for whatever reason.

    I don’t hate you, I don’t think you’re the worst company ever…. I just no longer care at all about you. You’re a company who I will never support as long as you exist. You have joined an incredibly short list of terrible developers who have assured they’re never getting a penny from me… you should be proud… or not, as you will. I just don’t care anymore.

  • Worst game of 2014 glad I was able to return my copy for a full refund. Repetitive and nothing to do but the same things over and over and the story was horrible. Online matches were not fun at all the only good thing about the game was the environment.

  • @tusunami

    Why should a person be thankful for something that they are disappointed in, feel cheated by, etc? Do you thank a person after they punched you in the face?

  • @38 cesiba
    Do not reply to users like tusunami, ignore him along the other users that always, ALWAYS, want to start fights, trying the hardest they can to appoint and IMPOSE their DIFFERENT opinions (that they think is the only truth that exists), and to defend games that even most of the time they haven’t played, like Gamerzlimited, Elvick_ and a lot of others.
    They’re like trolls without them realizing it, which is kinda sad

  • I sincerely hope all at Bungie have a merry Christmas and New Year. You guys have made a great game and I am definitely enthralled by it…. The only thing I ask is to make the nightfall into a playlist so we don’t have to wait weekly to earn rewards out of it… Other than that its still a great game

  • Bungie thanks for a great year and for an amazing game Destiny. I hope everybody becomes legend.


  • Don,t listen to all the people who say bad stuff about the game I guess haters gonna hate

  • Kansha Arigatou :)

  • You are best defending earth from the falling playing with freinds get badass guns and vehicles man you are best many thanks

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