Canada: PS4 Boxing Day Bundle Includes NHL 15 & LBP3

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Canada: PS4 Boxing Day Bundle Includes NHL 15 & LBP3

Hey Canada, score the ultimate PS4 hardware deal this Boxing Day. Get the PlayStation 4 500GB System NHL 15 Bundle (includes LittleBIGPlanet 3) for just $449.99.

Canada - PS4 + NHL 15 Bundle

NHL 15 is the start of a new generation of hockey video games, where the sights, sounds, and feel of the fastest team sport on the planet come to life in a way you’ve never experienced before. The game is built to harness the power of the next-generation console. Through 12 Player NHL Collision Physics, every player on the ice is affected by real-world physics leading to authentic multiplayer collisions, scrambles, and pileups. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and dangle.

Once you’re done tearing up the ice, immerse yourself in PlayStation’s most imaginative franchise, LittleBigPlanet 3, with new characters OddSock, Swoop, and Toggle. LBP3 brings you on the biggest handcrafted adventure yet alongside Sackboy and his new entourage of friends.

This bundle will help you stay entertained during the holidays with your family and friends. And what better time than now to ring in the New Year with two of this season’s hottest games played on the ultimate, next-gen gaming console! Check it out here.

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*PlayStation 4 500GB System NHL 15 Bundle (includes LittleBIGPlanet 3) will be available to pre-order online at major retailers on December 24th and available in store on December 26th.

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  • Wow NHL 15… Am a vita owner and how I wish to own this on my handheld… Well will just get play it on my brothers ps4 instead.

    Still hoping for NBA and NHL making it to the vita one day…

    And am just stuck on this blog waiting for the new week 4 sale post to appear… Am so excited to see the Vita games on sale… Can’t wait for a Christmas delight….

    Merry Xmas


  • This would seem better if it wasnt fifty bucks more in Canada for
    no reason.

  • You all could have done better than NHL. Not all Canadians care for Hockey. Neither the EA NHL series as of late.

  • i think a limited time price cut for the GTA/TLoU bundle would do better, paying the same price to get two mediocre games is not really a deal… just saying

  • @#3 your right, they claimed that the reason it had to go up was because the dollar was stronger in Canada, well now its not that grate, $0.83 or something like that now. its should go back down to $399 and game/accessors too! $70+tax (13%! in Ontario!) is ludacris !

  • @6 no, the price went up because the value of the Canadian dollar DROPPED against the US dollar, and it continues to fall. Consider yourselves lucky the price hasn’t gone up to $465, which is what $399 US is worth right now. Why would they lower the price back to $399 in Canada?

  • I don’t buy much PS4 games because of the prices $79 dollars after taxes in Canada is ridiculous. But anyways. I got the Xperia Z3 and did the whole sign up to get the NHL 15 on Dec 12. How long am I suppose to wait just to get the email that they’ll be sending my game? Seems like NHL 16 will be out by the time I get it -_-

  • Obviously Canada will have NHL15…..we had NHL14 PS3 Bundle. Maybe when the Maple Leafs do something….I will pick up NHl xD.

    Will avoid this bundle and stalk out for GTA V+ TLOU bundle.

  • Ugh. I’m still looking to buy a PS4 but this bundle is not right for me..

    I know I’m Canadian so I should like NHL – but I don’t want the NHL game.

    Way to stereotype Canadians! :-P (teasing, obviously)..

    But on a more serious note, damn I wish there would be bundles with games I like..

    I imagine this copy of NHL will have the “not for resale” label so I wouldn’t even be able to trade it in.

  • $449.99 Canadian Dollar equals $386.64 US Dollar. And yet people still complain…

  • FYI…

    Future Shop has this bundle listed in their Boxing Day Flyer, as above, but also including Far Cry 4!

  • the reason we complain is: Just because it’s 399 in the states due to our dollar being worse. We don’t make anymore money than we did two years ago to afford the higher prices. Games being 69 dollars instead of 59 and 50 dollars more on the system plus higher taxes is really expensive, it is becoming harder and harder to afford new games that we all love to play.

  • ColtCallamity, Well,Right now the average price/deal for a PS4 is $399.99 plus “One” free game from a choice of 4! So I can get a PS4 and Little Big Planet 3 for $399.99! You get a PS4, Little Big Planet 3 and NHL 15 for $386! WOOHOO! USA deals are so much better!

    factor in inflation too. A Super Mario 3 game in 1990 cost $50. In today’s dollars, it would be $90. The slight increase in game prices over the past 20 years, still are not at the same rate as inflation. They have stayed pretty even after manufacturing cost factors.

    Don’t know what else to tell you ColtCallamity. Just wait for sales like some of the rest of us do.

  • This bundle is practically racist. That’s like making an American bundle with McDonald’s and NASCAR.

  • I am a Canadian and I don’t care for hockey or any sports for that matter. I know a crap ton of gamers and none of them owns sports game. So how about giving us a bundle we actually care about?. Why not offer a 1 year psplus sub card and 2 digital games for 450$. That’s the value were looking for.

  • @#15 PanTheMan16 You should stop using the word, ‘racist’ because you obviously have no idea what it means.

  • Yes, this is a very solid bundle which would make one want to hang in until Boxing Day to own one. This is all well and good, however it leaves me with a burning question:
    WHY isn’t the PS4 packing a 1T HDD? Now, Xbox has already done this and, with nobody doing something for nothing, why do they see this as needed? Well, it’s because the game downloads are bigger and will only get bigger still as they become more common. Yes, the HDD is able to swap out but who wants to swap out & spend more money on a new machine when a 2.5″ 1 T HDD is already available?
    Want to increase your sales? Then offer this unit with a 1T HDD and much more will go PS4 than before! I’ll be first in line.

  • people in canada. stop complaining. Canadian dollar is worth less than USD. thats why it costs a little more.

  • NHL 15 is the worst game I purchased this year for PS4. I wish 2K games would go back to making hockey games. Maybe that would motivate EA to raise the bar again.

  • Been waiting for a decent deal or bundle in Canada. Looks like I will be waiting a little longer. Played NHL 15 on friends’ XboxOne (yes most people here are getting Xbox’s, $100 cheaper than PS4), and it’s not good. Stick with NHL 14!!! And LBP3?? Really? Do they really think these 2 games appeal to the same crowd?
    Oh well! I guess they tried. Better than just being ignored like they usually do…

  • Merry Christmas everyone :))
    All the best to you and yours in the New Year!!!

  • Xbox One $349.99
    Play and Charge Kit $24.99
    Headset Adapter $29.99
    XBL $59.99
    Total $464.96

    PS4 Destiny Bundle or GTA V bundle $399.99
    PS+ $49.99
    Total $449.98

  • It comes with 2 crappy games…what a “great” deal.

  • @PanTheMan16 I think you’re the one who’s racist here. Next, you’re going to say that all Canadians use foul language.

    @Welmosca You’re just mad because you can’t afford it. Ha!

  • Really? NHL 15 and LittleBigPlanet 3 bundle??? I was looking forward for GTA V and The Last of Us bundle…. I am not a sports fan and that I was not looking for a LittleBigPlanet game. Sony: Make the PS4 GTA V/The Last of Us bundle available. Don’t leave it unavailable and having for me to wait to buy it online….. Otherwise I’ll have to spend my whole time waiting.

  • Oh and I think there will be NHL 16, 17 and so forth in the upcoming years. Every sports game releases their new title just to make the old one outdated. Forgot to add that part on #26.


  • I am still waiting for NHL for Vita (not just remote play). Come one Sony, talk to EA and make it happen. If we are not going to get a new NHL game, please make NHL 07 (PSP edition) available on PSN Store and playable on Vita. I want to bring Hockey with me everyone I go.

  • I meant to say everywhere I go (comment 29)

  • You people are complainers that’s what Yall do. You buy a PS4 then hate on it no matter what Sony does. S#\T. The amount of big name quality games on my PS3 is unreal. I pay what $17 evey 3 months. COME ON nothing out here can touch that. Not Steam , not whatever Xbox has. And better then the free games are the Deals on games. The deals are just as good on Ps4 but as far as free games you really except them o give out games while they are still selling at a high rate. Xmas just ended and fen. on a bunch of games are coming. But he summer infamous, the crew, last of us, knack so on and so forth will be free..and in less then 12 months you won’t have room in ur ps4 for all the games you’ll have all for $50. Come out of your pocket for once but games on sale which is often and at 40-60% off and you’ll careless if a game they give your for $7 a month isn’t what you think you deserve.

    money doesn’t matter t all unless you don’t have it. Go earn some.

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