Happy Holidays From the Velocity 2X Team

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Happy Holidays From the Velocity 2X Team

Oh boy, we cannot wait for Christmas! First off, we need the rest! It’s been a manic few years as our tiny little team has developed and published nine – NINE – PlayStation games since 2010. Starting with Coconut Dodge on PS Minis and most recently Velocity 2X on PS4 and PS Vita, it’s been a non-stop bullet train of excitement!

Happy Holidays From the Velocity 2X Team

Christmas is the one time of year that many of us can take a real break. Once we’ve finished all the turkey sandwiches, scoffed the random cheeses and picked at the two day old roast potatoes dipped in ketchup (or is that just me?), we can spend a little bit of time thinking about that pesky New Year’s resolution.

What will yours be?

Many people think that setting a New Year’s resolution is a pointless exercise, as once you’re back into your routine your best intentions are squashed by this thing called ‘reality.’
But what if your New Year’s resolution is to change your reality?

On Christmas Day 2006, I set myself the New Year’s resolution to make a PlayStation game. With no idea how to make games, it was a ‘ridiculous’, ‘unrealistic’ goal by any measure, but once I’d admitted this was the only way I’d be happy, a burning passion was unleashed to make it true.

As I sit here typing this now, there’s a beautiful Velocity 2X art book on the desk. On another monitor there’s a concept design for our next ambitious game. Reality has completely changed. Where once I was bored, frustrated and unhappy, now I’m excited, confident and extremely grateful for everything I’ve learned.

Happy Holidays From the Velocity 2X TeamHappy Holidays From the Velocity 2X TeamHappy Holidays From the Velocity 2X Team

It’s been a long and challenging journey so far, but it’s never been anything less than thrilling, and now eight years later it’s all come true!

Of course, a lot of it has been down to PlayStation’s policy to welcome developers of all shapes and sizes, and down to all of you for supporting what we do, so I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas, and a big thanks to everyone at PlayStation!

I want to leave you folks with my favourite quote from Henry Ford of Ford Motor Company:
“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” He wasn’t wrong, so what’s your New Year’s Resolution?

Happy Holidays!

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  • Are we going to get a Coconut Dodge GotY edition on Vita!?

  • Merry Christmas to you too James!

    Always like reading your posts :) As a person who has played both Velocity games I’d like to thank you for those fun hours I had, even if there’s no real chance of me getting a platinum in either lol. The last levels of those games are just far too hard :P And this coming from a person who’s pretty good at these types of games with 20 years of gaming experience.

  • Your dreams did come true, Your a inspiration to all gamers with the dream to create great games. You’re games have thrilled and frustrated and excelerated us to no end and you have given us hours and days and months of pure enjoyment. We love your games and passion for the PSN we all look forward to all your future titles.Thank you from my kids my family and all who play your great games. Thank you so much from your customer ambassador to the PSN PSN I’d: bombbreath Sony make.believe Happy Holidays

  • Happy Holidays to all from FuturLab Studio and thank you for making this year better with the amazing game that Velocity 2X is!

  • P.S. I always love your quotes. You always have words of inspirational value. And always anwser posts on your website.

  • Just want to say that Velocity 2X is easily one of my favorite games this year. I’m normally not good at fast-paced games and quickly get frustrated, but 2X had me hooked from the first level through the credits. Thank you and your team!

  • Happy Holidays to you sir and everyone at FuturLab! Thank you for your great works of art!

  • Nice to see my name being mentioned on the blog finally, even if it is in VERY small print! :-) Congrats guys, on a very succesful GOTY year! It shows what can be achieved with the correct attitude!

    Now, go on and finish that GOTY 2015 game!
    (That’s a lot of exclamation marks!)

  • Wassup!

    Sorry for the late showing, am travelling home for Christmas :D

    Happy you liked the post! x

  • Congrats to you, and your team’s success. Merry Christmas!

  • Velocity 2X took me out of playing/slaving-for Destiny. Never went back to Destiny after being reminded what what kind of game-play I enjoy the most. Thanks to all at FuturLab and Happy Holidays!

  • I just hope and want V2X retail on my Vita collection.Would you do you?

  • Merry Christmas! I just started playing Velocity 2X again after getting distracted by some other things shortly after starting it when it came out. The game is simply brilliant, you guys are doing great work. Keep it up!

  • Thank you so much for your great work. I play Velocity and 2x several times a week. I really hope to see more from FuturLab on my Vita soon.

  • Happy Holidays to you to and to Sony . Your music in the game is awesome !

  • I have played Velocity 2X so much on my Vita. I absolutely love the game, and think it deserves some sort of GOTY award! I really should pick up the DLC, but I have yet to finish the final battle. (I got too obsessed with trying to get perfects on every level before it.)

    You all deserve some massive congratulations. Nine games in 4 years is really quite an achievement, especially considering how exceptionally good many of them are! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got next.

    Oh, and Sony gets some credit as well for supporting FuturLab! I first became aware of you all when Velocity was given away as a PS+ Mini. It was a special game then, and what it’s become since Ultra and 2X (both ALSO PS+ titles) has been a pleasant evolution. Sony’s always seemed to understand FuturLab’s worth and has really helped you all to find the audience you deserve!

  • Happy Holidays FuturLab! Love your games and can’t wait to see what the next one is

  • Velocity 2X is fantastic, and I can’t wait to see what you’re hiding on that second monitor. Merry Christmas!

  • Hoping to finally platinum 2x during the holidays. Only three lvls left to perfect. Happy Holidays Futurlab!

  • First off, James, I must ask you if the Velocity Art Book is available for purchase, because I absolutely loved the art in the game (on top of everything else).

    Secondly, Velocity 2X as well as Velocity Ultra are amazing games. I know people throw around the words “indie”. Some throw the word around in loving ways, some consider it not AAA. It doesn’t matter what “indie” is when I think of Velocity because the games are amazing enough that they’re some of my favorite games ever. I rarely post, if ever, so I really wanted to share that thought with your team.

    Thirdly, happy holidays to you and your team. You all deserve a restful holiday season and New Year coming up!

  • Great game, great team :D thanks the velocity 2x huge suprise for this year to me :D i positive way :D Merry Xmas

  • I wish PS+ had a “buy permanently” option for their free games. I’d give you money for Velocity 2X even though I already “own” it for free. It’s that good.

  • Happy Holidays to y’all at FuturLab…what a great work you guys have been doing with PS.Keep it up.

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