Happy Holidays from Supergiant!

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Happy Holidays from Supergiant!

As 2014 winds down and we look toward the new year, we wanted to take a moment to wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday season from all of us at Supergiant. We shall do so now in the universal language of wallpaper JPEGs!

Happy Holidays from Supergiant

It’s been a big year for us, and we’re very grateful for the incredible enthusiasm we’ve received from our fans. From the moment we revealed Transistor, you’ve been incredibly supportive, and that enthusiasm makes a huge difference during development. Even now, months after the game’s launch back in May, we still get wonderful messages from you about your experiences with the game — from all over the world.

Having launched Transistor, we’re now in that relatively quiet period where we’re putting our heads together figuring out what’s next. We’re keeping busy in the mean time! Just this month we announced Bastion’s coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita, and Transistor for PS4 will soon be available on PSN in Japan, come January 8. Plus, we just moved to a new space in San Francisco that’s a better fit for us (and besides, our old lease was up). The change of scenery marks a fresh start for whatever comes next, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted. Thanks for sticking with us in 2014, and see you next year!

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  • Happy Holidays! Cant wait 4 Bastion on Vita.

  • Congrats on the success of Transistor! May the new year bring more success!

  • thanks for making beautiful, well thought out games. im always really excited to hear from you guys because you can tell from playing your games, that you really have put love into them.
    AND thanks for the wallpaper :) !!

  • Im super excited for all the Japanese PS4 owners who get to experience my fav game of 2014, Transistor! Im 2 Performance tests away from the Plat(). Cant wait to try Bastion on Vita aswell.

  • Transistor was fun, glad to be able to play Bastion on Vita soon. Thank you for that.
    Merry Christmas :)

  • Suikoden 2 and 1 are my beloved JRPGs growing up, glad you’re playin it too. Agreed about Bastion, my Vita has been salivating for it! Along with Shovel Knight and Super Time Force!

  • I finished my first play-through of Transistor 10 minutes ago. Please keep making games like that, Greg! The Turn system is incredible, especially in that last battle. Can’t wait for Bastion on the Vita!

  • I played a lot of games this year, but no game stuck with me like Transistor has. From the great combat system to the nerdy use of computer science concepts built into the world, I fell in love. I worked hard to get that Platinum trophy and to this day I still listen to the soundtrack on a daily basis. Congratulations on building such a wonderful experience and thank you. I can not wait to play Bastion on my PS Vita! Merry Christmas and thanks again.

    • Thanks so much!! Great to hear it left a strong impression like that, and congratulations on earning that platinum!

  • I haven’t had the honor of playing Transistor yet (I don’t have a PS4 and laptop screen is busted). But whenever I do I’m confident I’ll be addicted to it and it’ll likely be one of my all-time favorites. Happy Holidays to you, your team, and fellow PlayStation gamers! ^,..,^

  • Transistor was my game of the year for this year(http://www.shadowedblade.net/2014/12/shadows-six-the-best-games-of-2014/)… so thank you for that :)

    Glad to hear Bastion will be coming soon. Definitely looking forward to it.

  • Happy Holidays!!! Thanks so much for making another awesome game in Transistor, can’t wait to get back to playing it during the break!

  • Merry Christmas to you too Supergiant!

    And thanks again for bringing Bastion to PS4! I said I would buy it when you brought it over and I meant that. Probably Day 1. I loved it on Steam and loved Transistor on PS4. So much it took me 5 days to get the platinum! That game was sheer brilliance, from the story to gameplay and music.

    Thank you for proving indies don’t need to be big budget to be great games :)

  • Thanks for this beautiful wallpaper!
    I loved bastion and recently I played transistor, the atmosphere, music, gameplay and battle system, leave me speechless ! please continue with these kind of games. Transistor maybe it was not such a straightforward story, rather a blank book that slowly was filling their pages, but therein lies its magic and immersion in history.
    PD: I’m waiting 4 Bastion!

  • Thanks for all the amazing games! Thank you especially for bring Bastion to the Vita, is there any possibility of Transistor making the jump to Vita as well? Happy Holidays!

    • We don’t have plans for Transistor for Vita at the moment though we haven’t ruled anything out for the future. We’ll see how things go with Bastion first…!

  • ik this not right blog post to ask this in but i need help my friend list not showing or loading up i have try a lot of stuff to get my friend list to show so far none is working , when i play advanced warfare i can see all my friend i can send them invite and on playstation webpag it show i got friends is anyone else having this problem

  • never mind now i got it fix

  • Transistor was truly great but for me Bastion is one of the best indie games I’ve played so far. I don’t own a PS Vita but I’m happy to see that people who didn’t play Bastion yet will get the chance to play it on the go. I’m looking forward to see more of your projects!

  • Thanks and happy holidays to you as well. Picked up the plat for Transistor and will grab Bastion for Vita. I’ll 2nd the polite request for Transistor on Vita. I wouldn’t play it again but there’s a lot of people with just Vita’s that can’t play the game. I’m looking out for my Vita brethren! Thanks again.

  • I wish Transistor would come to PS3 too :)

  • Bought Transistor at the last sale, haven’t played yet as the holidays and school keep me busy until the 25th. Looking forward to long sessions before class starts again :)

  • Happy holidays, congratulations, and thanks for the fun and gorgeous games! Keep it up!

  • Happy holidays, Greg! Been following since Gamespot years. Excellent games! Hope to see Transistor on Vita, too!

  • Happy Holidays from Mexico. I’m just playing Transistor and it is Amazing!! You are my nominee for best developer 2014. I’m looking for Bastion on PS4 and any new game. Cheers!

  • (Aaron Thomas here) Looking forward to seeing what you guys get up to in 2015! Happy Holidays!

  • I just started playing Transistor this past week. Actually I bought it on PSN shortly before getting a PS4, knowing I’d get a PS4 at some point. I think I am close to the end of the game. It has been a great experience so far.

    Not only are each of the elements of the game impressive, but it all comes together seamlessly. Playing the game is very smooth and intuitive. So much has been said about the music and vocals and artwork, and clearly all of those elements are spectacular. The game is simply beautiful to see and hear. However, the combat system deserves just as much praise. The system is very flexible and easy to use. The combat is just satisfying. In some respects the combat harks back to Chrono Trigger, particularly the Breach function that attacks along a line – but obviously adds many functions beyond that. It’s always fun to experiment with different combinations and tactics, and there are so many permutations available over the course of the game.

    Thanks for making this game. Looking forward to playing through Bastion and playing other games from your studio.

  • Nice wallpaper…Happy Holidays to y’all at Supergiant.

  • @Greg Thank you for taking the time to revisit this post to reply to more people, such as myself – it shows a commitment to your fans that a lot of companies don’t have and it’s appreciated! :)

  • Happy holidays!

    I loved Transistor–truly a gorgeous game, in art, story, and gameplay–and I’m very much looking forward to playing Bastion on Vita. Keep up the great work, can’t wait to see what you come up with next! And, hopefully, keep bringing them to Vita.

  • Absolutely can not wait for Bastion on PS Vita (and to a lesser extent PS4).

    Keep up the great work! Happy Holidays

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