Evolve: PS4 Wraith Hands-on

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Evolve: PS4 Wraith Hands-on

Evolve for PS4: Wraith

The Wraith is a seductively sneaky addition to Evolve, Turtle Rock’s upcoming PS4 online shooter that pits four human hunters against one of three monstrous aliens in a battle for species survival.

Compared to the hulking Goliath and maneuverable Kraken, the Wraith is a stealthy creature that gracefully dances into and out of battle with skills designed to mislead and misdirect. A perfect example is Decoy, which sends an aggressive clone lunging into the fray while rendering your monster invisible — perfect for distracting your human opponents from the front so you can strike from the rear.

Evolve: PS4 Wraith Hands-on

Precision ability Abduction darts you forward to drag a single hunter away from his comrades. That opens up a perfect chance to use Supernova, which rends nearby foes in a high-damage dervish of bladed claws. A fourth ability, Warp Blast, catapults the Wraith forward to deliver a high-impact explosion. The Wraith is noticeably less durable than the Goliath and Kraken, so you’ll rely on hit-and-run tactics, using abilities like Decoy and Abduction to keep enemy hunters off-balance.

Like the other monsters, the Wraith can gorge on native wildlife to replenish its armor and earn Evolve points used to power up its abilities. Based on my hands-on time with the PS4 version, I’d recommend investing in Decoy — it’s a lifesaver!

Evolve for PS4: WraithEvolve for PS4: Wraith

So far, Evolve is showing plenty of promise. If you’ve got questions about the PS4 version of Evolve, leave them in the comments below and I’ll elaborate where I can!

Evolve is marching steadily towards its February 10th release date on PS4, but lucky players who were invited to participate in November’s Big Alpha on PS4 should be getting email invitations to a new technical test scheduled to begin January 17th on PS4. Check those inboxes!

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2 Author Replies

  • IGN is reporting the technical test is Xbox exclusive?

  • Evolve is so… 2014.
    I just don’t feel anything for this game any longer.
    Too much media coverage is as bad as none. Like smelling a food you like but nobody lets you eat it. You will grow sick of the smell at one point.

  • @RedSkull73 IGN reported that Xbox One will have an Exclusive “Open Beta”. What that means is that everyone will be able to download and play for those days. Playstation is getting another, what it seems, closed beta for those who participated in the alpha.

  • That new monster looks horrifying. Evolve literally just turned into a horror game, and that’s a good thing! Can’t wait for the beta next year, as well as the initial release in February. Alpha left me with good impressions, that’s for sure.

  • After that joke of an “Alpha” that I downloaded but never worked I couldn’t care any less for this game. I’m sure the Xbone fans 2K cares so much about are excited.

  • Is this technical test to make up for the awful experience we PS4 owners had in the first Big Alpha test?

  • Sweet, see you on the technical test on January 17, 2014

  • Not even gonna bother. That Alpha was a joke on Ps4 I couldn’t even get past the “press this button to tart screen” After that I deleted the crap immediately from my hard drive. taking space only not to work and I also canceled my pre order after learning there are only 3 monsters just like Titanfall with only 3 Titans. Don’t worry the rest will be behind a dlc pay wall. Better games to look forward to in 2015 I’ll pass.

  • time to start me research on Evolve. never heard of it til now.,

  • Thanks for the Alpha, oh wait I didn’t even get to try it because it was only 2 days. Thanks for NOTHING

  • Why the hell do you guys need another shooter? Don’t we already have enough mediocre shooters plaguing the video game industry?

  • Any word on if we’ll be able to play more modes in the January beta on PS4, and if the progress from it will carry over to the full game?

  • after the alpha got screwed up for playstation, and matchmaking took 30+ to an 1hr for about 4-12mins of gameplay I’m not very interested the game looks beautiful but not grabbing my attention anymore I feel like if the price point is low enough i’ll get it to play with PS friends but if its a 60-65$ game plus DLC going to pass -> looking forward to No Man Sky !

    NMS hype!

  • So…

    Alpha test: crap for PlayStation owners.

    Game itself: boring and repetitive.

    January beta: only for Xbox

    And now you expect me being excited for this game?

    There is reason why I didn’t buy Lara Croft’s game either….

    Phil Spencer said he didn’t want Xbox users felt second class gamers… well, me neither.

    So, Turtle Rock, take your pitty game and go f… yourselves.

  • I am so excited for this game. The more I see, the more excited I get. Can’t wait for it to come out!

  • WTF how come there isn’t a PS 3 ?

  • version oops

  • How do i sgin up to play on the 17th because i dont know how to?i really want to play this amazing game. I love everything the creators did to this game and would love to test it i have playstation plus and i did not get to play last time because i did not know it was out. If you could help me find out how to sign up to play this game on the 17th i would be so happy!

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