New Details on Bloodborne Chalice Dungeons

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New Details on Bloodborne Chalice Dungeons

Hello, PlayStation fans! We had a great time in Las Vegas earlier this month, attending the Game Awards to debut our brand new Bloodborne gameplay trailer, and presenting a brand new game feature, Chalice Dungeons, on-stage at the PlayStation Experience keynote in front of the many fans in the audience — and so many more watching online.


The new Chalice Dungeon feature takes players into the depths of ancient underground ruins located beneath the city of Yharnam. By using holy chalices, players can enter these dungeons and explore the vast structures and multiple levels. However, every time a portal is opened up, the structure of the dungeon itself changes. These dungeons are filled with traps, nightmarish creatures, and of course rewards for brave and skilled hunters to claim whether they complete them on their own, or with the help of other hunters online.

Chalice Dungeons add a ton of additional content and replay value to the depth and richness of the full game itself, and can even be uploaded for other people to try out. Share your dungeons with your friends, or go online to find new Chalice Dungeons to explore. Even after you master the game, discovering all of the secrets it has to offer, there will be new challenges awaiting you.


I’m excited to be able to share some brand new details and screenshots of some of the dark and dangerous locations, as well as some of the gruesome inhabitants of these vast subterranean ruins. Hunters brave enough to make their way into the ruins will have to navigate through places like dreadful oily swamps and intricate, gothic, grand halls. But beware, not everything is as it seems. Whoever, or whatever, created these ruins did not want visitors; deadly traps, like these giant guillotine blades caked in blood of hunters past, could be anywhere.


Among the foul beasts and other creatures you’ll come across in the dungeons are the protectors and the protector ritual masters. Born in the depths of the dungeons and having never seen the light of day, these pale-skinned masters of the deep roam the halls, protecting the secrets held within. Despite their sunken, pitch-black eyes, be sure they will find you. Be especially mindful of the ritual masters, who perform a dark and ancient ceremony that few have lived to talk about.

If you caught our Chalice Dungeon live demo during the PlayStation Experience keynote a few weeks ago, you’ll recognize this final enemy, the ancient guard dog. With a rock-hard petrified exterior and clad in a dense cloak of flames, these ancient guard dogs are said to be the oldest creatures found in the ruins.


Let us know what you think in the comments below. We have a lot more to share in the coming months, so stay tuned right here to PlayStation.Blog. I hope you’re ready to hunt your nightmares starting on March 24th.

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  • Niiiice! ^_^ I already pre-ordered my copy last summer. I can’t wait!

  • this game looks great. iv been following it since it was announced, cant wait to check it out.

  • Can’t wait to die again ?

  • March can’t come any slower!

  • You Revived

  • Really loving the designs. Man, can’t wait…..

  • I’m so excited for this! Will NA see a similar edition compared to the Nightmare Edition that Europe is getting?

    • I am not aware of any plans beyond what has been announced at this time.

      Thank you very much for your excitement and interest!

  • Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls II. and now Bloodborne.
    You can never die to little I guess.

  • OMG yes! My only complaint about the Souls games was the fact that everything was very scripted. You always knew were an enemy was going to be and nothing random would happen. Now this fixes that complaint and has me even more excited for the game. Thank you!

  • Am I the only one who doesn’t like the trend of putting randomized dungeons in RPGs? Well-crafted dungeons are amazing the first time you go through them and can still be good subsequent times as you get better and learn all the tricks. A randomized dungeon is usually just “meh” every time. One of the biggest reasons I loved Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls was knowing I could master the areas because they WERE stagnant and that’s not a bad thing! Though, this is From Software, so I hope that these randomized dungeons won’t be terrible. Still have my copy pre-ordered and looking forward to the experience. Just now a little wary :/

    • Thank you for your comment!

      Please understand that Chalice Dungeon represents only one of many areas in the game, the rest of which are not procedural in nature. Thus, it will allow for added replayability/freshness and unique multiplayer opportunities without diminishing the qualities you mention loving.

      Thank you for your faith in the team and your support. Hopefully the above explanation addresses your wariness!

  • This looks great and I can’t wait to play it but I was wondering if there was any info on a possible blood red ps4 or at least a blood red controller bundle planned for bloodbourne?

  • Also would love a ps4 theme for this release!

  • @8
    Did a little deeper: Ever Grace
    1st FROM Software tittle I played (ps2 era) and have been a fan ever since!


  • I have been so intrigued by this game after playing both Demons Souls and both of the Dark Souls games back in the day. There is no other game that can take me away to a land that is inhabited by beasts and monsters alike that can truly give me a true test of my strength and will power. My heart beats and my adrenaline rises each time I fight a boss. I think BloodBorne will be the same. I can’t wait to see the dark and Gothic art style in person. This game looks amazing and I know that FROMSOFT is going to do everything they can to make this one of the best games in the Souls series. Good Luck and God Speed! Umbasa…

  • Game looks awesome. I look forward to more From Software and Sony working together to bring us more games like this!

  • Looks epic. I am genuinely excited for this game to come out. I haven’t felt this way about a game in a long time!

  • Love the Souls series, so this fits right up my alley. I’ve been following this game for quite some time and when I saw it at the Playstation Experience, I was sold. Looks phenomenal. Next year can’t come sooner, Praise the Sun.

  • This looks BEAST. Please, we know there is going to be DLC for this game, why don’t you make us die-hard fans a favor and announce a SEASON PASS already? Better still, include the Season Pass in a Premium Edition and I’ll gladly pay $80-$90 (as much as you’re asking for the Collector’s but that one doesn’t include the Season Pass!).

    I don’t want to feel mistreated again after Dark Souls 2 got a Season Pass for all DLC everywhere but in the US Store. It was not fair to us hardcore Souls fans who buy all the stuff you guys make. So please, get your act together, WE KNOW THERE’S DLC coming for Bloodborne, so go ahead and announce the Season Pass already and make it part of one a Collector’s Edition if possible.

  • As a big fan of the Souls series, I really can’t wait for this game. This is my most anticipated game of 2015 (along with The Witcher 3). I still can’t believe how good it looks. Dark Souls is my favorite game on the PS3 and I think Bloodborne will be my favorite game on the PS4.

  • What I’d really like to know is: Would it be possible for a player to complete the dungeon, and thus know where the traps and mobs are, and have another clueless player invade your world? In other words, could one turn the Chalice dungeon into his own personal hunting ground?

  • PRAISE THE SUN!!! \[T]/

  • I’m looking forward to Bloodborne…won’t buy it at launch,but I’ll be keeping my eyes on it to see how the game turns out.Here hoping that its more action than RPG but since Japanstudio is involved I know Bloodborne will be great.

  • I had the same concern as #10, so I’m glad to hear only the Chalice Dungeon is procedural, which I do think will add variety. Now I just wish we had a better “deluxe” edition, but that’s a minor complaint.

  • @Masaaki Yamagiwa: Thanks for replying :). That does help to know that the Chalice dungeons are only a small part and have eased my wariness. Can’t wait to play it!

    Now I think I should try earning the Dark Souls II platinum before this comes out… (already have platinums for Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls)

  • I loved every game that FROMSOFT has done, and after playing the alpha I know I am gonna love this one too. God i LOVE the souls series. I am a HUGE fan of them all

  • When can we expect a beta?

  • A big thank you to Mr. Miyazaki for adding swampy areas to Bloodborne. They are my favorite places in all the Souls games, I will enjoy helping and invading the swamp! ALL HAIL THE SWAMP!

    The Chalice dungeons are exactly what next-gen power can provide and I’m looking forward to being surprised every time I go into these dungeons. I also love conquering static areas in the game so having both will be great for everyone.

    I’m very proud of the Illustrators/Artists at Fromsoftware. And I’m also proud of their 3D artists who always manage to create these beautiful environments and designs.

    Best game of 2015, period.

  • Hey, @10, Arkafazin, you expressed my concerns over the new trailer exactly. I co-op a lot in Dark Souls 2 and intend to also do that in Bloodborne, but with a randomized dungeon, I don’t know if I would ever get expert enough to be a good helper phantom. Glad to know it’s only 1 dungeon in the game.

  • I cannot wait for this game! Buying a PS4 literally just for Bloodborne. :/
    Will there be the same type of PvP that we have seen before, such as invading, and being invaded? Also, how will bonfires and Souls (currency) be represented in Bloodborne? Is there any news about these things yet? SO EXCITED!

  • These dungeons are gonna be so killer. Had no idea you could upload them for others to try out. Sweet!

  • Another great game that push a hole on my wallet. Take it!

  • I’m ready. Been ready.

  • Like Dark/Demons Souls, it looks great.

    I also know I will never make it past 1% progress of the game.

  • Random dungeons… Sounds hype. I hope there isn’t a set amount of “random”, and it’s really random not picked from a pallet set of dungeons.

    Also, please make a special edition crimson dark red ps4 edition. I’m waiting to buy a ps4 for this game in hope of this idea. I want you to do what destiny got. A nice bundle for the fans.

  • I can’t wait for this game, i’ve been waiting for it since there were rumors about it, knowing Miyazaki has has been working on it makes my blood boil. I want to pre-order the nightmare edition though, and i have no idea how. Can anybody help me with that?

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