Tetris Ultimate Out Today on PS4

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Tetris Ultimate Out Today on PS4

Hi, I’m Adrian Price, a producer at Ubisoft and I’m very happy to be able to give you a glimpse of what to expect in Tetris Ultimate for PS4.

Tetris Ultimate for PS Vita

It’s been a privilege to have helped create the latest version of a title that practically everyone knows about. A year ago we started thinking about how and what we wanted the game to be and I think we’ve added some great features players are really going to enjoy.

The game is filled with challenges that will reward you with Trophies. Some are quite difficult to get, but practice makes perfect. Then we have the ranking system where you are awarded ‘belts’, like in martial arts. I’ve been privileged enough to see a couple of people obtain a black-belt, and it’s quite an impressive sight to see how they play the game at the level they do.

Tetris Ultimate

If you’re not able to play online, which is just one way of playing each of the six modes within the game, or want to practice your skills and get your own black-belt, we’ve given you the ability to play against the AI Tetribots. There are four of them and they range from the Apprentice — which even I can beat — to the Master Tetribot. If you can beat this guy even once, you know you’re up there among the greatest Tetris players.

And then there’s my favorite mode: Battle Ultimate. Tetris can be played in a variety of different ways depending on who you are. You can play solo and try to beat your own scores, or compete with friends. Battle Ultimate brings a twist to the game with the introduction of power-ups. When used, they can level the playing field by clearing lines or showering your opponents with blocks to help you survive a little bit longer. That’s at least how I see it. ;)

Tetris Ultimate

The best Battle Ultimate match I’ve seen was here at the Ubisoft office where we were play-testing late one Friday afternoon. One of the creative directors lost because he was going to activate the Buzzsaw power-up, which clears lines from your matrix. He was also setting himself up to hard drop an “I” piece, giving himself a Tetris, which would have sent a lot of lines over to the other players. The problem was he was about two seconds too late and one of the other producers sent him a LOT of lines. His master plan to come back from the brink and have a glorious win was shattered. It was one of the finest displays I’ve seen of a grown man rage-quitting while playing Tetris Ultimate. That’s when I knew Battle Ultimate was going to be enjoyed by a lot of people. Of course he was straight back into it for just ‘one more go’.

I think you’ll also enjoy playing Tetris Ultimate with your friends as much as we have, and on behalf of everyone that’s put the effort into developing this – thank you for reading. We look forward to playing you online!

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  • I take it that the four modes available on 3DS and the two modes available on Vita will not be available on PS4? Why is this?

  • Do we have any ETA for the Vita version? Tetris is a game that I find perfect for short burst of gaming on the go. I wouldn’t want to pay for the PS4 version and then pay AGAIN for a Vita version. Unless it is cross-buy, but I don’t think so…

  • Tetris is made for handhelds.
    Vita Version?

  • Awesome to hear.

    Sony, all we need now is Resonance of Fate on PSNOW and we’re all good.

  • I’m also preferring to know about the PS Vita version, but would love to have it be cross-buy. I play it for fun, not for the trophies or other modes usually, though I could get into other modes on PS4, maybe.

    Before sinking anymore money into Tetris (as I have over the years on different devices since my totally addicted to Tetris on Gameboy and NES days) I would like to know about cross-buy or not, so I can decide to get this now or wait for the When-is-it-coming PS Vita version.

    Neither this article nor The Drop for this week mention a price, PS Vita, or cross-buy or cross-save or shared trophies or what. I need to know this stuff since Tetris is my longtime friend, but for fun, not for frustration.

  • Cool! I’ll pay up to 5 bucks for it.

  • Now THIS is why I bought a PS4!

  • Sorry, but this title screams portable. The original was a GameBoy classic. This should have been released on the PS VIta.

  • Release it for Vita and I’ll happily buy a copy.

  • I can’t wait for more HD remakes for the PS4 from 100 years ago….its the whole reason i bought a “next gen system”

  • How much does this cost on PS4?

    I’m all for a Vita version as well. I think tilting the Vita sideways (Vertical) to play Tetris would be interesting. And use touch for the input to play the game. But also keep the D-pad for control’s as well.

  • Even on the day of release you give no info on price. Are you that worried? Im going to guess 25-30.which will be a huge rip off. Anything over 7 is too high. And no mention of cross buy with vita. But then, why would you put Tetris on a habd held? Seems weird….

  • What time does it come out?

  • I’m with yowzagabowza on this one. It’s a shame there still isn’t any price info, even on launch day.

    I’d love to get some Tetris going on, but not for more than 7-8$ or 10 if it’s cross-buy with Vita.
    Actually, if it’s not cross-buy, I’d much rather get this on Xbox One so I can snap Netflix next to it while I play.

  • I too will be waiting for the Vita version (since I prefer it on a handheld), unless this is cross buy. If so, I’ll happily buy this today.

  • Good luck on getting an answer from Ubisoft. Their community managers don’t know how to answer questions on social media-including their own blogs. I think asking for a date on a Vita version and whether or not it will be cross-buy are very reasonable questions. It will help determine how I will purchase the game (WHICH I VERY WELL PLAN ON DOING). If it is not cross-buy, I’d probably get it on the Xbox One — unless it doesn’t work in snap mode. But I can’t make that decision because Ubisoft has yet to give an answer, despite asking it on their Facebook posts, Twitter feeds, their blog site, and even their Twitch stream yesterday. This is why Ubisoft has a bad reputation.

  • I came hear to find out the price of this game.

  • Seriously ! This game is totally free on Google Play and Apple store.

  • Can’t wait. Looking forward to playing this a LOT tonight. …and,, well, a lot in the future, too.

  • And it like 14.99 here what a rip off

  • It costs about $9.99

  • I bought a new PS3 Tetris game via PSN a few years back. Sure would be nice if Sony would let us re-download our purchased PSN digital titles and play them on PS4………….instead of re-releasing new versions and forcing us to repurchase them. FFVII PS1 classic bought via PSN on PS3, now being re-released on PS4 is another example of this.

  • It says here it’s to be released today but I don’t see it anywhere to buy yet, I’ve looked on the pan store too it’s not there either, has it been delayed?

  • As I expected, and said above, Ubisoft doesn’t respond. Personally, I think Sony should make responding a requirement of those they allow to blog on their site. They should take notice that the devs who respond usually get nicer comments – even for games that aren’t great – than the ones who just don’t take the time or customer service to respond. People appreciate devs that respond, even if the game sucks.

  • @ mtk93………I agree with you completely they should respond I think they get it wrong by not. Same with the whole Skyrim issues and delays everyone wanted to know more but they didn’t get proper responses and they way they handled the ps3 issue in general was awful for a company like that.

  • This is a portable game! Why would it hit home console before portable? :[

  • I always seem to overlook the option to enter discount code on PSN. Where can we consumers get our hands on discount codes? It’s always an option while proceeding to checkout. Thought you could share.

  • Back in June this was announced for the Vita as well. Did something change? Any news on the Vita version? Clearly that’s what people really want.


  • I have been checking everyday since I fall started. I will probably purchase for ps4, but I have really been anticipating playing on the ps vita? When is the date for the vita? Much easier to find time for the vita with my work schedule than ps4.

  • Release date for the Vita version, please! Also, price? What a lack of information, for a blog post about one game! The confusion continues…

  • The price for ps4 is $9.99.

  • New modes sound cool, but I really wanted to see The Hotline mode from Tetris Worlds. Tetris Worlds had some of the best multi-player modes that really challenged my Tetris strategies in cool, brain-bending ways.

    I’ll wait for a VIta cross-buy, or a sale, as a result.

  • I got the game. I Cannot play it because it just sits on startup screen saying “waiting”.

  • I bought the game today but couldn’t play for more then a couple minutes. I started solo and it kept stuttering during my game. Its either huge frame drops or lag from u play connectivity. Hopefully we get an update because the game is currently unplayable for me

  • Although I am enjoying the game, I must say that I am halted for full enjoyment due to the various bugs in the game – most notability the skipping bug.

    This can be seen here -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zsbll7V1MY8

    Any news on when this would be getting resolved?
    Thanks in advance.

  • vita vita vita! When will vita version release?

  • Update: am on the game with no problems now. Only complaint is the leaderboards don’t go down far enough to see myself

  • Why even make this game if you can’t play with your best friend sitting right next to you? What a complete waste. Only Ubisoft could really ruin Tetris.

  • Why am I experiencing lag while playing Tetris BY MYSELF!? This in unacceptable for a Tetris game! We should all refuse to buy Ubisoft games at launch, they’re all ridiculously buggy!

  • In times long past I used to program demos and small games on the Amiga. The Amiga had a 7mhz CPU and I was using compiled basic. My Tetris in the middle of a graphical demo didn’t have frame rate problems.

    I can’t even comprehend how you can release software of a quality this low. Is it some kind of competition, can we expect 30fps Pong next with frame drops? Ubisoft have quickly risen to become the worst joke in gaming, and the only way to get the last laugh is not to buy anything with their name on it until all the early adopters have suffered.

  • I’m sitting on my couch with a friend. We just spend 40 minutes trying to figure out how to play a battle game vs. each other. HOW? This is ridiculous beyond words.

  • To play battle, the second controller have to sign in as guest or another player. Then click x on the second controller. You will see the name will pop up on party at the top right. Then hit the battle mode and then you both can play it. I can’t get anybody on my friend list to play online though. I would try game share but game share doesn’t work for me.

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