Frozen Comes to LittleBigPlanet: Elsa, Anna, Olaf and More

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Frozen Comes to LittleBigPlanet: Elsa, Anna, Olaf and More

It’s nearly 2015 and it’s about time to wrap up our activities on the PlayStation Blog for another year. But, just before we go, we have a very exciting DLC announcement to make based on one of our favorite Disney movies and we’ll also take a look at the community’s activities since LittleBigPlanet 3 was released!

LittleBigPlanet 3 - Frozen

Disney’s Frozen Costume Pack – New DLC available this week

The cold weather is fast approaching and LittleBigPlanet is about to become more Frozen than it has ever been before this winter; all thanks to the arrival of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and friends from Disney’s Frozen!

LittleBigPlanet 3 - FrozenLittleBigPlanet 3 - FrozenLittleBigPlanet 3 - Frozen

With these brand new costumes for Sackboy, OddSock and Toggle; you will be able to have your very own adventures with the wonderful cast of Frozen this winter on December 16, 2014. We have no doubt that all of you Frozen fans will be crafting plenty of wintery levels that would make Elsa herself proud of their chilly creativity!

LittleBigPlanet 3: Frozen

LittleBigPlanet 3: FrozenLittleBigPlanet 3: Frozen

You can purchase each Frozen character costume individually for $1.99 or you can pick up the complete Frozen Costume Pack for $5.99 that contains all of the Frozen character costumes and also includes a Bonus Costume of the lovable Olaf that is available exclusively in the full costume pack.

Winter Creator Kit – Free DLC Available Now

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

If you want to fill your LittleBigPlanet levels with winter fun and frolics for your new Frozen friends, be sure to pop by the Store and pick up the Free Winter Creator Kit to fill your Popit with all manner of creative goodies to decorate your winter levels.

LittleBigPlanet 3 – The Community’s Activity So Far

LittleBigPlanet 3 launched with a big bang last month and our community have been working hard to save the world of Bunkum from the nefarious Newton and even begun testing their creative muscles in Create Mode.

To celebrate this burst of activity from the community, we have put together this little infographic to give you all an insight into your LittleBigPlanet 3 activities in just the first couple of weeks!

LittleBigPlanet 3 Dec. 2014 Infographic

All of this in just a couple of weeks! We can’t wait to see what you all do with LittleBigPlanet 3 once you have really got to grips with all of the new tools and features available in the game!

We’re really looking forward to seeing what you all create in the New Year and we can’t wait to see a community full to the brim with brand new adventures and quests for Sackboy, OddSock, Toggle and Swoop! 2015 will be your most creative year yet!

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10 Author Replies

  • I really need to get this game. I have all the previous ones and this one shouldn’t be left out.

  • I rarely buy DLC, but I might need to get this for my sister.

    • I keep getting told that!

      We either have a lot of awesome big brothers or some secret Frozen fans that just want the new DLC for themselves. ;)

  • Is the DLC only compatible with LBP3, or will it also work in the older versions (LBP2 and LBP Vita)?


  • Are the characters exclusive to LBP3 or are they also available for the other games?

  • omg how can i say not to this.. olaf ftw..

  • Is this compatible with other Little Big Planet games? Like the Vita version…

  • That’s nice and all, but when are you gonna fix online? Right now I paid 60 dollars for a game that doesn’t work 9/10 times.

    • All things go according to plan, we’re looking to release a new update for LittleBigPlanet 3 at the end of this week that will help resolve a number of the online issues that some people are encountering.

  • @Steven

    I have the game on PS4 and finished it already.Can you give us a hint if the PS3 version will be on sale, I might pick up on PS3 too.

  • LBP3 only. I hope this doesn’t become a trend moving forward. Fair enough you’re moving on from LBP2, but LBP Vita shouldn’t be left in the lurch. =/

    Typically though, it’s Sony’s first party studios who want nothing to do with Vita.

  • Hi guys!!!!! I’m going to post this here.

    Is the LBP3 game store works on PS4? :( I have old purchased items from previous games but the store never shows up ANY stuff it always says that there’s no content….

    MY PSN is from US and I’ve always have it that way, but I’m from Mexico, does this has anything to do with it? This would be the first time something like that happens because of this.

    • Your previous content purchased for LittleBigPlanet and LittleBigPlanet 2 should become available to you to re-download at no extra cost when the US PlayStation Store updates later today.

  • Wow, a nice ice touch to end the year. I look forward to what 2015 may bring. Good luck Steven!

  • why not make for all LBP games? like VITA one.

  • I like this, but I can’t even use the 50 costumes I purchased for the game prior to LBP3! It’s also telling me that I need to purchase the Muppets level pack all over again. Why? I need to know that this is going to be fixed before I have confidence purchasing more DLC for this game.

  • Thanks for the reply, Steven Isbell.

    But I also can’t access ANY of the content the LBP3 Store should have, I always get the same message “There is no content avilable or it has been taken down…”

    Will that also be fixed with the Update?

  • Hey StevenI I just had a question about the rare costume: Astronaut costume, I was not and am still not available to purchase it because I havent bought the very first Astronaut costume, I have been waiting for the 16th hoping it would be fixed but nothing happen please tell me whats going on! I really want that costume before its too late!

    • Since we had issues making this content available to everyone, we’re extending the release of the Launch Spacesuits Costume Pack until we can confirm 100% that it is available to everyone.

      Once we have confirmed this, we will announce an official removal date of the content and you will have at least one week from this announcement to pick up the content.

      We will ensure everyone gets a fair opportunity to download the content and made the decision that we would prefer to have the content up for longer than intended to give everyone this chance to download it.

  • I thought the new patch was supposed to be out by today at the latest?

    • DLC issues in the US region should be resolved after the US PlayStation Store updates later today.

      We have a new update scheduled for the end of this week that will fix a number of reported game-specific issues that aren’t relating to DLC purchases.

  • Didn’t care for Frozen to be honest. This looks cool though.

    Now Sony just needs to get Resonance of Fate on PSNOW :)

  • Olaf is only available as an exclusive when you buy the pack (not individually)? You sly dogs, you.

  • Steven, is there a preview of changes to be addressed by the upcoming patch somewhere or a place where people can report issues? Two of the most annoying issues for me when playing co-op so far has been that I do not receive level completion rewards when playing off-host and that I do not spawn in at all in the final (?) boss fight when playing co-op off-host (i.e. only the host is able to play it while I’m forced to spectate).

    This is on PS4.

    • We’re still finalising the contents of the upcoming game update.

      Once that’s done and we have a date/time scheduled in for release, there will be some update notes available to let you know what the update contains.

      I know we’re currently investigating those co-op issues that you mentioned and they’re just going through the final testing phases with QA before we can officially declare them fixed in this upcoming update.

      If you would like to report any issues, you can email us

  • Lol at Kid_Loser asking for Resonance of Fate on PSNow.

    It’s not gonna happen kid. Get over it and buy the game.

  • When the costumes(Samba, Cangaceiro, Mayan Warrior, Day of Dead) will be available on Little Big Planet 3?

  • Could you look into the issue of DLC disappearing from the store? I’d like to buy the Marvel Arcade Pack DLC for LittleBigPlanet Vita but it seems to not be available anymore.

  • @steven is there any resolution to those who bought the special edition lbp 1 or 2 and got the costumes from that? I personally have the lbp 1 special edition and that came with the metal gear solid, monsters and history pack and costume packs and I’d rather not rebuy them since I own them.

  • I hope this means we may see Big Hero 6 costumes eventually! Baymax would be perfect for Toggle, and the rest of the team would be stellar!

    …Wreck-It Ralph love would be good too!

  • Might there be later DLC options based on the live-action incarnations of the characters shown in season 4 of Once Upon A Time? (Perhaps akin to the “Arrow” DLC set to be released for LEGO Batman 3.)

    On a side note, are there any thoughts on how the Frozen characters have been portrayed in that series? (For my part, I was pretty late to watching the movie, and saw most of OUAT’s Frozen-inspired arc beforehand…)

  • The DLC issues are still not resolved in the NA PSN store. It is asking me to re-purchase the LBP 3 Mass Effect pack, despite owning the LBP 2 iteration, and I am still unable to download the FF7 and Ratchet and Clank packs for LBP 3.

    Please do not think you are done here.

  • So I have LBP3 for ps3, but it seems I can’t get the free Frozen characters. Why is that?

  • I too am still having problems. I purchased the DC season pass for LBP2, and everything worked for me on LBP3 for PS4 except Costume Pack 4 (Wonder Woman, Flash, etc.). It’s very very odd. It’s making me purchase just that particular pack. Please fix ASAP.

  • Post store update:

    All DLC issues appear to still be present.

    These packs, previously paid for, show they need to be bought again.

    Heavenly Sword pack
    Mass Effect Pack
    DC Costume Pack 4
    DC Preimium Stage Pack

    Also I have horrible issue where I can not join people online. It glitches then sends my game a invite instead. One stage even said I needed PS+ to play with others when I waitef for ever.

    Have another glictch where loading Co Op crashes to pod with my daughter, can only load her in after, letting it crash to pod, load wife, then load her again, same controller.

    Please fix the DLC showing I have to rebuy them.

  • Someone messed up on the PS3 version of LBP3. This article says Frozen is for LBP3 but don’t see it on my PS3. I did a search though and found it but the store update article says it’s for LBP2. What’s with that? And I don’t see the winter creator kit. Not even on a search.

  • could you fix the major glitches in your game I’ve had the game for a while now since I had it preordered and every time I go into create mode and start creating it seams to crash i’m saying that you need to fix this because I’m a huge fan of lbp since the first one came out I have lbp1 lbp2 lbp3 lbp vita lbp psp and lbp karting and hope that this third one doesn’t go down the drain because of the issue I really want to get back to creating so that maybe one day I’ll be in the team picks

  • What about ps vita? When I saw this pack I was going to buy the marvel heroes version of lbp thinking I could add it on. Updates on plans for vita???

  • Anyone know where to find the snow material? Not the motion snow, but the pure white snow material.

  • Awesome little DLC, but going to hold off until the game becomes more stable and worth the extra $ for any future DLC content.

  • Hi Steven,
    I am from the UK, and Im looking for the Astronaut spacesuit, but its nowhere to be found. Ive been looking everysingle day since launch, and still nothing.
    Any idea when it will be made available to UK players?


  • I just bought this Frozen DLC costume pack, and it wont let me use the Reindeer. It says I dont own it, or part of it, when obviously I do, because I paid for the damn thing.
    I also had my profile corrupted immediately after the latest patch had finished downloading, and I lost a level I was making, that spent 4 days working on, NONE STOP.
    I even backed it up, 24 times(different stages of development), but when I try importing those back ups onto my new profile, it says unexpected error.
    Also, some stickers, decorations and materials I collect dont save. I go back in the level, and some of them are back there, as if I havent picked them up before.
    This is seriously getting me down.
    Not a good experience at all for my first ever LBP game.
    Im scared to play the game now, but when I do, Im constantly backing up, and publishing etc.

  • Aaaaand now Ive lost the yeti from the Frozen DLC…..
    God dam this game is such an annoying glitch fest.

  • What about problems accessing the network during launch week for Little Big Planet 3? We were supposed to be able to download a Rare Launch T-Shirt Pack as well as an Astronaut Costume Pack during launch week, yet since the network was down, I couldn’t access them. Customer service keeps telling me to wait for a patch to get these costumes. I need support for this, but I don’t know where else to turn.

  • It’s great that female gamers have a ton of eyes to choose from, but what about us male gamers? Sackboy never gets any new eyes. We’re always stuck with the default button eyes, or silly ones. How come Kristoff didn’t get his own?

    I either have to settle for the default eyes, use the cartoon eyes, or use female eyes and hope that the hair covers the eyelashes.
    Is there any chance Sackboy could get new, decent eyes in the future?

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