Until Dawn: Watch Us Play the Demo

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Until Dawn: Watch Us Play the Demo

Hello again, Supermassive here, checking back in to give you another update on Until Dawn.

I hope you’ve all had the chance to see the new trailer we released last week. If you haven’t, head here to check it out. Don’t worry. We’ll wait.

Now that we’re all on the same page, we have another treat for you. We know that not everyone has had the chance to get hands-on with the demo, so today we have the next best thing — a full play-through of it.

Until Dawn: Watch Us Play the Demo

We’re thrilled to show something very different to anything you’ve seen so far in Until Dawn. The demo we showed at Gamescom, PAX, and other great events was focused on exploration and moral dilemmas. Today we’re going to look at the fast-paced action side of Until Dawn.

Our action sequences are designed to deliver adrenaline-fuelled, exciting, and yet still cinematic sequences of gameplay, whilst keeping you connected to your game and involved in your character’s fate through the decisions you make and the other actions that you take.

As you watch the play-through, you’ll see that I’m faced with a variety of tests of skill, speed, and judgment. Including one moment where I need to keep the whole pad completely still to avoid Sam being detected. It’s that moment in a horror film that we brace ourselves and hold our breath.

This play-through represents only one of the many different paths possible. Each split-second decision you make as you play could put you on a new path. Any single decision may not be fatal, but your actions could have deadly consequences for your character later in the story.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this additional peek into Until Dawn, and we’ll speak to you again soon.

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  • PRIMERO!!!

  • Sony should bring a version of Until Down on Vita.

  • This game looks really good.

  • Can’t get into this due to heavy use of motion controls. Give us an option to disable them and i’ll buy it day 1.

  • This game looks sooo awesome!!!

  • Now this looks very interestng! Really want a great horror game and The Evil Within didnt deliver (too much reliance on weapons sadly) but this looks right up my alley. Cant wait =)

  • Looks like a horror version of Heavy Rain. That was a dud. This clip is nothing but quick time events….boring.

  • launched the demo to download at our house

  • Ignore the haters, Pete, this is looking amazing, especially considering it was originally going to be a PS3 title.

    @2: If you want this to come to the Vita, it might help to at least get the name correct. Until Dawn, not Until Down.

    @7: Maybe you thought Heavy Rain was a “dud” but there were lots of people, including me, that not only enjoyed it, but managed to playthrough every single possible outcome.

    These aren’t simply “quick time events,” where you press the wrong button and instantly die/have to start over. Here they’re giving you choices, either to run or hide, and who knows, perhaps there will be moments where you get to choose your dialogue and affect the outcome that way as well.

    I’m very much looking forward to this and appreciate these demo/walk-throughs more than simply trailers. Thanks for giving us an idea of how the actual game plays.

  • @8: Whoa, is there a playable demo to download?!

  • @Pete Samuels About how long is this game going to be? I know that completion time will change depending on who’s dead but hopefully it’s not a quick under 5 hours deal. And will the tension will remain high like this throughout the entire game?

    P.s. Games looks beautiful, interesting and very intense. Kudos

  • Looks interesting. Small quibble though: I wish the woman in this video didn’t stride around terminator style; it kind of breaks the scary mood. She doesn’t seem freaked out in the player-controlled sections. Her movement is super-confident – straight back, not looking around, arms swinging robotically. She doesn’t even seem concerned with the fact that she’s only wearing a towel. She should at least be kind of holding the towel up with one hand. The difference between her animation in the cut – scenes and when she is player-controlled is jarring and ruins the atmosphere. For me anyway. Maybe that will change in the final release.

  • Hmm, looks good. But yeah, make a option to disable the controller shaking and motion ****.

  • I’m already liking the look and feel of this game which is very reminiscent of Heavy Rain. Definitely looking forward to playing it.

  • Just need Resonance of Fate of PSNOW right Sony!? :)

  • I agree with comment #12 – I unconsciously felt the same way when looking at the stage demo @ PS Experience, and it stands out even more now. Just feels too rigid – show more emotion in her animations.

    Otherwise, this game looks HOT! As in COLD! As in, BLOODY…as in, beautiful :P Can’t wait to play it! Hope PS MOVE is still in the plans? It was definitely the best demo at playstation experience with everyone getting into it and yelling at the person with the controller about which option to choose – I can easily see everyone on the couch getting into it the same way when we get this game in our homes!

  • Can’t wait for this game to come out! Looking forward to hearing friends yell commands for Sam to run away.

  • Give us demo, why should we watch you playing it?

  • Hopefully the quicktime events was just a part of the chase.

  • This game looks sick! I am loving it but I love this type of thing! I don’t want to play it every new month but when a company comes out with one and does it as well as this… man, it is just what I need to break up some monotony. Keep giving us what your giving us, guys. Day one for me!

  • I also got the platinum trophy in Heavy Rain, but my first play-through was the most memorable to me. Switching between multiple characters and not having an up-front understanding how they would eventually affect each other was very powerful.

    I’m kind of interested in Until Dawn, but it doesn’t look like the lack of choosing within a time frame counts as a choice in and of itself. Also, my favorite horror movies have strong female characters, not a helpless girl running around in a towel and tripping everywhere. If I had the option of seeing a hot guy run around in a towel instead, I’d be more interested.

    PS: When can we look forward to a Start the Party Deluxe on PS4? I loved the first game and all my friends are desperate for an AR party game on PS4 we can all play together. It would also be cool to see Tumble on PS4 — stereo 3D in 1080p @ 60fps has been an amazing leap forward, and it seems would really help with the tightness of the Move’s 1:1 motion controls.

  • omg this looks so HORRIBLE! If this kind of quick time events, choose your own adventure crap counts as a AAA first party title we are all in for a world of ****! Can this industry stop making stupid, terribly written dark horror games? I for one am so sick and tired of dank, decrepit, scarefests and this one looks especially bad. It harkens back to the early days of PC point and click 3d games sans all the creativity, great writing and art. Can someone please for all things holy bring a new experience to video gaming? Are the only things worth making games about dumb fantasy crap, horror and war games? Is this all that exists in the world? TRASH!

  • @rahduke you win the biggest douchbag comment on the Internet today award. Loser.

  • Been waiting for this game since it was first announce. Can it just come out already?

  • This is actually really interesting game. It may seem copied, but it still looks phenomenal, gonna pre-order.

  • @rahduke I hear there are a lot of great career opportunities in the gaming industry. You should apply and give us all the experience that we all crave and have been missing. I’m looking forward to that day so please hurry!

    Side note: This game looks gorgeous! I will most likely take a gander at this game at least while I am waiting for rahuke’s game to come out in the near future.

  • All this game looks like is a horror version of heavy rain that relies way to much on jump scares. And I do not think many people get scared by a cliche plot and obvious jump scares that probably would not scare any one.

  • This is looking to be a great game. I love these types of games and if it’s even somewhat close to Heavy Rain, it’ll be a lot of fun.

  • haters gonna hate. this game looks amazing. day one for me. give us a release date!!!

  • I like adapting Heavy Rain’s controls. Using multiple button prompts to interact with everything is way more refined than pixel-hunting, checking for flashing objects and, of course, just clicking the Investigate button as you push up against everything. Exploring looks freakin’ fantastic, and the jump scares and atmosphere are great!
    It’s when it gets to the “action” and “horror” stuff that it falls apart. I mean, look at the “shocking” reveal – the killer bursts through the door! Cue exciting chase scene, right? Nah… he just hangs around while button prompts float in the air. Boom! All momentum is lost.
    If you could handle exploration like Heavy Rain, but create a more action/active gameplay core for everything else, this would be a winner. Why can’t you just free control a character, then manipulate objects, improvise weapons and topple things with normal moves and a physics engine? Outside of exploring, there’s no game here – it’s just a big QTE sequence. I mean, a core set of mechanics like “hold Square to grab nearest thing”, “Hit Triangle to throw held item” and “Hit Circle to swing held item” would be so much better.
    It looks messy. I’m sorry.

  • Reminds me of heavy rain

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