Trine Enchanted Edition Coming to PS4 on Dec. 23rd

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Trine Enchanted Edition Coming to PS4 on Dec. 23rd

Hello everyone! I’m thrilled to announce that Trine Enchanted Edition for PS4 is coming to PlayStation Store on December 23rd.

Trine Enchanted Edition

Trine Enchanted Edition is a remake of the original Trine with dazzling new visual effects and a vast number of gameplay improvements and fixes. The game features 15 breathtaking levels ranging from mysterious underground catacombs, crystal caverns, and abandoned castles to sun-drenched ancient ruins filled with dangerous enemies, hazards, and head-scratching puzzles.

Traditionally the Trine games have been popular among co-op fans, so the Enchanted Edition supports both local and online co-op fun for up to three players (and a mixed online/local co-op as well).

Trine Enchanted EditionTrine Enchanted Edition

On the technical side, Trine Enchanted Edition runs at a smooth 60 fps and a full HD (1080p) resolution. Also great news for 3D fans — Stereoscopic 3D is also included.

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  • How much? Have this already for ps3 so making us pay again is silly. My gf likes coop in 2 but we don’t have two controllers for the ps3.

  • Hmmm, already have the Complete edition since the PS4 launch…..

    Is this both games remade or just the first?

  • YES!!!! After playing (and getting the Platinum) Trine 2 on the PS3 and then again on the PS4, I always wanted to go back and give the original a try. But I never got around to it for one reason or another. Now that it’s on the PS4, I’m definitely jumping in.

    Also glad to hear that you’re putting in the 3-D support. It worked really well in Trine 2 and really improved the feel of the game.

    • Thanks for the support for 3D :) It’s something we’ve really enjoyed ourselves, so glad to see positive comments about it.

  • Oh right, so it was Trine 2 complete edition at launch. This is the first game remastered. I’m more excited now since I never finished the first ;)

  • How many times are they going to re-release this game?!

  • Hey guys, make a new game. You guna port this to vita next year, too? I see no mention of cross buy, and i wont be buying this again.
    To the blog staff: you guys really sucked last week with your lack of response to the store problems and especially Suikoden II.

    • Sorry about the lack of Cross-Buy! It isn’t possible at this time sadly, mainly because of the different publishers (we’re self-publishing our games on PS4 and future platforms, whereas on PS3 we had to use separate publishers). This causes various troubles (both business and technical) and thus we can’t offer Cross-Buy right now. It’s something we hope to be able to support in the future (when all games are self-published by us).

      Also we felt that the Enchanted Edition is a big improvement over the original Trine, with graphical enhancements, online multiplayer, lots of gameplay fixes, stereo 3D and so on, and it took over a year to make, so we’d hoped this would justify the lack of cross-buy at least for some people.

  • No thanks, i could barely make myself beat the free PS+ Trine and I really did enjoy the game when i first played it on ps3.
    I want a NEW one.

  • Trying to beat Resident Evil at the remake world record? Still, bought.

  • Oh, and sweet that it’s out on the 23rd. I now know what I’m doing for Christmas.

  • Will 2nd/3rd local players earn trophies or is this another pass for me?

    • Unfortunately we have not been able to support this, so in local co-op only the host will get trophies. Sorry about that :/


  • My husband and I loved the original Trine on PS3, even though it was literally one of the hardest Platinum trophies I’ve ever gotten. (I got the Platinum *before* the patch the eased the difficulty of the last section before the final boss fight.)

    I’m so happy to hear stereo 3D is being supported! I wish more game developers filled that gap — PS4 has amazing power, yet only a handful of cross-gen titles support stereo 3D. 3D is a whole new world at 60hz and 1080p — I can’t wait to try 3D Move games on PS4 where the 1:1 tracking is even more fluid. I hope the new year brings a PS4 EyePet, Start The Party, and/or Sports Champions. It’s bizarre to everyone that Playroom doesn’t support 3DTV.

    Maybe this means the rumors that Sony is discouraging stereo 3D support to build up demand for Morpheus aren’t true?

  • …Vita port please? This and Trine 2 look like they would be a really great fit!

    • They would probably be a great fit if there was enough optimizations done etc. and the game would run well on the device. But unfortunately we don’t have any Vita plans for the moment.

  • Yes!! I’ve been playing trine 2 ps4 and I have been thinking it will be great if they also brought trine 1 enchanced edition to ps4, thank you :)

  • Really squeaking in under that 2014 release timeframe there aren’t you. XD

  • That is a bit of a nice news.Since there is never a discount on Trine 1….and I always wanted to buy it maybe but just maybe I get this version for PS4.Its hard to buy a PS3 game for PS4 but since there is no love for Trine 1 on PS3 I might have no choice.

  • if they charge us im gonna be ticked off. cause they updated the pc version for free. but i have a feeling their gonna charge the console players….

  • As long as they fix the region versioning so US can play with EU friends unlike Trine 2……. Jus’ sayin’

    • Cross region play between US/EU should work in Trine Enchanted Edition, as long as the latency is within something reasonable of course. We haven’t yet tested this with two final released games so I can’t say for absolute certainty until the 23rd Dec, but in all of our test cases the cross-region play has worked. So hopefully we got it right this time.

      We wanted to update this also to Trine 2: Complete Story, but we’ve been waiting for the system update regarding 3D to do a bigger patch – so still waiting unfortunately.

  • I see #5 thinks it’s Trine 2 again and didn’t read that it’s the first Trine. I made that same mistake too just by looking at the title and the screenshots.

  • Two improvements I hope you guys made when compared to Trine 2:

    1. Local Co-op trophies
    2. Making the touch pad work more like a trackpad rather than touches corresponding to areas of the screen.

  • Heeey! 3-D! Alright!

  • Trine 1-3 (when it happens) physical retail for PSP2 would be killer.

  • The 3D on Trine 2 was simply stunning. I can’t way to try the original on PS4. Online coop is a very welcome feature. Thanks for the love guys and well done!

  • re: a Vita version, how much different is the Vita hardware from the nVidia Shield (besides lower RAM)?

    looks like Trine already runs on ARM CPU + tile-based GPU, and since Trine ran within the PS3’s RAM limitations, what’s the remaining issues that would complicate a port? :)

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