Road Not Taken: Free Update Out Now

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Road Not Taken: Free Update Out Now

Road Not Taken Free Update

Hi folks! We’re pleased to announce the first major (free!) update to Road Not Taken is hitting your PS4s now! There’s a lot of goodies in here, the most notable of which include:

  • “Easier” mode and hard mode: many people have told us that while they love the original gameplay and the art in Road Not Taken, the game is simply too difficult for them. After chewing on this feedback for a while, we decided to split the game into two modes, Normal and Hard. “Hard” is basically our original mode with just a few tweaks; “Normal” is a new mode that is more generous with energy and has less crowded (and therefore less difficult) rooms, among other changes. In addition, checkpoints are now less punishing to use (in both modes), so players who felt like they were pointless before will hopefully find them more of a tempting gamble now.
  • New “just for fun” Timed Mode: try to rescue all the kids within four minutes! You lose time whenever you take damage, and you add time to the clock whenever you eat food and rescue children. Timed Mode has no impact on your career, so it’s a great way to enjoy Road Not Taken for a few minutes with limited stress. :-)
  • New creatures: the Forest Kraken, the Golem, and the Ninja Bear are new creatures with unique new behaviors that will now be appearing in the forest, particularly in the earlier years. And of course, there are new secrets to discover in relation to these creatures!
  • Various bug fixes: We’ve mopped up a variety of mostly-minor bugs. One in particular that I’ll call out: previously, when you banned an object, it could still show up in custom rooms (those are the rooms that are not totally randomly generated, but instead are hand-designed by us.) Now, when you ban an object, if a custom room contains that object, that custom room is effectively banned as well.

Well, that’s the news. I really hope you all enjoy this update! Also, I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who have sent us words of encouragement, feature requests, and/or constructive criticism. Road Not Taken was a very personal project for Spry Fox, and it means the world to us to know that people are out there enjoying it. :-)


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  • Nice that you’re listening to the feedback and making improvements to the game! It really should be enjoyed by as many as possible.

    To that end, hate to be that guy but… any update on the Vita version? ;-)

  • Hey Spry Fox, any news on the Vita version?

  • The game was actually pretty difficult. I think I’ll take another try at it then to see how far I can get. It’s actually a fun rogue puzzler.


  • Hey folks, I forgot to mention earlier: the good people at Venturebeat put together an exhaustive recipe guide for Road Not Taken, that should prove very useful to those of you who are still struggling to master the game!

    Vita folks: I wish I had better news for you. Our porting solution has failed on the Vita, and failed hard. We have to find a completely new solution for bringing the game over. There are no obvious good solutions available to us right now. The major issue are the memory constraints of the Vita relative to the PS4. Our porting solution is consuming way too much memory.

  • Very nice work guys. I’m glad I waited to play this game. You would think reviewers should revisit and update their game reviews as most games these days are digital and go through several revisions. Especially if the developers addressed key issues that affect game ratings. I must commend Spry Fox for their efforts!

  • David, is it possible you guys could make a completely new version for vita and ios? It probably wouldn’t be worth the effort financially to make an entirely new version just for the vita, but if you would be able to put that on ios, I’m sure it would be worth it. I mean, this game is so perfect for handhelds.

  • I need to get around to playing this and making it so it’s no longer “Game Not Played”. Ha, I slay me.

  • I had these game on my radar for my ps vita, plz try to make it a reality. I know it wasnt your fault, but it would mean the world to me to have this puzzle-roguelike on the handheld. PS VITA FOR LIFE!

  • Just wanted to come by and say excellent job on this game. I played it for a few weeks solid and loved every minute of it, and the iOS wallpapers you guys put out were great! It’s a shame it seemed to fly under the radar of many. I thought the puzzle difficulty was perfect, personally, so I’m glad to see you’ve kept that around. Might have to fire it up and check out the new creatures!

  • So awesome to see indie games working hard to provide good post-release support! Contrast also iterated on minor issues and balance feedback for several months after it released, and it makes the value proposition for indie games that much better.

    I’m glad to hear you tried for a Vita version, but sad to hear it didn’t work out due to memory constraints. Assuming it’s C/C++, is Link Time Optimization available as an option in your toolchain? I’ve personally seen LTO and some manually applied __attribute__((cold)) annotations literally cut a stripped binary size by nearly half, and cut the RSS memory used by 15-25%. Yea, it increases your build times, but the advantages on RAM-limited platforms are un-ignorable, IMO.

    Looking forward to more updates in the coming year! :)

  • Too bad abut the news regarding the Vita build! I really appreciate you taking the time to clarify the issues on this. Disappointed, but hearing from you directly goes a long way, especially when the Vita is brought up on this board as Sony has a great way of completely ignoring most feedback.


  • David Edery,

    Honesty is appreciated, as is the actual issue. If more developers were this open and honest, it would be easier to understand why something is late, or delayed.

    Hopefully, not just for me, but for you as a developer, you can get the issue sorted out. Good Luck!

  • the difficulty mode thing is nice. i agree the artwork is cute, but my biggest problem with the game was it’s basically on a nightmare mode without you knowing. first playthroughs were not very fun. maybe i’ll give it another try after the update.

  • I didn’t know this game was even going to recieve updates. Hopefully this game is better on PS Vita than PS4. Some games are not fun on console to me but are great handheld. This is one of those games. Dedication from the developers is always welcome though.

  • will be tossing children in the woods again

  • Thank you! I never said anything, but I am definitely in the camp of I want to love this game but it’s just too brutally hard. I hate those dang ghosts that follow me around. I will definitely try again now.

  • @Squiggle55 — those angry ghosts are actually really useful once you know what to do with them. I’ll even go so far as to intentionally summon them in certain situations. Won’t give any spoilers here, but if you’d rather not just figure it out yourself, check the recipe guide:

  • Nice, sounds good!

  • is the f2p

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