The Panels of PlayStation Experience

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The Panels of PlayStation Experience

We had such a blast meeting so many of you at PlayStation Experience last weekend. It was a supremely packed two days of great games and thought-provoking panels. But seeing as how not everyone could make the trip to Las Vegas, we wanted to share the memories we made at PS Experience with the world.

You can watch nearly every panel we hosted at the conference right here. We’ve picked out just a small sample of our favorites, but head below for the big list. And thank you for being part of the PlayStation family!

Virtual Reality: A New Era for Games

Actors and Their Voices

Bringing Nathan Drake to PS4

Story Time!

Full Panel List

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  • …Beyond!

  • Thank you for compiling these, it is much appreciated.

  • I don’t see the Bloodborne panel? I recall there being one.

  • Can someone please fix the PSN store here in Canada. None of the content released in yesterday’s update can be purchased. This is getting Beyond annoying.

  • Wow, it’s gonna take a powerhouse to get through all these panels!
    Any info on the Naughty Dog 30th anniversary documentary? Last I heard, they were planning on putting it online, but I haven’t heard any updates.

  • It’s a shame that the “working in the Japanese game indutry” panel seemed to have such a small audience. I found it to be a fascinating event, not least for the variety of personal experiences offered by each panelist.

  • A Night Under No Man’s Sky?

  • I only care for one panel and it’s missing. His name is Crash Bandicoot.

  • The US PSN Store is also not working properly — discounts not being recognized, products missing, unable to place things in cart, unable to download games, etc. The problems extend to every possible Playstation platform. Can someone at Sony PLEASE let us know what’s going on? Just a nice, quick message that you’re aware and you’re trying to fix it? A brief, unified message to people on the blog, the PSN store, as well as the Vita and PS3.
    Get your message out in front. I, as a consumer have no idea what to think now. Has Sony been hacked again? Do i need to call my credit card company again? I don’t know because the company I have given all of my money and information to isn’t speaking with me. Anybody understand why this is bad business?

  • Love the panel with Shuhei in it.

  • Where’s the bloodborne panel?

  • there are so many great talks and discussions! I really love behind the scenes and tech stuff, so very appreciated!

    my recommendations to watch so far are Generation 8: A New Golden Age!, How to Become a Game Designer, Bringing Nathan Drake to PlayStation 4, Good vs. Evil in F2P Game Design

  • Yo, are you guys stupid or something? No info on your store not working, STILL? Every minute that goes by with no communication is a slap in our faces. You freaking suck.

  • So, we’ve got a PS1 skinned PS4.

    How about some game franchises from that era?
    Like, a new Spyro or Crash would be great.

  • WOW!

    I figured we’d see a few of the larger panels posted, or maybe some highlights of all of them combined, but not EVERY, SINGLE, ONE. Very nice :-)

  • I was hoping to watch A Night Under No Man’s Sky.

  • There is *always* the possibility that it will be sent over via your USB. (You remember how we had to…

  • Still waiting for that Naughty Dog 30th Anniversary panel.

  • am I the only person that watched the trail to the upcoming uncharted game and thought the graphics didn’t look all that good

  • What happened to the Bloodborne panel? I WAS THERE RYAN!!!

  • I’m on the God Of War Panel at the 43:00 mark


  • thank you so much! really wanted to watch some of these!

  • @19, you kinda set yourself up for this… but yeah…. ;)

    Thanks for putting all these videos up… great stuff and there are a TON of great things at the show but I have to mention one thing that as a very competitive player I did NOT like – I love Naughty Dog but I honestly couldn’t be more disappointed with Naughty Dog for choosing to release PERKS as “DLC”, and smearing their great online game with imbalance. Perks / advantages should be limited to begin with, and they definitely should NOT be “pay to win”, aka paid DLC. Online competitive games should be about fair playing fields – far too many games are getting this wrong lately and making the online into a mess. Last of Us is still amazing, but people like me who don’t want to pay $5 for some extra perks and stuff are definitely at LEAST at a slight disadvantage now when playing online…

  • (continued)

    …so it kind of makes very competitive players like me feel like I’m being forced to buy the DLC – because I love competing at the highest level I can. But I don’t like a company forcing me to pay more $ for a game I already bought to do so, and I know I will still do good without buying these perks, but as a gamer who has played online shooters for very long, I know I am at a disadvantage now. And if I BOUGHT the DLC, I would ALSO feel bad – because I would definitely have an advantage over players who didn’t fork over the money… Last of Us is already unfriendly to new players (having to unlock loadout points, suppressors, perks, etc). This is a trend that all shooters need to watch out for, because it is making shooters about $ and time spent playing instead of being about balanced competition. Maps should be DLC, but weapons and perks as DLC just can’t happen if you want your game to stay truly balanced.

    Let me put it another way – would it be ok to see a game release a perk as $5 DLC? $5 for radar or aim assist? When does a paid perk become wrong? I say ALL paid perks/advantages are definitely wrong if you want your game to stay balanced and intensely competitive as it’s supposed to be.

  • Wow nice one…thanks for bringing to us who couldn’t attend the event,will watch some of these or every one lol.

  • God Sony you looking at some of the commits about the last store update and all the problems that some people are have or do you just don’t give a damn about your customers

  • Virtual Reality headsets are awesome but the true Virtual Reality headsets isn’t here yet. Virtual Reality today is only display device not planing on buy it unless all game company make full use of it and if sales are great then i might buy one someday when it comes out. Just hope its not $1000, $500, $400 but price at around maybe $200 range.

  • Thank you so much for putting this up on the blog. I had such a great time in Vegas last weekend. I spent most of my time playing games and only got to go to a couple of panels. I really enjoyed the “Story Time” panel to end the Experience. I even got Shu to sign my complete playing card set. I’m really happy that I can watch the panels that I missed. Again, I really had a great time, can’t wait to do it next year :)

  • Ryan Clements when will vita get Gravity Rush 2 or what are the new AAA games coming to Vita?

  • Instead of doing these huge ego strokes I would rather see Driveclub PS Plus Edition released.

  • BEYOND!!!

  • I still cant login to psn at my ps4. Still get NW ERROR CODE. WHAT IS GOONG ON THERE. I cant log in till 4 days!!

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