The Last of Us: Deadly New Multiplayer Add-Ons

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The Last of Us: Deadly New Multiplayer Add-Ons

If you were fortunate enough to attend the PlayStation Experience this past weekend, you may have played The Last of Us Remastered with some of our brand new Factions mode add-ons. Or maybe you attended the panel with our multiplayer team and learned about how this was developed. If you participated in our tournament in Vegas, you might be downloading this new content for free today.

For those of you who didn’t make it out to PlayStation Experience, there’s a lot of fun coming your way. Here’s a look:

The Last of Us: Deadly New Multiplayer Add-Ons

Clearly our The Last of Us combat designer has a soft spot for a good takedown and has designed some very visceral, very lethal Special Executions across nine different weapon categories. These sets of animations are available for purchase for $0.99 each. We had to exclude some sets from the PS3 version of the game due to memory constraints on the hardware. Yes, it seems with our latest add-ons we’re squeezing every last ounce of memory the PS3 has to run our Factions mode.

You can purchase our new Tactical Weapons Bundle for $2.99. In the bundle you’ll get the Tactical Shotgun, Burst Pistol, Frontier Rifle, and Crossbow. Yes, a Crossbow. These items are available for $0.99 each if you prefer to pick your arms individually.

If you’re looking to avoid falling victim to some of these new executions and weapons, buy the new Risk Management Survival Skills Bundle for $3.99. In the bundle you’re getting Lone Wolf, a skill that grants you temporary survival skills when you are away from your team, Second Chance, a skill that gives you a free health kit when you have none and take more than half damage, Jack of All Trades, a skill that grants you grab-bag level 1 skills at discount, Lucky Break, a skill that allows you to get more ammo and crafting ingredients when you open supply boxes, and Lethal Efficiency, a skill that allows you to perform a faster, low-to-the-ground neck snap when performing a special execution. If you just want one of these skills, it’ll cost you $0.99.

Some of you just want to look your best as you’re surviving the post-pandemic life. We have you covered as the Misfit Head Item Bundle will soothe your style itch. Get the Viking Hat, Plague Mask, Smiley Mask, Outlaw Mask, Ski Goggles, Broken Gas Mask, Ballistic Helmet and Urban Camo Helmet in the Misfit Head Item Bundle for $6.99. Aside from the bundle exclusive Plague mask, you can buy these items individually for various prices.

Rounding out the content drop are our two new Gestures bundles. You’ll get Dust Myself Off, Evil Laugh, Game Over, and Intimidation in Gestures Pack 2. Gestures Pack 3 features You’re Done, Combat Formation, Stretch, and I’m Watching You. Both packs are available for $2.49 or you can buy individual gestures for $0.99.

All this fantastic content will be available when the PlayStation Store updates in your region. Fire up The Last of Us or The Last of Us Remastered and have some post-pandemic, holiday fun this December.

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4 Author Replies

  • Haven’t played this in a while. With some new stuff, I will definitely be playing it non stop again. =D.

  • Co-op missions (like in Uncharted 2 & 3) would have been a lot of fun with this game. Can’t believe that opportunity was missed.

  • When does the week 2 sale of games go live?

  • Special Executions should be free…

  • Thank you guys for still support this fantastic game.
    Factions is what keeps me coming back. Dont ever stop!! :)

  • While I appreciate these new DLCs, I’d love to get a new mode. And I guess there won’t be any soon (maybe never). :(

  • At this point, I’d rather get some new maps than weapons or perks. I’m a bit worried about some of them (like the bleedout effect of the crossbow and the Second Chance perk *poof* you magically get a first-aid kit anytime you need it… who thought that was a good idea?). I can’t say yet if these things will be game breakers, but they sure as hell are game changers.

  • Talk about tacked-on multiplayer. Worst crap ever.

  • @8: this is one of the best multiplayers I’ve ever played in a game, just as its single-player is one of the best.

  • meh. I’d prefer to see new single player experiences

  • Gross. The violence in the single player at least had a purpose. This gratuitous Gears of War crap cheapens the experience.

    Not to mention the fact that unbalanced pay-to-win MP DLC is the devil.

  • Bro, the weapons are three bucks, and the perks are four. If you can’t afford that, you need to get off your PS4 anyway.

  • I want to thank Naughty Dog for not charging for the maps on PS4 and splitting the player base. I do not mind them charging for the cosmetics or new weapons. Sure I was this was free but look at the content they continually do to support this game, I appreciate them doing this rather than what they tried to do 1 week after Remastered launched and charge for DLC that came out 1 week later. Aslong as they do not split the playerbase by charging for maps, who cares if they charge a few bucks for some dumb hats that provide 0 benefit to your character.

    Also this MP is far from tacked on, its the closest thing we have to a SOCOM 1 or SOCOM 2 now since Sony abandoned that formula on the PS2.

  • I cannot copy suikoden 2 to my psp why it says on store playable on ps3 psvita and psp it needs fixing urgently waited 7 years for this to come on psn thanks sony

  • I’ll be honest, although the the new DLC looks cool, I was hoping for a new game mode or maps. The factions of TLOU is one of the best multiplayer experience which actually promote team play. If you don’t play as a team, you lose. That alone makes it way better than COD where you will find tons of campers.

  • I was looking forward to more maps as well. And maybe some more additional craftables. I will most likely buy the survival skills and weapons but these types of dlc usually arent my main focus. I still like the weapons and setup i use.

    A new MP mode would be great of course. Lol i read on naughty dog’s website “please so not send us ideas” kinda sucks but its understandable because most ideas are prolly something that the developer thought of but of course there will be great ideas that never come into play because the audience doesnt really have any say. Cant satisfy all i guess. Wish i worked for you guys at Naughty Dog with multiplayer development! !!!

  • Thanks for the update guys! Not to shoot this down but I was really hoping for new maps and new game mode…I mean I know you guys put a lot of hard work into what you do, and I respect that, but I think the weight all comes down to new terrain rather than perks. I don’t know about you, but I can dominate with just a shorty and first aid 1 lol

  • Are you ever gonna add the samurai helmet back to the sports bundle? Cuz I’m still not gonna buy the $30 pack for 1 item and everything else I already have. While I do like the new stuff, that samurai helmet should still be at the top of your backlog list.

  • The mp in this game is fantastic. Tacked on is far from how I’d describe it. As you say, best Socom style game out and it’s unique in it’s visceral combat experience. The devs made a solid game all round. At least we are lucky to get a better looking dlc included version on ps4 with streaming ability at our disposal.

    I think it would be great to add real clans into the mix online, with a tournament mode. I’ve really enjoyed it all.

  • Always wanted to have a MP mode where randomly infected or clickers would spawn on the map. This would add a whole new dynamic to the game. Suddenly two teams might have to work together or you can play it to your advantage and lead them to the other team.

  • You guys lost me when you released 80 pieces of DLC for a year old game before it was even released.

  • Bring Uncharted 1-3 to PS4!!!!!!!

  • I’m done. #4 nailed it. We are being asked to pay extra for animations, move sets of characters in a game we already paid for. I’m buying used and never any dlc these companies have gotten to greedy. We have to pay for a game almost times now where as before you bought it and that was it.

  • I agree with others that the Factions MP is fantastic. It’s very tactical and demands much more thought than many other MP experiences. But I find it disappointing and a little distasteful that you are selling these custom executions. One of the things I most appreciated about the campaign is that all of the violence was, at least to my mind, justifiable in the context of the excellent story. It was so up close and personal that it forced you to “feel” a little bit of what Joel was doing to other survivors, for the sake of his own -and Ellie’s – survival. I understand that the MP is a different experience, and is more “gamey” than playing the campaign. But it feels like you’re encouraging and empowering players to celebrate violence, rather than understand it. The Last of Us has been a point of pride for me as a gamer, because it stands as a perfect example of the unique experiences that games can offer. Obviously, this is your product and you are free to do what you think is best. I just want to convey my opinion as a fan.

  • And #21. The dlc BEFORE a game is released… Dlc should be for the fans who love a game and want more, not for the company to milk it’s fans dry.

    Used games. That’s the future. Dlc is a shame.

  • Great content for the best multiplayer out period. I love this and bought for me and two best friends and we play all the time over call of duty. You guys please make last of us 2 or at least a new multiplayer of this it has made this single player guy play only multiplayer .

    In the future I think 6on 6might work too and maybe some vertical environments like that skyscraper from the single player mode.

  • i told myself i would beat the story first before i delve into mp……these new execution kills though…, i might have to venture into factions just once tomorrow, see what it’s like…

  • I have some ideas for new multiplayer modes.

    1. Water Gun fights like in the left behind DLC
    2. Survival Mode
    3. All modes with infected included for extra chaos.

    I think these are all modes that people would love.

  • Man, TLOU is one of my top favorites. I loved the single player experience.

    However, the violence in SP had context, and a purpose. This kind of violence-p0rn just turns my stomach. I’m sure plenty of people will disagree, but I’d rather not expose hyper-realistic gore and violence in the name of fun.

  • Love this game, love all the hard work you guys are doing.

    Question though,

    Can you please add a game mode for PVP mode with Clickers, it would add an incredibly fun layer to the multiplayer. You can make them easier to take out, but it would definitely add tension to the multiplayer if your team has to be quiet while also trying to take down multiple enemies. It is definitely feasible.

    Also would love to see more maps! Love this multiplayer and all of your strong work, So I hope you guys can add this in the future!

    Thank you!

  • Actually, I really want the water gun from Left Behind as a Large Firearm. It’d cost some amount of Loudout Points but be unable to injure or do anything to the enemies. Equipping it would just be a way to handicap yourself. I need to do that every now and then to enjoy the multiplayer considering how many scrubs play lol (thank you, 9mm only loudout). lol I’d love to just spray water on some downed enemies.

  • why is there no execution bundle?????????????

  • This is a fantastic game and the DLC will be fun. Yeah, I’d like to see a tad bit more maps or modes, but in reality this DLC is pretty cheap. I’ll gladly donate a few extra dollars to ensure they keep putting out games like like this is the future. Hopefully, the creators will take the “demands” of the players into consideration for the next enstallment of the franchise.
    Now, I still have both the PS4 and PS3 versions. Does anyone know if you have to purchase it for both systems or if I can just buy it for once and get it on both systems?

  • @33 yes its cross buy

  • OMG I’m too busy playing other games!!! Now I have to go back to The Last of Us?!! There is not enough time in the day!

  • When I try to purchase the new tactical weapons it states: ‘content not available’??

  • Gotta echo the other people wishing for new maps as DLC… been looking forward to this DLC for a while, kinda disappointed it’s just small add-ons. They are cool, but maps are what truly extend a game’s online even further….

    Also, I have 2 more things to say, one about what I 100% know shouldn’t be added to a competitive online game, and one about what if added would take the game to a whole new level:

    1) Adding perks that you have to BUY is a BIG no-no in a competitive multiplayer game. Again, I echo #7 in saying that I can already see the “second chance” perk being overpowered but more importantly, only accessible to people who pay… That’s fine if it was 1 player DLC, but if you make an online competitive game, you need to keep a fair playing field – NEVER make your online “pay to win” or pay to have an advantage… Trust me, I CAN deal with it, I got 16 downs, 16 executions and 4 deaths my first night of playing the PS4 game a few nights ago.. but I appreciate shooters that offer a fair playing field and NO unfair advantages to ANYone. That is the beauty of true competition – skill vs skill, nothing else besides that to unbalance the game even an inch.


  • (continued)

    Last of Us is great because it REQUIRES teamwork, REQUIRES skill (no aim assist baby!), but I have to disagree with having “perks” as DLC, nomatter how good or bad they could be. As someone who has played competitive shooters for over a decade, I can easily see “second chance” being a big advantage to smart players who know how to use/abuse it.

    2) Finally – this game would be even MORE amazing if you offered a “hardcore” mode (or as I like to call it, a CLASSIC mode) with no radar / listen mode at all. Imagine actually having to use your own ears+eyes and your OWN instincts to find the enemy… it changes the game completely and takes it to another level. Please consider it.. it is not that hard to add and yet it adds so much to a game…. so I think this is a no brainer…. it’s not too late to add a mode for gamers who want an even bigger challenge or an even more exciting game. It’s thrilling when you don’t know where the enemy is, when you CAN’T see through walls and don’t know where the enemy is coming from. It leads to TONS more strategy, tension, callouts, flanking, sneaking, sprinting, mayhem… all of the above! Radar has taken way more from games than it has added to them.

  • It’s all good but one question. Can you guys make a season pass 2 that includes all the DLC that is not in the first season pass. Like a mega survival bundle or something?

  • So is everything in the new update something u have to pay for or what’s free?

  • I can’t download the new content?! I keep getting An Error has occurred. (E-82000102) The game seems to think I’m using a sub-account. I have a master account and there’s $15 in my wallet. I’m only having an issue with this games DLC specifically. It seems like everyone else got the new DLC without an issue. What’s the deal?

  • I want more single player content, more stories this game has so much potential so many stories to be told it was amazing to play and left behind was heart wrenchingly awesome to play, why wate so much effort with mp dlc but no sp I love teaming up and htting mp but I also love the sp story mode…

  • Please Nerf helmets. I shouldnt have to shoot some dude in the head TWICE with the military sniper. Micro transactions are ruining this game.

  • This MP is no longer balanced if you refuse to buy the content. I loved this game, loved it, but this is too much. Sure you worked hard developing an execution. I worked hard to get the money I used to buy this game, not once, but twice when the PS4 came out. And for those of you that say, it’s only this much to get whatever content, that is irrelevant. I feel betrayed by Naughty Dog and Sony. It’d be nice to see companies actually thankful for the business they get instead of looking at us like we’re wash cloths that need to to be twisted and stretched to get every last drop.

  • I dont mind paying for any of this extra content, this game is a year and a half old AND STILL HAS THE BEST MULTIPLAYER experience of any game out today. I purchased full price on both my ps3 and when I upgraded to ps4. I have just about every new release this year…Destiny, Halo, Call of Duty, etc…..yet I keep coming back to TLOU online because it provided the best and most balanced entertainment. I thank you for not charging us for the two maps you released a few months ago because that helped not to split up the community. I suggest you do the same for then next map pack and us loyal fans would appreciate it and continue supporting you by buying your micros. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  • I can’t purchase the new dlc. I’m getting the error (E-82000102)

  • I remember when you guys said an online survival/horde co-op mode wouldn’t work the way you wanted it to on PS3. Now, here the game is on PS4, and you aren’t adding new modes, but are simply adding little extras that you can get some people to pay for with minimal effort and innovation on your end.

    SUPER DISAPPOINTING. I am glad I did not pay for this game again.

  • I’m unable to download the new dlc it keeps coming up as an error whenever I try adding it in my cart.? ?

  • i can’t download the new weapons for ps3, or the new perks any ideas?

  • i can use the test loadouts and the crossbow is awesome. i wanna buy the **** help!

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