New War Thunder PS4 Content on the Horizon

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New War Thunder PS4 Content on the Horizon

It’s been about a year since the launch of PS4, and we at Gaijin Entertainment are very proud that War Thunder was one of the launch titles for the system. Our game is more alive than ever with thousands of players duking it out on one cross-platform server. We thank all of our PS4 community for staying with us during this first year and want to provide some news on what’s going on in War Thunder right now.

War Thunder

Our users can always expect a steady amount of new content on the horizon, and these holidays won’t be an exception. The main update that we’re currently working on is Steel Generals expansion, which is going to add American tanks to War Thunder. Around 30 new US vehicles will join the ground forces battles very soon, and players can expect a lot of iconic tanks such as Sherman, Chaffee, Patton and many others.

In the meantime, several War Thunder Advanced packs were added to PlayStation Store in the beginning of Decеmber, so I want to talk a little about our vision for premium content. The most important foundation for us is to keep War Thunder a 100% free game. You can progress to the top-tier of research tree for each country without spending anything, but you can speed things up a little now and then. It’s a competitive multiplayer experience, so providing any combat advantage to paying users is out of question.

With premium vehicles, the idea is the same — they aren’t any better than regular planes and tanks in terms of combat performance, but provide increased rates for earned Research Points and Silver Lions in each battle. And this allows you to unlock other, regular vehicles, faster.

Also, premium planes and tanks usually come with a unique skin — a good example is a new Gustav Starter Pack. The plane bears the markings of Romanian Air Force, but other than that, it’s the same Messerschmitt Bf.109G-2 that is available in the game for free.

War ThunderWar Thunder

Another reason for spending money on premium vehicles is a collector’s interest. There are a lot of prototypes or rare machines — like Australian planes in RAF or goofy-looking XP-50 in US Air Force. Again, they may not be better in terms of combat efficiency than regular vehicles, but you can satisfy your urge to “collect them all” by spending something extra. So, another newcomer is Scout Starter Pack, which contains German light tank Pzkfw II Ausf. H. with unusual sailcloth roof and the quite powerful 50-mm cannon.

And finally, Heavy Armor Advanced pack is sort of Greatest Hits album: it includes most of the premium tanks that we released in the last six months, and it’s great gift for an avid War Thunder player for the coming holidays.

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  • I’ve enjoyed my time with War Thunder so far!

    It’s unique and a nice change of pace compared to many other games. (And beautiful too!)

    I do have a request though:

    The menus can be quite daunting, overwhelming, and confusing to navigate.

    Maybe redesigning the menus to make better use of console controls would be in your interest?

    Warframe recently updated with a complete user interface redesign and the accessibility and ease of use has made me spend much more time playing that game.

    If War Thunder got similar treatment, I’d be inclined to spend more time playing.

    Still, a great game though! It stands out amongst others on the platform!

  • When are you going to add trophies?!? Please add trophies!!

  • Hey there, Gaijin Entertainment! I don’t play War Thunder but I DID pick up Blades of Time on a whim recently, and just had to pop in and let you know I had a blast playing it! Sure, it’s a little messy and loose-feeling, but overall it’s a great old-school style action game. Just platforming through levels, relatively simple (but satisfying) combat, slashing through a good variety of enemies, playing with cool power-ups, memorizing boss patterns until you finally beat them, etc. It’s like everything I loved from games like Strider and Shadow of the Ninja on the NES distilled into a fully 3D, more recent PS3 action title. It was a great palette cleanser between way more stressful and hardcore, exclusively combat focused, action games like Metal Gear Rising, Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge and Bayonetta 2. You guys did a great job; that game was rad! Thanks for making it!

  • Trophies please!!!!!

  • I really like everything about War Thunder except the menu! What a mess! I’m having a terrible time just trying to figure out how to research and what to research. I have a plane that is in a state of limbo saying it’s researching but not doing anything. It might flow just fine on a PC but not on the PS4. Fix the menu and I will have no problem spending real money for some items but not when I have no idea what I’m spending it on. Thanks!!

  • Hello Gaijin. Just wanted to thank you for your hard work in this genre. I play both Il-2 Sturmovik and Birds of Steel on the PS3, and this is a great continuation of the project. I believe War Thunder is still in beta, so I hope the developers and designers are working to improve the menu interface and add trophies and achievements to all platforms. The game on the PS4 plays very well, but the menus are clearly ported from the desktop version. It gets really busy when one looks as the stream of comments from Steam users. Having said that, I am going to dive in a little more and purchase my first plane pack soon. I don’t have time nor use for the premium account trial that comes with several vehicle packs. But I am itching for some action and should fire up this game in the weekends ahead.

  • Thank you for staying with us!
    It’s so heart-warming to see the comments from our long-standing players.

  • Need Trophies!!

  • but there is another problem i get constant fps drop on tank battles, since the actual tank update. i heard it was because of open gl?

  • I play the game now and then and enjoy it, but the out-of-combat UI needs some serious work. You can tell it’s designed for mouse use. While you can use the touchpad, it’s not optimal. So whenever I play WT, I plug a mouse and keyboard in, just for the menus.

    Worse is the inability to have different control setups for ground vehicles and aircraft. I personally want to use the dual shock for tanks, but HOTAS (Yes, I bought one for the game) for planes. But in the current setup, if you configure the controls for HOTAS it utterly ruins tank control. Because of this I rarely fly.

    And since the PC users, who hugely outnumber us PS4 players, don’t use WT’s built in vivox based voice chat, it makes voice chat useless. And unlike other games with voice chat, you can’t communicate with your entire team, only with your “squad” which is limited to just 4 people. The game NEEDS team voice chat and the PC users need to be encouraged to use it rather than doing Teamspeak/Ventrilo/mumble.

  • US TANKS!?

    I love me some german vehicles(Horten FTW!) but the U.S. Tanks will be cools as fudge to finally get my grubby little hands on.

  • Cool I always wanted tanks for America

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