New Until Dawn Trailer Released at PlayStation Experience

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New Until Dawn Trailer Released at PlayStation Experience
New Until Dawn Trailer Released at PlayStation Experience

At Supermassive we are thrilled about the reaction to the announcement a few months ago of Until Dawn as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. I can only say we are humbled by the support Until Dawn has been receiving at PSX this weekend. Thank you to everyone who has been able to come out and see us.

Those of you lucky enough to make it out have played a previously unseen section of the game. We follow Sam as she races away from an intruder through the house and into the old basement below. Throughout this chase, there are a variety of decisions you’ll have to make. Each of these will help to forge your path. Up or down, run or hide; the instantaneous decisions you will be forced to take will shape your journey.

Any single decision or mistimed action in Until Dawn may not be fatal but your actions may put you on a potentially fatal path. Weigh each of the decisions carefully because remember in Until Dawn, when you’re dead, you’re dead… that character is lost forever and your story adapts and continues without them. This is the Butterfly Effect mechanic in action.

We’re really excited to share with you for the very first time a new trailer. Following Sam through the chapter, we explore some of the choices you’re forced to make. Sit on the edge of your seat and get ready for a brand new trailer

Watch this space for more news in the coming days as we have more to share with you.

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  • looks good

  • Loved the crowd’s reaction at Playstation Experience!

  • I can’t wait for it…..It looks crazy!!

  • I’m excited for this. It’s a combo of my two favorite genres an adventure & survival horror game. Any news on a release date?

  • YESSSSSS!!!!!
    Thank you for bringing us such an awesome looking game.

  • Can you still use the PS Move on this game?

  • Hope we get a release date soon.

  • Boo. I want to buy you.

  • @2, YUP!! That was awesome, and I saw myself watching my friends / family play it and us debating what to do as well – very fun.

    @6, I think this game was originally going to be on PS3 and I THINK they were making it a PS MOVE game… I remember seeing a trailer with a flashlight and them talking about MOVE… I hope I’m not thinking about another game… and I hope that they still keep the MOVE in mind as it would make the decisions in this game more interesting and more hectic+tense if mapped to the move controller well!

  • Cannot wait for this one!

  • Hope they put the gameplay demo on the playstation store soon.

  • I like it, It reminds me a lot to heavy rain, but it’s more like, heavy rain + saw haha, and since I like both of them, I believe I’m going to love your game =)

  • I was more excited for this concept when it was a PS3 title with Move support. Loved Heavy Rain, but unlike that game (and Walking Dead), there’s no countdown timers for actions that indicate ‘no action’. What we’re left with is a very pretty version of Dragon’s Lair.

    My favorite horror movies had strong female characters (Nancy from Nightmare on Elm Street, Ripley in Alien, Fiona in Curse of Chucky). As a result, this regressive approach we were shown doesn’t even excite me as a horror fan :( Feels more like the kind of bro-focused content I would expect on Xbox

    if the game added back Move support, or had the option of a hot guy running around in a towel, I’d be interested again.

  • Pervert Evil :)

  • Ever since your re-announcement(?) of this game for current-gen, I’ve been super curious as to what happened to what was planned for PS3 and PS Move. Did you decide that it wouldn’t make sense to launch Until Dawn as a PS3 exclusive with PS4 already being out? Did the story hit a dead end and you decided that you needed to start fresh?

    I swore off horror games years ago because I admittedly can’t handle the frights, but I was really intrigued by what was shown of Until Dawn, both last-gen and current-gen. Currently, I expect this to be a day-1 purchase for me.

  • Looks good for a $30 party game.

  • Thanks for answering my question @

  • This game wasn’t even on my radar, but it is now.

  • beautiful! we need more games like this. also love hayden panettiere voice acting.

  • This game looks good.PS exclusive so quality is guaranteed.

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