17 Can’t-Miss Trailers From PlayStation Experience

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17 Can’t-Miss Trailers From PlayStation Experience

Woo-hoo, PlayStation Experience! Our massive, two-day community event has wrapped up, but so many new games were announced that it’s easy to miss some choice trailers and videos. Check out this selection below — which were your favorites?

PlayStation Experience: The Full Keynote

Just in case you haven’t seen it yet: two hours of machine-gun game announcements. This is a great place to start!

17 Can’t-Miss Trailers From PlayStation Experience

Street Fighter V

First in-game footage of Capcom’s upcoming fighter, which will be console-exclusive to PS4. Looking good, Ono-san!

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

A quiet and subdued stroll through a scenic tropical paradise. Just kidding: Nathan Drake beats down the bad guys with a host of new tricks, including a handy grappling hook.

What Remains of Edith Finch

The Unfinished Swan developer Giant Sparrow is going in a completely different, and much darker, direction with their next title, a PS4 exclusive.

No Man’s Sky

Another striking trailer for this hotly anticipated sci-fi epic from Hello Games. Also worth watching: the new trailer that debuted at The Game Awards.

Batman: Arkham Knight

A dazzling new look at Arkham Knight, which is just about more gorgeous by the day. Plus: a first glimpse of the PlayStation-exclusive Scarecrow Nightmare missions.

Super Time Force Ultra

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a special PlayStation guest character blasting dinosaurs with emoticons and hashtags. Seriously.

MLB 15 The Show

This year’s new features include heightened player emotions and licensed gear, plus the ability to port your 2014 progress to the 2015 season.

The Forest

As the lone survivor of a plane crash, players will need to fend off a clan of mutants and build simple structures in order to survive. Definitely on our radar.

Killing Floor 2

This impossibly violent co-op-focused shooter pits players against hordes of grotesque creatures amidst stomach-churning, realistic gore effects. Not for the faint of heart!

17 Can’t-Miss Trailers From PlayStation Experience

The Order: 1886

Set in a tense shootout against rebel forces, this new footage shows off the triple-barreled Coach Gun for the first time. Kablammo!

17 Can’t-Miss Trailers From PlayStation Experience

Drawn to Death

David Jaffe’s back with a brand new bag: a blood-soaked multiplayer shooter set inside the notebook of a creative and foul-mouthed teenager. More info on the official site.

17 Can’t-Miss Trailers From PlayStation Experience

Gang Beasts

Gelatinous brawlers clobber, hurl, and shove each other around hazardous environments in this hysterical competitive PS4 game.

Fat Princess Adventures

Santa Monica Studios and developer Fun Bits bring the portly princess back for a new take on an old classic.


The hit action-RPG from developer Supergiant Games is making the leap to PS4! If you gorged on Transistor, you’ll definitely want to see this.


This one has my attention in the biggest way possible, from the art style to the music. Just hook it directly to my veins!

Bonus: The Game Awards Trailers


From Software can do no wrong in my book. More details on the official site.

17 Can’t-Miss Trailers From PlayStation Experience

King’s Quest

Speaking as an fan of the original King’s Quest series, I can’t wait to try out this modern update from developer The Odd Gentlemen.

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  • Sony most these left me feeling good. But i hoped you saved some really big announcements for E3 this year.

  • No PS4 FF7 trailer?


    We will never forget….

  • No Yakuza 5 trailer? That was my highlight of PlayStation Experience. I’m so excited for summer 2015 now! I hope Yakuza 5 will have some cool PS themes and avatars like Yakuza 4 did when it launched.

  • Twitch handled the live stream better than services you’ve used in the past, but I still missed out on about 15 minutes here and there due to the stream crashing (mostly in the last half). I’ve still never streamed an entire Sony presser without problems of some sort.

  • @Supersnazzi nailed it! Where’s Yakuza 5? :D

    It needs all the love it can get! I can’t wait! >_<

  • SquareEnix never disappoint the disappointment. A huge slap in the face to the fans or more like Sephiroth stabbing Aerith, but instead of pulling the sword out, he twisted it a few more times.

  • How could any of you think that Square Enix’s presentation was worth having?? Who’s bright idea was it to make it such a “big” announcement. What a joke.
    It’s actually funny

  • So tired of people saying “These generations care more about the graphics than anything else”

    Then hear a bunch of FFVII fans immediately going “We want that same great game, but we want amazing eye popping graphics!”

    A bunch of early adopter Xbox Fans were upset they weren’t getting FF13 on 360, then when SE did port it over they had to make the game linear, tone down the graphics a bit, cut out like half the game including free roaming parts, and they still had a 4 disc game on their hands.

    Is a hardcore graphically beautiful Final Fantasy 7 really worth $60, and 40+ Gigs of your hard drive? This version will take up 3-4 GB of Hard Drive space most likely. If they really did Advent Children quality graphics wouldn’t it be closer to 80+ GB? How many of you will buy the game AND free up enough space for it?

    Final Fantasy 13 takes up 60GB, and Returns takes up 30. There’s no way you’re getting a game smaller than that on a remake of FF7. Did you guys even think about the hard drive implications?

  • Every single one of those gosh-darned trailers looks sick!

  • I still find it confusing that there wasn’t a big game announced by one of Sony’s studios, but some of these games definitely look cool.

  • @9

    That’s not a good argument, since GTAV is 50gigs for the install.

    Fans are upset because the trailer for the FF7 port was VERY misleading.

  • Heck, the Last of Us Remastered is 45gigs.

    So please, don’t make bold claims like “no one is going to free up the space”.

  • King’s Quest, Drawn to Death, Bastion, Skytorn, No Man’s Sky, Super Time Force Ultra, No Man’s Sky, What Remains…

    holy crap, you guys.

    there’s no trailer for Day Of The Tentacle Remastered, but if they are re-using LucasArts Singapore’s assets, we should see one pretty quickly I hope! now that Double Fine has done some successful spelunking in the LucasArts archives, they are perfectly poised to be the company to keep that legacy alive. so exciting!

    was really surprised Costume Quest and/or Drop Chord wasn’t announced for Vita, since they’re on iOS (already ported/optimized to an ARM CPU and tile-based GPU).

    was also surprised there’s nothing from TellTale’s back catalog coming to Vita. The PS3 version of Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People was hands-on the best version, and it would be a great fit on the Vita.

  • Looking forward to playing Bloodborne and all these games appeal to me in different ways.

  • Uncharted 4 – DAY ONE! Going to pre-order!

    Street Fighter V – I need “that” fighting game (two at the least) and perhaps this might be it depending on how it has evolved from the last one(s).

    No Man’s Sky – More than likely a yes. It arouses my curiosity; looks fascinating.

    Batman: Arkham Knight – DAY ONE! Pre-ordering!

    The Order: 1886 – Looking sharp and better, now, than ever. Liking it more with each footage they release.

    Gang Beasts – Always wanted a “AAA title” with the concept of this style of fighting (obviously with deeper mechanics). I shall be getting this one.

    Bloodborne – Well…time to receive an a**-whooping of a lifetime! Haha.

    Final Fantasy VII [Port]- Very heartbreaking… :( Don’t ever do me like this again… PlayStation, why won’t you talk with Square Enix about a possible remastered/remake of FFVII. Sink money, if you have to, make it exclusive. No one community wants it as bad and as much as the PlayStation Nation!

  • @1
    As long you love indies and don’t have a smartphone to play them, Playstation will keep pleasing you with an array of top quality games, impossible in any other platform, except for Xbox One, PC, XBox 360, Playstation 3, smartphones and Ouya.

  • Pleased to say I was there to watch all of the trailers, and more, in person; thanx PlayStation! I look forward to doing it again next year.

  • Killing Floor looks like House of the Dead on crack. When can I give you my money.

  • Street Fighter V HYPE!

    Also really can’t wait for Uncharted 4, Bloodborne, No Man’s Sky and Gang Beasts!

    But seriously though… Street Fighter V! Get HYPED!

  • That Shuhei Yoshida super tweet in ‘Super Time Force Ultra’ made me laugh so hard. ^_^

  • My highlights:

    Street Fighter V
    Ultra Street Fighter IV
    Uncharted 4
    No Man’s Sky
    Drawn to Death

    Also liked how EA gave away 3 free games to keep forever! EA could be getting back in my good graces with this move. If they give me a new Fight Night and Burnout they’ll get some money from me.

    Oh and screw you Square for that FF7 announcement. You better deliver with FFXV and KH3 or gamers will be fed up with you.

  • Was hoping at the end of FF7 trailer, Sephiroth would fade into an hd version or something :P

  • Every time i try to watch a trailer i get ” not enough free space in system memory” then the webpage goes white. Im on ps4 browser. Any info?

  • Sony & Capcom should bring Street Fighter V to PS Vita later,it’s a playStation console-exclusive which means ready for Vita.

  • Kings Quest! Grim Fandango! Hopefully we can also look forward to some Gabriel Knight!

  • is it me or sony just dont care about the vita ? like all of are cries are falling on def ears..give me a reason to re-buy the system.

  • I notice the PS4 Final Fantasy 7 trailer is conveniently missing from the list. Lol I don’t blame you. You’d get flamed for sure. Happy for SFV though

  • My little list of games for VITA maybe you also like, if i miss someone put on coments!! let’s make it happen!!!*
    Some news:
    — Monster Hunter
    — Metal gear
    — Silent hill
    — Final Fantasy
    — Yugioh
    — God of War
    To be localized:
    – Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth NA
    – Tales of Innocence R NA
    – Chaos Rings III: Prequel Trilogy NA
    – Phantasy Star Nova (& Phantasy Star Online 2) NA
    – God Eater 2 Rage Burst NA
    Porting from home console to portable:
    – Resident Evil Revelations
    – Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
    – Kingdom Hearts I.5 HD ReMIX & Kingdom Hearts II.5 HD ReMIX
    – Ico & Shadow of the Colossus Collection
    – Zone of the Enders HD Collection (it’s disappeared)
    – Devil May Cry HD Collection
    – Silent Hill HD Collection
    – Prince of Persia Trilogy
    – Puppetter
    – Journey
    –Onimusha HD collection
    – emulator for the PS2 Classic
    – a new Gran Turismo
    – a new GTA
    – Soul Sacrifice 2
    – Gravity Rush 2 (it’s disappeared)
    – Final Fantasy XII HD (contact Square-Enix, please)
    I have faith :/

  • “The hit action-RPG from developer Supergiant Games is making the leap to PS4!”

    And Vita. Is it so hard to add that on the end?

    Judging from the reaction at the keynote, people were far more excited by the prospect of it being on Vita than PS4.

  • The fact they’re not even mentioning Final Fantasy VII on the playstation blog AT ALL, proves that the people at SONY aren’t happy with square either.

  • @ Darkvizardichigo : Don’t worry, there are TONS of stuff for E3 2015. As an exemple, Level 5 already said they will announce a new game for PS4 next E3 (I LOVE their games). So for me, it’s already done lol.

  • Great show, guys! Well done!

  • Drawn to Death and Bastion. Yaaaasssss!

  • I have to admit, PSX went well in my opinion. Although I could not obtain the 20th anniversary PS4, I was able to see all the long awaited trailers for BloodBourne, Uncharted 4, and something very new to me Until Dawn. The only disappointment I had with the event was when, the No Man’s Sky turned out to be a music band and not a video game.
    Day two, I really like the paper engine that Tearaway is using. Now I want to create my own Paper World using the game Engine, then printing the templates which the engine provides to make it a reality. Definitely made me appreciate the game on day two.

    I want to thank everyone for putting this event together, as well as Twitch.tv for showing this event live. PlayStation once again you captured my imagination.

  • Yes, Gang Beasts.

  • I can’t even read this without hearing Sid’s voice in my head. “Hook it directly to my veins”, “in my book”… might as well have a “VEry Very” in it!

  • 15 minutes of uncharted 4!!! I cannot ask more.

  • Everything looks amazing! Probably the most interested in No Man’s Sky though and if Hello Games decided to work in some Project Morpheus support that would be insane!

  • The order,
    Killing floor
    The forest

    Looks awesome hopefully can afford ps4 sooner than later!!! Drop the price please PlayStation for the poor folk :-)

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