Tripwire Interactive bringing Killing Floor 2 to PS4 – The Time is Right!

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Tripwire Interactive bringing Killing Floor 2 to PS4 – The Time is Right!

Hi everyone. Alan Wilson here. I’m the Vice President at Tripwire Interactive. What I enjoy doing for the company is writing, game design and research, but I also get to do all the crap no-one else wants to do. Except right now, when I get to talk about a huge step for us – Killing Floor 2 on PS4.

Tripwire Interactive bringing Killing Floor 2 to PS4 – The Time is Right!

Tripwire Interactive was formed about 10 years ago and we released the original Killing Floor on PC in 2009. Since then, we’ve released a ton of additional content for free, added in some fun DLC, sold nearly 3 million units of the game and about 10 million units of DLC. In case you’re not familiar with Killing Floor, the game is a fun, dark, sometimes humorous take on a first person survival horror. Its really perfect for a console outing. So, we’ve been asked why we never did console before.

We’ve actually talked to a number of console teams over the last few years. But there always seemed to be reasons not to do it. One of the biggest for us was our independence. There always used to be a push to have us publish through some big publisher. And that wasn’t going to happen – we prefer to make our own decisions about our games. That’s why we’ve been able to have so much fun doing the special events (Twisted Christmas, Summer Sideshow, Halloween Horrors) and free updates.

Killing Floor 2 on PS4

So, a couple of years ago, when the development of Killing Floor 2 was in its early stages, the PlayStation 4 was announced and we started thinking about it. We were using Unreal Engine 3 because we’d already put a lot of work into engine-level tech for Red Orchestra 2. We had plans for a lot more new tech. We noticed Sony was really going the extra mile and engaging directly with indie developers. That was the big thing that made us look again. Work directly with Sony. All the barriers coming down. We went back to thoughts of KF1, but weren’t convinced we should repeat that process. We decided that the best way to go was to develop KF2 on both platforms in parallel and not look at the console like some after-thought port. The PS4 can do some amazing things and we’ve been discussing all the things that we’d like to do, like regular updates digitally, special events and all the rest. Haven’t figured them all out yet, but we could have a lot of fun. And if we have fun, the players should get even more fun.

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Tripwire Interactive bringing Killing Floor 2 to PS4 – The Time is Right!

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2 Author Replies

  • Vita port?

  • Yes! I can’t wait to play this on PS4, love the first one on PC.

  • Looks awesome!

  • Are you guys on UE4 now?
    Any plans for a beta?
    4 player online co-op?

    • Heavily-modified UE3 – about 6 years of engine mods from us.
      Beta – don’t know yet. We’ll see how that works out.
      6 player co-op, not 4.

  • I hope for a beta and Project Morpheus!

  • I’m hyped as **** about this, for 2 reasons, 1. My computer is most definitely not good enough to do Killing Floor 2 justice, like it did for the first Killing Floor. 2. I’ve been hoping for it to come to consoles since the announce of Killing Floor 2.

  • Dat Demon Hunter music tho.

    This pleases me.

  • What year we looking at for projected release? 2015? 2016?

  • Wow, I’d never heard of this franchise before. This game looks Awesome!! Can’t wait

  • Will it have 2 player splitscreen?

  • Thank you so much for this, easily my most excited PS4 announcement. I was hoping that KF2 would come to consoles, day one purchase for me.


  • I really wanted to find out, will it be have a split-screen option for PS4?

  • I REALLY HOPE THIS HAS UE4! and if you mind split screen please? so i can play with my friends at my house :D !

  • I was wondering If Sony asked you if KF2 can be free for PS Plus Members? I hope not.

  • I love seeing all those tools on your YouTube videos speaking for you (Tripwire) saying things like “KF2 will never come to consoles” and “Tripwire hates consoles.” I bet you guys are getting a lot of butthurt backlash because of this. While I have a pretty beastly PC, I prefer to do most of my gaming on a console and I can honestly say that if you hadn’t brought this to the PS4 then I would not have bought or played it. Thank you for bringing this to the PS4 :) Maybe in the future we can get one of those snazzy Red Orchestra games? :P

  • Will there be split-screen for this game. It will be my deciding factor on buying the game.

  • We need splitscreen on this game. I’ve been wanting to play this game with friends.

  • After recently purchasing Killing Floor 1 on Steam, I can say I’m incredibly excited for this. I got an Xbox One last year, and while I do enjoy it, it doesn’t have enough arcade/indie games. Thus the reason I’m buying a PS4. I do have one question though:

    Do you think this will release alongside the PC version (same time I mean)? !(Fingers Crossed)!

    I could probably play this on my PC at a high(ish) graphic level, but multiplayer gaming has always been a console thing for me. Thanks for letting me know if you get the chance!!

  • Do you guys plan on making an endless wave mode?

  • This game will be AWESOME! I’ve done an insane amount of time on the first game. One major question though that hasn’t come up… Will you be able to link your steam account to the PS4 like we could on Portal 2? That was good to be able to progress on one and carry it on the other platform including progress and trophies (so I can keep my perks?). I don’t know which I should choose but that would make it easy… buy both versions :)

  • This game looks amazing but Tripwire should seriously consider some sort of couch coop. I understand that it may take the players out of the experience. If this is what you believe, then a max of 2 player split screen should be an option. The game is a survival first person shooter, if splitscreen is incorporated, more people would buy it (potentially).


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