The Forest: Open-World Survival Horror Comes to PlayStation

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The Forest: Open-World Survival Horror Comes to PlayStation

Think back to your childhood days: playing outside, building a fort, skipping a stone on a lake… now add cannibals who want to tear you apart.

This is ‘The Forest’ and it’s on its way to PS4.

The Forest: Open-World Survival Horror Comes to PlayStation

There are no missions, no NPC’s telling you what to do and no text in the middle of the screen telling you to ‘Follow.’ You know those parts in games where some character is yelling at you, telling you what to do and to do it faster? Those moments’ drive us crazy. When we’re in a game world we want to choose what we do and how we do it. This has been the driving force behind all the decisions we make. What would give players the most freedom and options. We think the best stories in games are the ones that occur on their own, the ones you experience naturally in the world.

The Forest

Something we’ve learned over the past 6 months is that people love to share their gameplay experiences, as well as watch other people’s playthroughs. Using the PS4 Share feature makes this even easier for players. People can show off the bases they have built, the places they’ve encountered or just how many trees they’ve cut down. In multiplayer, hearing the crackling walkie-talkie out of the dual shock controller adds an extra layer of realism, and brings players deeper into the experience.

The ForestThe Forest

Building the game alongside the public has been an important part of our process. The community online has contributed ideas and suggestions that have massively improved the game already and will continue to as we move towards a final release. We’re now really excited to start building a relationship with PlayStation fans. We hope this blog post is the first of many opportunities to communicate directly with you guys and we’re excited to hear your thoughts, ideas and questions. What do you want to see, what is your idea of the ultimate open world survival game?

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  • When I read the topic I thought Vita too ,please add Vita :)

  • This looks incredible!

    Really up the fear of going out to collect supplies and when enemies are attacking you and you are not prepared enough.

    Have different types of enemies, hunting/gathering, good surround sound, day/night cycles, verticality, weapons, varied environments, different ways to attack (stealth, aggressive), etc.

    How would multiplayer work? 4 people teaming up to survive would be cool, but needs something unique. Interactive streaming options would be cool.

  • @1. the vita definitely needs more HD love next year and this would be a good jumping off point

    The vita could be like a companion which would add some type of thermal radar. Or some parts of a trasure maps that could lead to valuable materials to help you survive the forest.

    Any ideas for co op. I would love to be able to jump in a game with somebody and help them survive and maybe help myself be familar with new tactics against The Forests’ inhabitants.

  • Will The Forest have Project Morpheus support?

  • Does the game have permadeath?

  • The game is fantastic as is, i’ve been playing it since it was released on PC. The continued updates have been great. As far as things to add I think it would be cool if there were hostile animals (aside from sharks), maybe bears? Either way I can’t wait to play on console. Cheers.

  • I don’t normally read the comments here, but is the whole “Where’s the Vita version” thing a Playstation Blog meme? Or are people serious?!

    Because i’m in stitches every time!

  • @7: I think it’s a blog meme now. Every post has to have vita comments. I think it’s required by law now. :D

  • Really looking forward to this. Looks awe some! The PS4 is getting tons of great games…I always say this but now more than ever is an amazing time to be a PlayStation gamer :-) so many cool games…so little time. Wish I could live in the game worlds.

  • “There are no missions, no NPC’s telling you what to do and no text in the middle of the screen telling you to ‘Follow.’ ”

    Awesome. Finally some progress to the game experience that has been stagnant for years now.

  • This looks really good. At some point we need to actually be able to play some of these games, though. What happened to Deep Down? It was announced close to two years ago.

  • To add to what was already said by other’s and agreeing to there comment’s.

    I’d like to see gathering of food as well as planting food to grow for the different changes of whether from snow to spring to dry hot summer’s as well as gathering supplies such as wood, tools, bullet’s, arrow’s. I like to be able to setup booby traps around places I call home. I like to setup my own fort’s in the tree’s.

    Having hostile animals as well as scavenger animal’s that tend to rad your food or try to kill you. You don’t always need a human trying to kill the player. I think running into another player should be rar kinda like journey you happen to stumble upon them randomly buy choose to interact or go your own way’s. Maybe a trading of each other’s supplies. Like trading matches for food etc.

  • Awesome. What do i want out of an open world survival horror game? Bases, raids on enemy bases(pvp) Hunting expeditions, Fights breaking out at the local watering hole, Sound traps, Explosions, Hoards of bloodthirsty devils waiting to tear my guts out and engorge themselves like fat kids around cake. And maybe lots of crafting

  • Looks awesome. I love survival games in the nature. Add horror and i can’t wait for this game.

  • It looks this a PS4 exclusive?

  • Will it be on the ps3? or just on the ps4?

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