Tearaway Unfolded: New Trailer Revealed

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Tearaway Unfolded: New Trailer Revealed

The 20th anniversary of PlayStation has been a great opportunity to reminisce about a brand we’re passionate about at Mm, but it’s also a chance for us to look to the future and what we’ve got in store for it. At the moment, we’re most excited about bringing Tearaway Unfolded to a brand new audience on PS4 and have just finished work on our first hands-on demo being shown at PlayStation Experience right now!

To mark this special occasion, we have a brand new trailer to share with you all! As you’ll see, Tearaway Unfolded brings an entirely new experience to the game, thanks to the unique features of the DualShock 4. From swiping the touch pad to unleash great gusts of wind into the world, to throwing items and creatures out of your TV and into your controller, you’ll be able to break the fourth wall and make your mark on the world, all while having fun with your messenger!

Tearaway Unfolded: New Trailer Revealed

We’d also like to take this moment to wish you all happy holidays! We’ve had a busy and awesome year here at Mm, and we’re only just getting started! 2015 is going to be pretty big for us, and we really can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on. We think you’re going to like it :)

Happy Holidays everyone, have a great time!

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  • Will this be a crossbuy? Will Vita owners get a discount?

  • finished Tearaway on my Vita and really look my time to explore the world. the end actually made me weep a bit — it’s not a sad game, but I found it moving. I wasn’t sure what a port to PS4 would add that I would *need* to re-experience.

    the demo today really secured this in my mind as a must-buy, if it’s not a $60 game. I’m mainly curious if early buyers of the Vita digital version will get a discount, like early purchasers of Flower got a discount on Journey.

    I really hope this supports stereo 3D on PS4, the interactions of things popping in and out of the screen would be really enhanced in 3D!

  • The more I see of it the more I wonder if this truly is a port, everything seems so different.

  • I hope for 3D as well! Would make the game so much inmersuve for players who own 3DTV’s!

  • I love tje way they use the DS4. Ill definitely be getting this if its like, 20-30 bucks.

  • Anyone who ever thought this was a loss for Vita never played Tearaway.

    Can’t wait for Unfolded.

  • Release date?

  • :(
    No more Vita games.
    Guy making the duck-face was kind of cute.

  • It’s a travesty that this game didn’t get played by more people on the Vita. Easily one of the best games I played in 2013, regardless of system or genre. I am glad to see the game getting a potentially much bigger audience on the PS4 though. It deserves to be eerie cod by all!

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  • Does anyone know what the story is on that DS4 pictured at the end of the video? Is that just for aesthetics or is that an actual product available for the DS4?

  • You all are aware that this isn’t a port of the vita game, right? It’s actually a new story and new game.

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