Drawn to Death, a Hand-Drawn Arena Shooter, Coming to PS4

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Drawn to Death, a Hand-Drawn Arena Shooter, Coming to PS4

Hey y’all! David Jaffe here, game director at The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency.

Today’s a big, big day for all of us at our little game making and ghost hunting studio.

Drawn to Death

As for the ghost hunting team, Bartlet and crew have made some big discoveries in the whole Al Capone opera house haunting. Keep an eye out for an update that should be hitting your favorite ghost hunting site soon (and perhaps major news sites as well if what Bartlet thinks they’ve found ends up being authenticated!)

As for the game making part of the company, today is the day we’re finally able to reveal DRAWN TO DEATH, the game we’ve been making with the fantastic crew at Sony San Diego!

And if I may, before I jump into details, I gotta say: MAN it feels great to be back with my Sony family!!!

I remember sitting in Scott Rhode’s office 18 months ago, pitching him the game and trying to be cool and pro and not express my excitement when it started to become clear that Scott was going to give Drawn To Death the go ahead and that PlayStation 4 would be the home of the studio’s first ever game!

What a day that was! And what a day today is. We are so pumped! :)

Drawn to Death, a Hand-Drawn Arena Shooter, Coming to PS4

Hopefully you’ve already clicked on the above video and are liking what you see. There’s lots more Drawn To Death info on the way in the coming weeks and months (y’all know how I love to gab about the stuff we make!), but for now, a few things:

Drawn To Death will be an arena shooter like you’ve never played before. Part of the reason for this is our unique gameplay. And part of the reason is that the game takes place inside the notebook of a very creative teenage kid; it’s a violent and bizarre landscape filled with all of the weird, amazing, passionate, and exciting fantasies that are swimming around in the head of our teenage artist.

We want Drawn To Death to play like the offspring of an old school arena shooter (with updated, modern sensibilities) and a hardcore brawler/fighting game. We want our signature launch mode – a 4 Player Free For All Deathmatch – to be action packed while also giving Players the need and ability to master advanced environment movement, learn and exploit enemy tells, and form clever strategies that pay off in big victories!

Unveiling Drawn to Death at PSX is just the beginning of what we have in-store. The game itself will be in continual development and we’ll be very active on our forums and on social media, reaching out to the game’s fans in order to learn what you love about the game and to discuss the things you feel we need to work on in order to improve the title.

Man, there’s just so much to share about the Drawn To Death!

For now though, we’re diving back in: back in to the amazing PlayStation Experience and back in to the game development process. In the meantime, please head over to drawntodeath.com to sign up for the game’s early access. If you sign up during the PlayStation Experience weekend you’ll get a super rare, super limited in game mystery item. But hurry and do it soon- after this weekend that item goes away FOREVER!!!

Ok y’all- nice chatting with you again- looking forward to sharing the game and the game making process with you all! Thanks! :)

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  • Looks awesome!

  • David Jaffe now this is a creative game. I’m about to drawn some money and throw it at you.

  • edited version of my comment.

    David Jaffe now this is a creative game. I’m about to draw some money and throw it at you.

  • 1. Game looks great
    2. Link to web-site doesn’t work
    3. Please re-release Calling All Cars to PS4 :)

  • VERY cool looking, takes me back to my high school days of boredom-induced doodling :D

  • The dirty language, gore, demented violence, and demonic references are all of what make this game disgusting, along with your proud and “don’t care” attitude you have towards gamers. That’s my feedback that I would say if I was in a focus group.

  • looks incredibly creative, like a next-gen mash-up of Mad World and Calling All Cars.

    I thought it was cool that he corrected himself to be more incluvsive of women gamers. I hope the game has characters and reveals that are inclusive of women and GLBT gamers.

    PS: Really surprised PS3/Vita never got a port of Mad World after Okami was seemingly so successful on PS3.

  • Looks fun but I’m disappointing I can’t get the exclusive psx item through the website since i’m in Canada.

  • Looks like the journal of a troubled kid I used to teach who all the students would joke about him bringing guns to class.

    Game looks terrible. I don’t understand the emphasis on gore and brutality with all the games announced today and others such as Bloodborne, Dying Light, Evil Within, and others.

    Until Dawn looks good and is at least a new concept. All these others look gross and copy/paste versions of other games.

  • I think this looks pretty good! Anything new from Jaffe is welcome news!

  • @6 and @9

    What do you guys have against gratuitous fantasy gore? Sometimes you just want something more than a limp ragdoll physics body that fades away after getting headshots, or hitting a character with a vehicle. You don’t like gore? Might be a toggle off option, and if there isn’t, you don’t have to buy it.

    @9 specifically what is this just a “copy paste” of. You can’t really say it’s anything copied and pasted. You can say it’s derivative of something else, but who cares, 90%+ of things are derivative. How does anyone come up with a completely unique idea in a population of 100s of billions over the course of 10s of thousands of years?

  • You lost me at online arena shooter and pissed me off with a single “launch mode”. What the hell is that? Release a whole game!
    Too bad, as the art style is really cool. I guess plus will be mandatory, just like House wants? Awesome.

  • I might be the only one, but I’d like some Left4Dead style co-op or something along those lines to where you play with 1 or more people to defeat hordes of crazy enemies. There’s no price point announced for this game obviously but if it’s going to be a $10-20 dollar game, consider co-op for DLC at the very least if it doesn’t make it into the game. I think you guys could come up with a hook that would be fun. Maybe objectives based, maybe the longer you take the harder it becomes, but the points rack up, and if you run out of time you get penalized. Risk Reward sort of thing.

  • @yowzagabowza The footage is pre-alpha. They just said “Signature Launch Mode” you don’t know if the game is going to be free for plus, with DLC, or if they will add onto the game for free a-la Plants V Zombies or Left4Dead, the launch mode might even be free and they’ll have other gameplay styles for DLC, to get people hooked, and get them to want to play other modes.

    You have no idea what they’re going to do so getting pissed off is kinda troll behavior.

  • @MakaiOokami Thanks for dealing with those comments, I think if had responded my language would’ve been inappropriate.

    Anyway… This, besides the crowd helping Super Massive developer make decisions during the Until Dawn presentation, the announcement of the game was one of the Coolest reveals of the year. Gotta love Jaffe, he swears, so what, it’s his personality. Absolutely love how real he is, he isn’t some suit looking to garner your respect through sweet talking the audience. Also looking forward to hearing more on this, and I’m also sensing a bit of Twisted Metal in this as well.

  • Welcome back, David :-)

    So, if it’s going to be 4-player versus, that suggests a local splitscreen option? As I’m sure you could guess, that was my favorite way to play the Twisted Metal games, so I sure hope you’re planning on having that mode in Drawn to Death!

  • YES! looks awesome

  • Much love to Mr. Jaffe

    Any chance you guys will hold a contest for the fans to draw their own character and possibly make it into the game?!!

  • I really like the notebook-doodle art style. It would be cool to see in a big adventure game.

  • This would make a great vita title

  • I love Twisted Metal and I love God of War, but this looks sort of strange. The art style is rather neat, the gun names are hilarious (the FU-47 sounds hilarious) but if this is nothing but a 4-player versus deathmatch game I’ll get bored quick. Needs a story, and needs more modes.

  • I don’t think I’ll ever buy another game from Jaffe after the way he abandoned Twisted Metal.

  • @finaler

    Jaffe did not abandon TM. its all up to Sony. the early games were great. TM: Black is one of my fav games. and the latest TM for the PS3 isn’t bad. but it was developed by a really small team on a small budget. it was up to Sony to do that. and it came out ok. but should have been better. David Jaffe can’t just make a TM without Sony approval. the series needs a reboot btw. its not much of a series that you can branch out in its story. very difficult to make a new TM. and I bet he doesn’t want to half-ass it

  • The game looks neat. but am on the fence with a multiplayer game. we just have too many of them. I hope it has a story or a campaign mode at least.

  • Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

  • I’m so excited, but I don’t think that video does it justice. It needs david jaffe explaining how this kid’s life influences his art, which inspire the levels in the game, and how it’s intended for the gameplay to be deep enough for players to discover things on their own.

    This absolutely needs local multiplayer though. Make this 4 player splitscreen and you’ve got a shot at making one of my favorite games of all time.

  • The multiplayer shooter market is indeed crowded, but this artstyle is very stylish for sure – and that’s expected from Mr God of War / Twisted Metal! Cool stuff oh and don’t worry, there are plenty of us who will buy it / not cry about violence in a videogame…there are a LOT of violent games out there – doesn’t mean you have to buy them all kids. Me? I skip COD, sold BF4 (too much aim assist AND broken-ness……), and look forward to playing more creative+SKILL based shooters these days – this game, Plants VS Zombies (yup, it takes more skill than COD…), Sniper Elite 3 (just rented it, awesome / skill based recoil… AMAZING for online!), and a little game called H-HOUR (the rebirth of SOCOM – a TRUE skilled team-tactical game).

    It’s not about the violence, it’s about style and more importantly skill+COMPETITION.

    Anyway the game did look a little too white to me after a minute, but other than that, this game could be badasssss. My feedback would be to add some cardboard colored paper or something like that to give the game a little more contrast, and make the notebook into a “pop-up book” if you know what I mean…. :P AKA, make it even MORE crazy ;)

  • Oh and the name of the game is so smart – double meanings, love it!!!! Probably the most badass “logo” for a game I’ve EVER seen by the way too, now that I actually look at it closely lol. Also, I don’t think SONY would have put this game as the “finisher” at their Key-Note on saturday unless they saw something awesome here too ;) Bring it on, just keep it skill based and keep it balanced / don’t make things overpowered / too easy to win..! And I echo the people who say they would LOVE to see this world made into a 1 player “adventure”…!

  • Not sure about this…but it looks very neat….and its coming from David Jaffe so its gotta be good.I wondering though…is this an online only game?

  • I am really excited for this! Do you think there might be a Vita release for this as well?

  • Oh boy. How soon before the self-righteous “video game violence” crowd rails against this game because it depicts shooting and death from a highschooler’s notebook? I can just hear the lamentations of Columbine and Newtown and how irresponsible Jaffe and the entire video game industry is to “promote” school violence.

    That said, this game looks original and fun. Nice to see some real creativity instead of another COD rehash.

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