Resogun Blasting to PS3, PS Vita on 12/23

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Resogun Blasting to PS3, PS Vita on 12/23

Resogun PS3/Vita

Epic explosions; voxels crumbling in raging torrents; impossible maneuvers to dodge dozens of enemies. One year later, Resogun is still as mesmerizing as it ever has been on PS4, and I’m pleased to announce today that Resogun is coming to PS3 and PS Vita for $14.99. That’s right Resofans, starting December 23rd you’ll be able to save the last humans anywhere, anytime.

The development team at Climax has done everything possible to make the PS3 and PS Vita versions of the game the very best they can be for each device, and I think you’ll be very impressed with what they have managed to achieve. Picking a game that was created specifically for PS4 and bringing it to PS Vita and PS3 is very difficult, and the hardest compromise to accept during development, especially in regard to performance and graphics, is that these platforms don’t have the capability and power of PS4.

Resogun PS3/Vita

Duly, the biggest technical difference is that the PS Vita and PS3 games run at 30 instead of 60 frames per second. This was a very difficult decision to consider, but a very necessary one to allow the team to focus on what was possible and to make the best game possible for both of these platforms. The framerate is locked, so you can expect solid performance even under a big storm of voxels.

It’s a great achievement that all of the features present in the original PS4 release are here in the PS Vita and PS3 versions and that the game is as addictive as ever, in great part due to having been tuned specifically for these versions.

The results are amazing, and having also worked closely with the team at Housemarque throughout this past year to help them create the expansions for the PS4 game, I’ve especially enjoyed playing the PS Vita version, with plenty of people looking over my shoulder in disbelief at how the game looks and plays.

Because we don’t want you to miss anything, the PS3 and PS Vita games have cross save functionality, so you can share your progress between both platforms.

Resogun PS3/VitaResogun PS3/Vita

The PS Vita version also has ad-hoc co-op so that you can team up with a friend. It also makes use of the touch features so you can fully customize the controls, using either the face buttons or the touch controls for any action possible. You can even throw humans with a swipe of your fingers on the rear touch pad!

I am pleased to confirm that these two versions will be cross buy — so if you own Resogun on your PS4, you will be able to download these for free!

We are officially declaring December as Resogun month, so stay tuned for more news about the PS3 and PS Vita versions, details of the next PS4 expansion, and much more. Thank you for reading and sharing!

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  • this will be awesome on the vita!!! thank you

  • How about the trophy sets? Please tell me it’ll be one trophy set for all three versions of the game.

  • Crossbuy – Very nice! Resogun was and is still one of the best PS4 games. Also love Dead Nation and am looking forward to anything else you guys put out in the future.

  • all hail crossbuy….

  • nice, very very nice. and free!

  • Oh cool, it’s a Climax port. Looking forward to playing the Vita version then, though I’m sure it’ll take me some time to adjust to the FPS change.

    Any word on the trophy list? Will it be a shared list between platforms, or will each version have it’s own list? If the latter is the case, will we have to unlock the trophies three times over, or will cross-save auto pop the platinum like Sound Shapes?

  • If i activated PS4 version in PS-PLus, those PS3/Vita versions will be free too?

  • I love this game. Thanks!

  • Thanks this was my first PS4 platinum. I have a question though. Since this is a cross save game, does that means i will earn a platinum once i launch the game on a PS3 or PS Vita?

  • Glad more people will get to play this wonderful game! Any news on more DLC for the PS4 season pass?

  • Too good… Resogun will be so great on Vita. Thanks for supporting the device!

  • Thanks for the cross-buy :)

  • Resogun is my favorite “pure addiction” game on the PS4. If I get the PS3 and PS Vita versions free because I already “own” a PS4 version (under PS+ subscription) – fine, thank you!
    If not, this will be day 1 purchase for me because I want Resogun everywhere. If they ever release Resogun for a fridge or a toaster I will buy those versions as well.

  • the graphics are… meh… hope gameplay is good

  • Are those screens from Vita? Is it running 320×240?

  • Cross save between PS3 and Vita? Awesome. Merry Christmas to me!

  • Oh man, can’t wait for Resogun on my Vita. Its gonna be insane playing this in the palm of my hands.

  • You guys are awesome!

  • Awwwww yea! Super awesome! I’m ready to pew pew in my spaceship ^_^

  • Woooooooooooooooo! So if I got it for free last year, I get it for free again? Also, will my platinum turn into 3 platinumes?

  • One more thing. If I bought the 1st expansion, can I still buy the season pass?

  • Very excited to have the opportunity to play what Colin Moriarty of IGN still refers to as “the best game on the PS4” on my PS3 and particularly on my Vita! I still have not purchased a PS4 and have been waiting to buy one so I could get my hands on this game. Fortunately, I did redeem the game when it was free through Plus last year, so I’ll be able to enjoy it for free now through cross-buy (so sweet)! Thanks Sony!

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    Friend me on PSN: GStylez1980

  • To those asking about multiple platinum trophies: no, it will be one list shared between the three versions. Your trophies may ding on vita and ps3, but they wont add to your total.

  • i wonder if PS+ user get a special price when it’s launch?
    just watched the gameplay footage from youtube and very looking forward to play it on my vita :)

  • #bestpsblogpostna

    Getting it the minute it goes available! That game will be my next 9 months to a year. XD

  • No retail, no sale

  • Wow, this looks like another horrible Sony port on Vita. 30fps and a screen resolution that looks nowhere near native. Embarrassing. If all you’re going to do is port content to Vita, is it so hard to ask that you do it competently?

  • Now please put two different trophy list for each i wanna get the trophies again for both.

  • Love that it’s cross buy :)

  • While 30 fps makes me a bit sad, it was inevitable. Also, cross-buy means I’ll pick this up day 1 for free. Thank you Sony!

  • Thank you! I love it on PS4 but can’t wait to play it on Vita! It’s the perfect “pick up and play” kind of game.

  • Any info on the dlc? Many folks like myself bought the season pass. Will that content come over as well?

  • “Duly, the biggest technical difference is that the PS Vita and PS3 games run at 30 instead of 60 frames per second.”

    Wow. Reading the paragraph just prior, I was thinking, “Lower the detail and voxel effects if you have to to save the frame rate,” then BAM.

    Seriously, what a waste. I’m happy it’s coming to other platforms, but dude, c’mon. Fancy voxels exploding everywhere is less impressive than running at 60fps. I have the PS4 version already so it’s not a huge deal, but you just effectively dampened my interested in the Vita version.

  • Played Resogun with remote play when I first got my PS4 and I enjoyed it on the Vita! Can’t wait for the actual Vita version thank you !

  • Definately one I am excited for Vita.

    About time.

    Any word on a PS Plus discount? Otherwise going to wait until there is, before I let my Plus sub. expire.

  • Not only is it fantastic news that we´ll have Resogun on the Vita, but we´re getting it for free if we already have it on PS4. Keep up the awesomeness, Sony!

  • yay for cross-buy!

    does the Vita version render at native resolution? the port of Flower to Vita was basically unplayable due to sub-native resolution and extremely limited draw distance making is impossible to survey the play field from on high.

    I’d be really interested in seeing a technical talk about how you maximized use of memory bandwidth and CPU cores on the Vita.

  • YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have this on PS4. I cannot wait to play it on the Vita. This is a great announcement. I hope there is more Vita announcements this weekend? It would be awesome if you could bring Outland from Housemarque to Vita as well.

  • Too late…only God knows how much I wanted Resogun on PS3 or Vita…but now is too late…I bought a PS4 and can’t stop playing Resogun….btw boy dat Master difficulty.

    Well this is good news though…it means y’all still cares about we PS3 and Vita owners….for this to be really good news…please tell me the trophy list is the same for all 3….no separated trophy list please.

    Anyway Housemarque you guys are bosses….best devs of PSN Games.

    PS:One thing though,all this talk about fps is the most boring thing ever but whats that assumption about PS3 30fps?…Twisted Metal is 60.

  • If this was 60fps then I would consider it on the Vita but based on how it looks at 30fps over remote play…I’ll be passing on this.

    That being said, it’s still one of my favorite games on PS4 and look forward to the new DLC.

  • Great another indie game for the vita. The 3ds selling more because they making game.not indies

  • Super pumped this is coming to Vita! Thanks!

  • I would have rather had a “Delta” version on Vita like Super Stardust Delta [meaning a new game]… not a gimped port.

    But whatever, portable Resogun neat.

  • So it’s 12/23 where I’m at…where’s Resogun for PS Vita?

  • anybody know why, when i JUST purchased Resogun on psn for vita… and go to run it, it says unable to validate full version of the game?????? please tell me that sony didnt screw me outa 15 bucks…

  • Same thing happened to me, I also have it on my PS4

  • I got the game on day one vita release and it hasn’t worked yet. I called PS headquarters to see what was going on, and I was told there may be a fix coming.

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