Loadout Launches December 16th, Play at PS Experience

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Loadout Launches December 16th, Play at PS Experience

Hey, PlayStation fans! Greg Bauman here from Edge of Reality, the lunatics behind Loadout. Last week, we told you that Loadout was going to launch on PS4 in the near future, but today I’m here to tell you just how near the future is: you’ll be able to download and play Loadout for free via PlayStation Store on Tuesday, December 16th, 2014.

We’ve put together a launch trailer that shows off all the incredible stuff that PS4 players are going to get this month. Seriously, we’ve got a lot in store for everyone. It’s not just the billions of guns — we’d feel downright rude if we weren’t including the billions of guns. No, there’s way more that we’ve packed into Loadout. Take a look at some of it here… and pay attention near the end for an extra treat!

Loadout Launches December 16th, Play at PS Experience

We agonized for weeks over what we ought to get you guys for the holidays. I mean, we were already giving you all these guns and all the ammo to go with them — so what do you get for the PlayStation fan who has everything? That’s when it hit us: you help them to be a PlayStation fan.

The launch of Loadout on PS4 is going to include the SuperFan Bonus Pack for PlayStation Plus members as a free gift from us to you! Slather up your character with some stylish and only slightly radioactive body paint in the classic PS4-themed blue and whites. Heck, if you get some red splattered in there — just saying, it’s a possibility — it becomes patriotic. See, it works on lots of levels!

Loadout on PS4

Speaking of Super Fans, we’re even inviting a bunch of PlayStation 4 fans to go hands-on with the game at PlayStation Experience this weekend! Loadout will be there in Las Vegas alongside a bunch of other incredible upcoming PS4 titles. You can join us at the Sands Expo and Convention Center, where we’ll be meeting and greeting fans, comparing gun choices, arguing who could beat who in a fight, and showing off Loadout on PS4 for the first time.

Seriously, is there any more appropriate venue for us to be debuting Loadout on PS4 than Las Vegas? Our game is as shiny and exciting as any casino; it’s just that instead of shooting craps, you shoot the crap out of everyone. Add a horde of hardcore PS4 fans into the mix for PlayStation Experience, and I think the odds are pretty great for us to all have a wonderful time.

Loadout on PS4

For everyone who can’t join us in Vegas, you’ll be able to experience Loadout in just about two weeks, rendered in all the gruesome detail that PS4 can provide. We can’t wait to see all of you running around in our world.

So, if you’re looking to try Loadout for yourself, we hope to see you this weekend in Vegas. If you can’t make it, we’ll miss you, but the game will be out pretty soon after that. We won’t miss you anymore at that point; we’ll be using laser-guided bouncy rockets by then.

To sum up: free gift for PlayStation Plus, friend-annihilating fun times, and a gigantic pile of different gun combinations, all showing up on your PS4 on December 16th, just in time for the season of giving away all of your ammo at high speed.

See you at PlayStation Experience!

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  • port it to vita

  • I don’t know what’s wrong with Sony,I know it depends on the producer too but wt… Why not on Vita?

  • Loadout if a F2P game for all those who don’t know already.

  • Well, Happy Chanukah to everyone then! :)

  • I’d play on Vita

  • What an awesome surprise!!! Can’t wait to play Load Out! The first time I saw that it was coming to PS4 I was like, “DAAAAANG!” Lol^-^

  • Can’t wait! Thanks Edge of Reality!!

  • I need some games for my PS VITA Sony.

  • This is all I wanted for X-mas. :’) Thanks EoR!

  • Wow I can’t wait, Fun for the whole family. Well mine anyways. This is gonna be one of the best Holiday seasons ever.My house New Laura croft Temple of Osaris,Farcry4,Little Big Planet 3,DriveClub,New camouflage PS4controllers,new docking station for PS4 controllers,Bluetooth gameing headphones Sony brand of course, Another year of PlayStation Plus,well you get the picture another PlayStation holiday for me and my wonderful kids who are just as fanatical about PlayStation as myself and all you PSN members.Happy Birthday PlayStation 20 years young can’t wait to see what the next 20 will bring it just blows my mind. Happy Holidays from your customer Ambassador to the PSN hopeing you and yours has a wonderful PlayStation Holiday season PSN I’d: bombbreath be good to one another And game on Sony make.believe

  • Looks awesome. There’s now a co-op campaign I believe I saw in the last blog post of Loadout, right? It’s available day one on PS4?

  • Nice! Christmas is coming early!

  • Will I be able to bring my character from PC to PS4?

  • Can`t wait to try it :)

  • Come on, guys, get real. The Vita is powerful for a handheld but it can’t handle this game. Unless you play it using Remote Play. Hey, Remote Play! Problem solved.

    By the way, not hating on Vita, but it’s really not the best option for shooters due to its limited buttons. That’s why I traded mine in for a PlayStation TV, where I can still use a DualShock 4 for games like these.

  • Yay this is going to be at the PlayStation Experience I wanna try before I buy it !

  • F2P is always nice to at least try it out. If it’s worth it, then investing in it doesn’t seem like such a big deal.

  • You guys just made my WEEK! IM SO HAPPY/EXCITED!!!

  • VITA ??? , well PS4 is selling very well , why they should Waste their time and money on making games for VITA ?
    PSvita have a small community , if i make a game for vita i will go in bankruptcy plain and simple

    nobody forced you to buy a psvita

  • I’m sorry, but to all the people who want this ported to the VITA, It will not happen. Sure, the system is powerful, but not enough to run something like this. Remote play would be your best option and even then you’d have a better experience playing it on either a PS4 or PC for those of you who do not own a PS4 yet.

    Anyways, I cannot wait to play this and blow s**t up!

    Side note; @TryceUp, we better get some matches in when this drops, haha.

  • All these people that think you have to buy this game are going to be in for a pleasant surprise :D

  • This looks pretty cool! Looking forward to trying this out and having some good Tarantino-ish cartoon shooting and killing!

  • Yes,finely found u ???❤?
    10/10 ✌✌
    Best game ever ?

  • It will be free !?

  • Was looking forward to this game until 1:You quoted that pewdiepie guy….really?….WTF?….and 2: 0:50.

    Anyway this doesn’t make the game bad…only the devs,who aimed for a terrible marketing choice.Anyway I’m not a graphics who** but damn those graphics look really good.Also should’ve gone with hot womens instead of fat ones…just saying.Didn’t know this game was F2P,well will try it out.

  • Will definitely give this a go!

  • @#20

    You’re right, no one forced me to buy a Vita. Sony convinced me not forced me. They convinced me by telling me how awesome the system was going to be. They said I would be able to play PS3 games remotely, they said there would be lots of AAA blockbusters and that by buying a Vita I would be making an excellent choice.

    Guess what troll, they were only half right. They easily took the 800 dollars I have spent on 2 Vitas and games and overpriced bulls**t memory cards (that doomed the system) and told us how much they support and love their fans.

    I don’t know who you think you are being such an A-hole, but judging by your grammar, you seem to be about 8 or 10.

    I feel like Sony should just do us all a favor and tell us that they will no longer support the Vita period and take it off the market. For more than a year I’ve lived with this tension thinking that any day now they’ll announce it.

  • This game is the best,i play on pc but actually hook up an xbox controller and it is soo much better than mouse and keyboard,so i imagine the ps4 controller will be even better to play with,merry christmas everyone,good hunting.loadout!

  • can’t wait!!! want to play so badly!!! say good bye to destiny for me atleast!!!

  • oh my gerd… i cant wait for this! why cant you update PSN at 12am!

  • any update for download?i cant wait play this game play update PSN.

  • hey no29 theres a simple hack for PC that will allow you to trick your PC into thinking your PS3 controller is an XBOX controller… and no im not talking about the thumbjoy or joystick app (whatever its called)… its much easier bc all it is is a file drop right into the program that already runs the XB controllers… youtube it.
    i too used to play a lot of PC games and controllers are more precise and more intuitive then KB&M can ever be.

  • no32 PSN usually updates at 2pm PT and 5pm everyother timezone.

  • Pff. Again game without southpaw controls.

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