Adventures New and Old: King’s Quest for PS4, PS3

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Adventures New and Old: King’s Quest for PS4, PS3

I grew up playing the King’s Quest games at my uncle’s house, and it remains my favorite game series of all time. I still remember the simple joy of typing in “eat carrot” and discovering that Graham would actually respond. The day I solved the Cliffs of Logic puzzle before my uncle did stands as one of my proudest achievements in gaming.

These titles were brimming with wonder, humor, engaging puzzles, and delightful gameplay, all wrapped up in a charming story that players of any age could appreciate.

King’s Quest means something to everyone here at The Odd Gentlemen. It’s a part of who we are. And it’s why we are so proud to continue its tradition in a new and fully reimagined King’s Quest. Today we get to show the first footage of a game we’ve poured our hearts into for nearly a year now.

From the beginning, we wanted to celebrate where King’s Quest came from while opening new areas for it to explore. Our game opens with King Graham — revered as the greatest adventurer who ever lived — sharing his life’s escapades with his curious granddaughter, Gwendolyn. It is through these tales that Gwendolyn discovers the true greatness of her grandfather. And it’s through these tales that we hope to impart to a new generation of gamers what makes King’s Quest so worth remembering.

It was always very important to us to earn the approval of King’s Quest’s original creators, and so I was extremely nervous when we finally met Roberta and Ken Williams. We’ve felt so humbled to carry on Sierra’s legacy, and here were the people who actually founded the company — who gave us King’s Quest thirty years ago. Would they like our game? Did we find the right balance of gameplay and storytelling? Would our work resonate as powerfully for them as theirs had for us? It’s one thing to meet your heroes — it’s another thing entirely to try to live up to their accomplishments.

My anxiety subsided as soon as the Williams’ stepped into the room. It was one of the most magical experiences of my career. Roberta and Ken are wonderful people, full of joy and true sages of adventure game knowledge. We showed them our concept art, dove into the overall story, and finally presented the game.

The room was filled with smiles, laughs, and wows. We even got to have a very intimate conversation with Roberta on the future of Sierra, King’s Quest, and The Odd Gentlemen. Hearing advice from someone who has always inspired you is nothing short of amazing. Through the meeting we discovered how aligned our creative ideals are and how much we have in common. We left feeling very energized about the work we’re doing.

And that was before we received this message from Roberta:

To Matt and Lindsey,

I, too, wish to thank you for a lovely morning yesterday re-living — to some extent — my old life as a Sierra game designer. I admit that I was a bit skeptical at first, and also somewhat nervous because I haven’t been in the computer game industry (notice I call it computer game industry rather that the video game industry; that shows how far back I go!) in too many years to contemplate! But you guys blew me away with your ideas, your creativity, and the beauty of the newest King’s Quest game.

But best of all, I could see that you truly are the ones to take King’s Quest into the 21st century and reintroduce it to a whole new generation. You totally have it down!

I can’t wait to see how it develops, I can’t wait to play it myself — and I truly can’t wait to see how it blows away the competition!

Best to you — Roberta

King’s Quest turns the page on a new chapter next fall on PS4 and PS3, and we can’t wait to share more with you in the coming months. Until then, we’ll be reading your questions and comments below and responding where we can. We’d love to hear what fond memories you’ve held onto from your own adventures!

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  • the best surprise of the Game Awards :D so many memories!

  • Something wonderful to look forward too… too bad its Fall 2015 though.

  • holy. crap.

    I got a bit weepy when Roberta put the adventurer’s hat on Matt at the awards show. Having played the King’s Quest up through part 6, starting on our 8086 PC with 4-color CGA display, the weight of that gesture was not lost on me. (You should not have removed that hat, though!)

    The trailer looks amazing, and I’m so glad the game is coming to PlayStation. I was genuinely surprised to see the new Broken Sword on Vita (the game itself was good, but not amazing), and it just renews my faith in PlayStation’s commitment to a diverse content portfolio that truly differentiates it from the competition.

  • No Vita here either.

  • Wow, just…Wow. I never did play ALL the Kings Quest games, but I played quite a lot, and they were a favorite. Seeing them re-imagined, and with Roberta’s blessing…!

    I have VERY high hopes for this. My wife is just staring at me, wondering why my jaw hit the floor. I hope you live up to the legacy you’re working with.

  • I never played any of these games but honestly the trailer they showed was the best and most intriguing of the night (outside of Bloodborne).

    I look forward to future updates.

  • I like the artstyle, but not the aesthetics of the game. You are a king that will fight dragon and other monsters and you look so punny and weak that it does not make any sense.

    In KQ5 for example the character had a look that you could believe he could survive the ongoing adventure, but this new King looks like peasant in king’s clothing.

  • Was King’s Quest the game that was being played by the boy in the Movie Big? I remember thinking the game looked fun as a child but never had a personal computer till many years later.

  • Wow! Thank you Sony and Sierra for this!

  • Day one for me please :)

  • I CANNOT wait for this!!! What a surprise!!!

  • These are the games that most ignited my imagination as a child and created my fondest gaming memories to this day. I started with 5, then eventually got the KQ Collection and played the first four when they were released on CD-ROM(!). Between 5 and 6, it’s tough to choose a favorite – they’re both epic and amazing worlds. KQ 7 was cool in it’s own way, and had some great puzzles. Let’s not talk about Mask of Eternity. Very happy to hear that the series is finally coming back. Sometimes things are best left alone, and I’m glad the brand was never milked to death, but I think the time is right , if it ever was. Definitely seems to be in good hands. Congratulations and good luck.

  • This looks fantastic! I really like the graphics. I only watched a little of the game awards last night, so I missed out on this, but this must have been one of the highlights.

  • Wow! King’s Quest was my first graphics game on PC. Played it on a Tandy Computer with Monochrome graphics then got a IBM PC jr just to be able to have color and sound. I learned English with King’s Quest and was subscribed to the Sierra On-Line magazine. I hope that this opens the door for other great games such as Space Quest and Police Quest.

  • Heavenly_King,

    Graham is not a king in the first game. Just an Adventurer who is commissioned by the current king of Daventry to a mission.

  • “Kick the cat”.

  • Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow was my jam! This looks cool!

  • Not sure why you’ve put jumping in a King’s Quest game, but the rest of it I like. Really looking forward to playing it. :)

  • Awesome, I was playing King’s Quest on PC before I ever owned a console so this is a nice shot of nostalgia even though it looks a whole lot better since the last KQ game, lol. But it won’t be the same unless there’s the chance that something will randomly kill you every few minutes and therefore you are saving the game every couple of minutes so that you don’t have to start all over again. :P

  • Adventure games were at their best when they used text commands. It genuinely felt like communicating with a storyteller.

  • Absolutely cannot wait. Growing up I played all the KQ games, and am so eager to introduce this series to my kids.

  • I played all the KQ games back in the day, with the 6th (Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow) standing as my favorite (yes, I’m old).

    Matt, you have big shoes to fill: appealing to a new generation of people who never knew the series, while at the same time maintaining the core values and canon for all of us who hold KQ dear in their hearts.

    Best of luck to you and your team. I’ll be buying your game to support continuing the legacy.

  • Lot of great memories with King’s Quest V and VI. Looking forward to seeing what Mr. and Mrs. Williams do with this new title.

  • I still have Girl In The Tower on my iPhone playlist after all this time, btw.

  • Looks pretty great. I love the art style and character design.

    Two questions though… will Cedric return to yell “GRAHAM!” every five seconds? And will this pave the way to a remake of Softporn Adventure? Please say yes to both, thanks.

  • So Sierra… How about a new Crash Bandicoot game? Or an actual Spyro game?

  • Wow! Really glad this is coming out. I was really bummed when I heard telltale games dropped it but this looks fantastic. Excellent job to everyone. Can’t wait to play. I remember being in 6th grade playing this in computer class and loved it.

  • “Graham gives the wand a good shake, but it only fizzles and dies.”

    I gave that wand many good shakes! I remember the maze + minotaur and the dragon battle! I was young then. My sisters and I played it. I believe this was KQ5, Absence Makes the Heart Go Yonder. The opening was sad. And it was scary when the witch killed you for walking in her forest.

    Also, I always imagined Graham to be a buff young man with an erect posture. For some reason. Because of his royal bloodline maybe??? He looks scrawny here! But the fantastical creatures and giants look about right. Nearly a KQ feel to it.

  • You just gave me chills! I can’t wait! I grew up playing King’s Quest games from the start, I can’t wait to play this!


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