A New Journey Through No Man’s Sky

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A New Journey Through No Man’s Sky

It was almost exactly one year ago that we announced No Man’s Sky at VGX 2013. So when Geoff Keighley gave us another amazing invitation to show it on The Game Awards 2014, of course we jumped.

It’s kind of fitting that we should show you how the game looks today. In one year, we’ve done so much. The galaxy is fuller of life and consequence. We constantly find ourselves facing unexpected situations, and surrounded by unfamiliar forms.

So here’s a tiny window into it: a new No Man’s Sky trailer, exclusively unveiled at The Game Awards tonight.

We wanted to take you on a journey to demonstrate five ways you’ll travel through No Man’s Sky’s infinite worlds. From hearing a distress signal, we find ourselves spanning the galaxy. It’s just one story that you could find yourself writing as you play. There are so many more.

That’s not all for No Man’s Sky. Watch out for more from us over the weekend at PlayStation Experience, including A Night Under No Man’s Sky tomorrow night. We’re so excited. If you’re here with us in Las Vegas, please come. And if you’re at home you can catch it on Twitch. We can’t wait to experience it with you.

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  • This is the only game im looking forward too more the Arkham Knight! I want to preorder this now!!!

  • One of my most anticipated games. I was there for the reveal last year and it blew me away. Huge, huge, scifi fan, you all are making the game I have always wanted to play. Keep up the good work! I can’t wait for NMS to release. Looking forward to following the news through this weekend!

  • If you put a Platinum on this game I’ll buy it day one and I will also convince 2 other friends to buying it.. well regardless I’l buy it :D

  • My #1 most anticipated game. Can’t wait.

  • Beautiful

  • waiting for XRD us version to drop, NMS, MKX, MGS:PP, project cars… NMS just look so good!

  • And the point to this game is?

  • You guys have a release window?

  • May 2016. All this 2015 talk is gaming press wishful thinking.

  • Just giving you guys a heads up. I’ve been following the activity on the NMS board on gamefaqs and people are making all kinds of crazy assumptions about the game. For instance, a common assumption is people saying that multi player has been confirmed. What kinds of advanced civilations will we encounter and how can we interact? Can we enter the buildings left behind by lost civixations when we find them?

    I think people have created unrealistic expectations.

    I understand the idea of not spoiling the game and the emphasis on player discovery, but I was wondering if you could clarify a little about what we could expect? I don’t want to see the game release and people complaining based on their own unrealistic assumptions.

  • Indie game companies, this is how you make a game, please take notes.

  • Still no reason to buy a PS4.

  • My most anticipated game. Can’t wait for this one. Announce preorders asap and start filling your well deserved coffers.

  • @Zoomer
    That is what I’m thinking, even if the developer says it is 2015, I am betting 2016

  • This and HyperLightDrifter are really the only games I am looking forward too in the future, nothing else really matters to me

  • The hype is so real…please do a physical edition of this. There are more than enough people totally amped for this game. I don’t care if I have to pay triple for it.

  • Id still like to see a trailer where you DO SOMETHING.

  • I just hope they can fulfill with everything they are showing , like the deep exploration and sense of adventure they are trying to bring to this game

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