PlayStation Experience: Panel and Livestream Schedules

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PlayStation Experience: Panel and Livestream Schedules

Update: That’s a wrap! Thanks for a fantastic PlayStation Experience. See the full opening keynote below, and stay tuned for all the panels heading to YouTube on Monday.

PlayStation Experience: Panel and Livestream Schedules

Watch live video from PlayStation on

Just a few more days until PlayStation Experience takes over Las Vegas! As promised, here’s the full schedule for panels for on-site PlayStation Experience attendees; see below for our planned livestream content schedule, which we’ll be streaming live on Protip: You definitely won’t want to miss the opening keynote presentation at 10am Pacific Time Saturday.

PlayStation Experience: Saturday, December 6th Schedule of EventsPlayStation Experience: Sunday, December 7th Schedule of Events

Important note: The “Story Time” panel for 5pm PT Sunday has a new location. Please find it at the stage located towards the back end of the show floor. It is no longer in Hall A.


Saturday, December 6th

All times are in Pacific Time

10:00am PlayStation Experience keynote
11:30am Dying Light live gameplay
12:00pm Destiny: The Dark Below gameplay
12:30pm Virtual Reality: A New Era for Games (live panel)
1:30pm The Tomorrow Children live gameplay
2:00pm God of War: Retrospective (live panel excerpt)
2:30pm World Wide Studios Town Hall (live discussion)
3:00pm No Man’s Sky gameplay and discussion
3:300pm The Journey of Diablo III on PS4 (live panel excerpt)
4:00pm Tearaway Unfolded PS4 live gameplay
4:30pm LittleBigPlanet 3 Community Creations
5:00pm Inside the Dev Studio (live panel)
6:00pm Hohokum Live Music Jam – Featuring Ghostly International DJ’s Shigeto & Michna
9:00pm A Night Under No Man’s Sky

Sunday, December 7th

All times are in Pacific Time

10:30am Opening welcome and recap with special guests
11:00am The Witness live gameplay
11:30am Grim Fandango Remastered live gameplay
12:00pm The Tomorrow Children live gameplay
12:30pm Prototype to Product (live panel excerpt)
1:00pm Lara Croft & The Temple of Osiris live gameplay
1:30pm World Wide Studios Town Hall (live discussion)
2:00pm Far Cry 4: From the Developer’s Mind to the Gamer (live panel excerpt)
2:30pm Amplitude live gameplay
3:00pm Tearaway: How Media Molecule Built a Living Papery World
4:00pm Secret Mystery Game live gameplay
4:30pm Axiom Verge live gameplay
5:00pm Story Time (live panel)

Stay in touch for more details at official PlayStation Experience headquarters as we move into a historic weekend. See you soon!

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  • Thanx for the schedule. Flight leaves tomorrow at 3, really looking forward to it, see you there.

  • Uncharted hd collection ps4 plzzzzzzzz make it happen

  • I’m excited! <3 PS!

  • Let’s do it eh? LET’S DO IT!

  • Sweet, more VR info! Wish I could make it but I’ll be watching live streams for sure!

  • Do you have Bloodborne livestream?

  • Will we be able to watch this through”Live from PlayStation”?
    If not can you set guys set it up to do so?

  • plzzz uncharted HD collection i’ll buy 100 copies i swear

  • Can’t wait for all the news and videos. Wish I could be there.

  • please bring it on ps vita

  • Here’s hoping for a release date announcement for The Witness.

  • Shenmue 3 or HD-collection! I want it

  • if anyone is hearing this if you release uncharted HD i will buy 100 i swear i will. i am rich. i wll buy 100 copies if you put it out

  • No Vita. There’s nothing for it.

  • This looks like a great lineup. At one point there was talk of a blogcast during the event. Is that still happening? (Or did Beyond take its place?)

    I will be in the car during the opening keynote…no streaming possible. Will it be archived either online or on the Live Viewer? (For that matter, will the other stuff be available for later viewing?)

  • I’ll be there! wll this be available to watch in Live Event Viewer? My fiance can’t go and wants to know the best place to watch everything!

  • I’m assuming these times are Pacific, right?

  • I hope Sony will say something about a Legend of Dragoon sequel release.

  • Hype cancelled. :[

  • 3:300pm The Journey of Diablo III on PS4 (live panel excerpt)

    Sony is also inventing new minutes to the World we live in… i can always use more time in my life ;)


  • When will Mortal Kombat X be shown?

    • Mortal Kombat X will sadly not be on the livestream. We tried! Still dying to play it… it’ll be hands-on here in a big way though.

  • This looks awesome!! I’m especially excited to see more of The Witness, No Man’s Sky and Axiom Verge :D Can’t wait!

  • Before:

    FF VII: Remake
    The Last Guardian
    Dragon’s Dogma 2
    Crash Bandicoot Returns
    Devil May Cry


    Uncharted 4
    Order 1886

  • I’m taking off work just to watch the live stream. I love watching my family grow up. I scheduled it as a family get together ;)

    I’ve been with this family for 20 year’s so there’s a lot to watch and enjoy.

    See you on Saturday on the live stream on Twitch :)

  • Thank you for streaming all of it, not just the keynote. I’ll watch as much as I can.

    • Sure. Most of the panels actually won’t be streamed, but they’ll be available on YouTube after the event ends on Monday

  • Would love it if all keynotes were recorded and archived for on demand viewing, Or released as a bluray or bluray set at a later date to be sold to those who couldn’t attend. What are the odds of making this happen? The Experience looks amazing from that line up.

  • I am happy with my PS4 and PS4, but I hope that there are some announcements for Vita games (and not just one or two). I want games like Infamous, GTA, NHL, NBA…. Stand alone Vita games (not just remote play).

  • Does anyone know where we are going to be able to purchase the 20th anniv. PS4?

  • What’s this keynote?

    Would I be setting myself up for disappointment if I went in expecting an E3/Gamescom press conference type of deal?

  • I’m surprised with how much the IGN Podcast Beyond shmucks bash Sony lately that Sony would carve out time for them. Guess it benefits them to do it.

  • Are the mind-blowing announcements happening during the keynote? Because that is what I am waiting for…

  • Will we be able to watch the live streams on PS4 or PS3?

  • I have my ticket ordered and I am heading out tomorrow

    I can’t wait :)

  • You guys are screening The Interview? Hopefully North Korea doesn’t shut down the PlayStation Experience.

  • I can’t wait for the new era of gaming experience to arrive…. Virtual Reality has always been the future of gaming and I am so happy that this is not too far away. Having seen EMAGON trailer…the setting in the forest, somehow i feel it would be amazing to walk in it and I believe this is what the trailer is hinted at..VR experience. Sony Experience wants us to Experience Most Amazing Game On Nextgen (E.M.A.G.O.N) I am only sad that human’ lifespan is short and we won’t be around to experience PS8 or PS9 ….What an amazing experience that era of gaming would be….how much VR would have evolved then.

  • I want to see the Crash Bandicoot 1, 2, 3 & Tag Team Racing Games being remastered, because there’s a possibility that they could be revived. I just love the nostalgia of these games, as these games really meant something back then, and it would be absolutely perfect if Naughty Dog remastered these games.

    There is a massive amount of potential for Naughty Dog, because these games in particular defined just how games should be made, and if they can pull it off well the first time round, then they’ll be able to bring the Crash Bandicoot PS1 Trilogy back with a bang!!!

    Please Naughty Dog, these games deserve to be made for PS3 & PS4, and it would make everyone’s Christmas absolutely special :-).

  • I will watch the Keynote hoping that the Vita finally gets the attention they previously spoke of.

  • Slightly disappointed to not see some sort of Polyphony Digital or Gran Turismo panel, as I had heard Yamauchi-san was in town for the event. Fingers crossed it’s the TBA panel, but I doubt it. I’m assuming (yes, I know what assuming does) that’s Uncharted 4’s block.

  • Please give us some Vita titles to look forward to. GTA, Grand Tourismo, Syphon Filter, inFamous, Godeater Burst, Gravity Rush 2, God of War, Uncharted GA 2, or some JRPGs. I’m not counting on it because we have been let down so many times in the past but I can always hope for the best.

  • @airJordan_Xx Uncharted is already HD, so it would just be the Uncharted Collection, not Uncharted HD Collection.

  • Man, it looks like a bunch if boring stuff. I just want the game announcements. And i hope most are 2015 titles. Sick of waiting for good games. And sick of games not working on day one.

  • Heard Capcom was going to be there… Would they reveal something besides RE Revelations 2?

  • Telltale is showing up huh. Could someone please ask them why the keep screwing over European Playstation-owners

  • You guys aren’t streaming the how to become a game designer?!! DISAPPOINTED!

    And are you guys going to announce God of War IV?!!

  • Excited for David Jaffe’s new game! I also can’t wait to watch streams as much as I can!

  • No Man’s Sky!! Can’t wait!!!

  • Yep!!! Coming all the way from Wisconsin!!! See you there!

  • Looks very, very ,very fun. I’m Jelly. But then there is PAX.

    I thought the BlogCast live was happening?

    • Unfortunately Nick Suttner went rogue and announced before we had it locked down. We couldn’t pull it off on top of all the live gameplay stuff.. sorry! But Clements will be on the Beyond panel :)

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