LBP3 Sack-a-thon! Guinness World Record Attempt at PS Experience

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LBP3 Sack-a-thon! Guinness World Record Attempt at PS Experience

Hey Playstation Nation!

Come join the entire LittleBigPlanet community to set the official Guinness record for most user generated LittleBigPlanet levels in a 24 hour period.

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From 3pm (PST) Saturday December 6th to 3pm (PST) Sunday, December 7th we will be tallying every user generated level from LittleBigPlanet, LittleBigPlanet 2, LittleBigPlanet 3, and LittleBigPlanet Vita. To participate in the first ever LittleBigPlanet Sack-a-thon simply hop on your console and create a level.

Think of it as a marathon of handcrafted creativity for Sackfolk across the globe. Don’t forget to spread the word and share your masterpieces through Facebook / Twitter / YouTube – especially if you’re playing on the PS4 (it’s only one button away)!

Sack-a-thon’s world record attempt will be monitored on site at the PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas where the a Guinness World Record official will be keeping track. You will be able to follow along by keeping an eye on LBP on Twitter. Additionally, the best creations will be featured throughout PlayStation Experience, giving your hard work the laurels and accolades it deserves.

Get your creations ready!

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  • Is this to distract us from the limited edition PS4? :p

  • I know right

  • I’m not creating until I get all of my DLC access, co-op gets fixed, and the tag sensors are at least showing up the right color. Yesterday’s update only gave a couple costumes and some materials but that’s it. I’ll be playing Destiny until then, at least it works and there is more content being added on Tuesday.

  • Sack a Thon? Sounds gross.

  • would love to help but the game still crashing and no 1.3 patch is live yet. so sorry I can’t create cause of the bugs.

  • @BadCop1979

    Patch 1.3 is indeed live.

  • Arent there enough priblems with the game already? Are you trying to just completely crash it and psn at the same time?
    Maybe spend more time developing the game and less on periphery things. That goes for you, too, Sony.

  • Not a good idea. The last thing the community needs is an excuse to spam crap levels.

    Let the good developers take their time to make masterpieces.. it’s way too early for people to start publishing things. I haven’t even finished my first level yet!

  • Sounds like fun but it if crashes PSN tjen that makes it a legal DDoS attack xD.
    Thats very bad.

  • Hope you guys break the world record!

  • I remember when I was young, Guinness was cool. Now they take absolutely anything, so their acknowledgement isn’t even meaningful anymore.

  • You’d already have the record if you hadn’t deleted all the H4H spam levels (including mine) in LBP1. :P

  • If your at the PlayStation Experience come see me at the LBP booth on Saturday!!

  • What about breaking the record for fixing LBP Karting’s online features and terrible trophy glitches for the longest neglected patch in gaming?

    And I’d love to help create more levels in LBP3 but I returned my copy for a full refund since it’s broken. Will play it when it’s working as advertised.

  • I’m assuming many people aren’t creating levels because of the problems. I have never experienced such a slow release of player created levels in LBP1 or 2. I feel like many people have that mentality (I could be wrong) that they want ALL of their content there before creating.

    It’s like having an itch you can’t sratch, when you KNOW you have certain materials, stickers, objects, decos, etc… that you can use, if they were available.

  • Shouldn’t this be more like quality over quantity instead of vice versa?

  • seriously @mark valledor? this is the worst idea I ever seen
    first fix the game…

    I have patch 1.3 and
    -I only have 25 (INGAME) tutorials…
    -my LBP1,LBP2 and surprise! the full range of sounds of LBP3 are missing…(I tried import and merge profile)
    -the game crashes, dynamic thermo destroys cloned things.
    -as @tabycatmeow says my sensor tags don’t shows the right color
    -what’s the problem with these emitters, they show the emited object many layers behind from the layer that I want.
    -why my quests appears as completed in create mode after playing my level to testing?

    how do you suppose that I could create something decent with these issues?
    please,I’m tired of broken games and Christmas scams…

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