Final Horizon Out Tomorrow on PS4, PS Vita

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Final Horizon Out Tomorrow on PS4, PS Vita

This is Si at indie games developer Eiconic Games in the UK. We’re very proud to announce that Final Horizon is launching on PS Vita and PS4 tomorrow, December 2nd.

Building on the success of our arcade action game Total Recoil we wanted to make a Tower Defence game our own way, with our own blend of action and strategy. We’ve really levelled things up for this game. The killstreaks are crazier, the enemies are smarter, the weapons are cooler and we’re really happy with the result.

We have spent a lot of time developing, testing and refining the enemy AI so it feels like alien behaviour. The Swarm will rush forward in spider-legged tanks and launch rockets from distance in their Skorpion heavy assault vehicles. They’ll swoop in with airbourne Hornets and Mecha-Wasps that will flock together for maximum impact. Then you meet the Scarab. The Scarab tunnels underground and breaks the surface behind your defences. You will really need to learn and adapt to complete the game.

Final Horizon, on PS Vita and PS4

We would like to announce to the readers of the PlayStaion Blog that Final Horizon is a Platinum Trophy game. With 100 objectives to complete you’ll be playing and replaying the 50 levels to unlock the Platinum Trophy.

Final Horizon, on PS Vita and PS4

We are also very excited to announce the launch of the Dark Galaxy add-on pack. More than just extra levels it’s a standalone galaxy with more advanced weapons and enemies. Here you will have to think faster and move quicker than ever before to power up and detonate the EMP towers. And you will get hands on with the most powerful tower in the game – the Plasma Cannon. You are going to need these new weapons while you are overrun with SpiderBombs, Dark Hornets and other bigger and badder machines from the Swarm.

Final Horizon, on PS Vita and PS4
We would like to challenge only the toughest players to enter the Dark Galaxy. It’s going to be faster, harder, darker and you will need to bring your A-game to unlock all the Trophies here.

Final Horizon: 3 Galaxies, 50 Levels, 100 objectives, Platinum Trophy
Dark Galaxy add-on pack: 1 Galaxy, 20 levels, 7 extra trophies

So, Final Horizon, out exclusively for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita tomorrow. The Vita version is part of the December Instant Game Collection for PS Plus members. Let us know what you think!

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  • Out tomorrow? Shouldn’t it be coming out today?

  • Seeing as the gentleman (?) stated hello from the UK< their store normally updates on Wednesday. So to inform those that might not know, today, Tuesday in North America, the North American store updates. So your game should be online in about 5+ hours.

    • TwinDad is right on the money, my colleague Simon is indeed a true gentleman. Oh and the fact it’s released on Wednesday in Europe – you lucky people can get your hands on it today :)

  • Did anyone else get screwed with the spend $100 on PSN and get $15 credit? Or am I missing something, can someone explain to me how that works thanks!

  • Well I loved Total Recoil, so I can’t wait to check this out! Also, how much is the add-on pack, and will there be more DLC in the future?

    • Hey there, really glad to hear you enjoyed Total Recoil! The add on pack will be $2.99, and we’re definitely considering doing more DLC if there’s demand for it.

  • It’s Dec. 2 2014! Where’s the LUUUUUUVVVVVV???

  • Hi Dave,
    PS4 version is freeplay?

    • Hi,
      Do you mean is the PS4 version free on PS Plus? If so then sorry, only the Vita version is in December’s PS Plus instant game collection.

  • @maxvtec – (Spend $100 using your SEN Wallet through December 2nd, 2014, you’ll receive a $15 credit back on or before December 15th, 2014). Haven’t been screwed, just be patient.

  • So, Final Horizon, out exclusively for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita tomorrow as part of the December Instant Game Collection for PS Plus members. Let us know what you think!
    You make it seem both versions will be free. Anyways I wasn’t expecting this to be free and I was ready to buy the vita version.

  • LOve tower defense. Will be trying this out today on Vita! Hope it’s good so I can support these guys with a DLC purchase.

    • Well I really hope you enjoy it! I can of course heartily recommend the DLC ;) – the EMP towers are really fun (I wish we’d had time to squeeze them into the main game)

  • Thank You! Especially, for the PlayStation Vita support. :)

    • You’re welcome! The Vita’s a great console so we’re really happy to give it some love :) We spent a lot of time making the game work well with the vita’s touch screen, although it also controls nicely with the analog sticks and buttons if that’s more your thing.

  • Good looking stuff!

    Is it not free for PS4? Did I read incorrectly?

    • Thanks :)

      That’s right it’s only free on Vita, not PS4, sorry if the last sentence in our blog post is a bit unclear!

  • Been playing it and loving it so far. Thank you so much for securing a Platinum for it. Been trying to get the 100% on each planet before moving on to each. Really fun. I think i’ll pick up the DLC with it being so cheap just to get the other trophies.

    Question: Is there a difference between the PS4 and Vita version? Besides say graphics and control tweaks.

    • Thanks so much for the kind comments – really great to hear you’re enjoying it! The PS4 and Vita versions are basically identical in terms of content, but as you say we were able to add a bunch of extra visual effects on the PS4 (that said, the Vita version still holds up pretty well on the visuals side – we did a lot of work optimising it so we could cram everything in).

  • Does anyone at Sony monitor our trophies? If so, they can see the love we’ve given this game.

  • So I beat the game, love it. But there seems to be a problem. I’ve been trying to get the 100% on all missions, and I have it on all of them except 1 mission. Kondoi 3. I’ve played the mission (and I truly mean this) well over 100 times, and it is impossible to get the secondary objective of no damage to the refinary. You get damaged in the first 10 secs of the game, and I’ve tried all possible combinations. You don’t have enough time to do anything no matter how fast you go with the enemy starting halfway towards you and so little points. It seems just broken for that secondary objective.

    Was hoping you could just pass this along as it really is detrimental towards trophy hunters. Thank you.

  • Ok. I may have jumped a little too soon to conclusions… but, I soon realized how RNG based that one mission really was. Probably played it over 200 times just because of that. Now to check out the challenges :)

  • Ok, last post (I think). Just got the Platinum :) Great game. Everyone should try it out. I suggest patience, as a lot of it towards the end relies on some RNG (or a lot of it actually). So be expecting that.

    • Hey well done getting the Platinum! That Kondoi 3 level is definitely a tricky one to get the secondary objectives for sure – you have to really react fast at the start, and at least you can start over quickly if it goes south. Glad to hear you persisted and got there in the end :)

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