Game of Thrones: Iron From Ice Hits PS4 Tomorrow

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Game of Thrones: Iron From Ice Hits PS4 Tomorrow
Game of Thrones: Iron From Ice Hits PS4 Tomorrow

Hey PlayStation fans! Today we are delighted to share the season premiere launch trailer for Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series. The first of six episodes, ‘Iron from Ice’, debuts Tuesday, December 2nd (that’s TOMORROW) for download on PS4! PS3 follows next week on Tuesday, December 9th.

This new story tells of House Forrester, a noble family from the north of Westeros, loyal to the Starks of Winterfell. Caught up in the events surrounding the War of the Five Kings, they are thrown into a maelstrom of bloody warfare, revenge, intrigue, and horror as they fight to survive while the seven kingdoms tear themselves apart.

So who can you expect to play as in this series? You’ll actually experience five different points of view, each a member of House Forrester. Playing as five characters reflects the epic scope of Game of Thrones, but more than that, the actions of one character can ripple out to affect the rest of House Forrester — so you’ll need to be mindful of how your actions as one character may affect the rest of your house. Multiply the actions of one character by five, and you’re truly playing the Game of Thrones… where you win, or you die.

You’ll meet and interact with several characters you already know and love (or hate) from the HBO TV series as well. We’ve already revealed Tyrion Lannister performed by Peter Dinklage, Cersei Lannister performed by Lena Heady, Margaery Tyrell performed by Natalie Dormer, and Ramsay Snow performed by Iwan Rheon. There will definitely be a couple more… but we’ll leave you to discover those for yourself!

As ever, thanks for reading. Be sure to let us know your (spoiler-free) thoughts in the comments below! We hope you enjoy the premiere episode, and look forward to sharing the rest of the season with you.

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  • Any idea on how much each episode will cost, or if there will be a season pass?

  • WOO-HOO! Excited to see this! Will there be a season pass option thingy up front or do we buy these one episode at a time?

  • Sounds like it will be great. Hopefully it will have enough for continuations.

    Also, no Cyber Monday Sale Sony? Like your competitors are doing?

  • I’d really like to see a Vita version. Please make it happen.

  • Will it be riddled with game breaking bugs in true Telltale fashion?

  • Cross buy?

  • Yeah wating for Vita and in retail.

  • Never get a response, but I’ll ask again. Did you cancel Tales of Borderlands for Vita? Why was it ignored on PS Blog and in PlayStation’s own youtube trailers?

  • This is 6 episodes. How do you decide that? I’m all for extra content but I’m curious as to why this is the only one with 6 episodes. Will it be helpful if I read the Game of Thrones books first or watch the show. I will be playing this and Tales from the Borderlands tomorrow after I get out of classes.

    Sadly, I wished that this was announced last week so that I could just preorder the season pass so I could take advantage of the spend $100 and get $15 free sale, sigh..

  • @3: Great point! Unless by “competitors” you mean Microsoft’s XBOX Marketplace or Nintendo’s eShop, neither of which have Cyber Monday deals – in which case, terrible point.

  • Are there puzzles?

  • Where is Tales from the Borderlands for Vita? where is the Vita release of this? why is there so much disdain for the Vita. I finally get into these Telltale games and the Vita stuff is no where to be found.

  • To those of you asking for Vita, do keep in mind that Vita versions of Telltale games never launch at the same time as the console versions. They always come later.

    So like….chill. Yeesh.

  • That’s a big post up there and still no mention of price or season pass. Im so sick of the idiotic blog posts by almost everyone. Give us the freaking info we want and need!

    Im not getting this cuz all the other telltale games were boring to play and stuttered along. Plus, the fact that you release your games six times (ps3, ps4, vita both digital and retail) with no sort of cross buy or discount.

  • They also didn’t mention the season pass for Tales From The Borderlands, but it was right there on the store.

    Steam has it priced at $29.99 minus a 10% discount for preordering which we likely won’t get. Expect similar pricing.

    Remember that there’s an extra episode (six instead of five), and the license for the show likely cost more to obtain than other properties, to say nothing of getting the actors from the show to voice their roles, which likely accounts for the $5 per episode price instead of the usual $4.

  • I am really looking forward to this Telltale game! I love the HBO show and have read a little of the books. This seems like the a great way to experience this universe. I’ll probably wait for the inevitable Vita version (not sure why everyone is freaking out about Vita versions of this and TFTB…they always arrive after the console versions), but I’m definitely onboard for the ride!

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  • Well that was an early release .

  • I’ll wait for all ep to come out till I purchase the season.

  • I’ve never seen the show, so I’m not too particularly interested in this. The concept seems interesting, but I don’t really feel like wading through however many seasons Game of Thrones has by now. Unless this game doesn’t require knowledge of the series, like what happened with The Walking Dead, I just can’t see myself buying this.

  • I have a PS4 but prefer to play the Telltale games on the Vita. I hope to see this come to Vita.

  • Probably get it when all episodes are out. Two to three months between episodes kind of kills the excitement of your games.

  • I am very excited about this release. I will be picking it up the day a physical copy hits the stores.

  • I’m so glad you can pre-order for PS3. No, wait! Where is the PS4 version? So I can’t pre-order the PS4 version? What the……?

  • Patiently awaiting the retail Vita version (a real physical version). Looking forward to playing it then!

  • Oh sweet. Hey, you guys should also bring out the fix for Motorstorm Apocalypse online since it was your useless recent update that knocked the servers offline. Yea…that would be great.

  • What about 12 deals of Christmas for us US players?…

  • what time will it be released today on the east coast?

  • People are “freaking out” over Vita versions because Tell Tale made a blog post on this very blog saying about how TotB was coming to PlayStation – only meaning PS3 and PS4. It was confirmed for Vita all the way back at E3. They’ve been radio silent whenever someone asks them about it, so people have a right to be concerned.

  • I am waiting for my ps4 to be fixed so can anyone tell me how much each episode will cost?

  • I am new to this whole playstation thing and I am having a ton of difficulty finding the game. It is a new release as of today but ps4 isn’t finding it in the search at all. Is there a certain time things “release” at on their release date?

  • I’m having a hard time finding it and if you’re new to playstation the store should be updated sometime this morning with it on there, I woke up ready to play and nothing was up, wish we had the option for preload, and each episode is around $5 with tax and what not

  • I’m having the same problem it’s not in the Playstation store.

  • What time is this available I still can’t download it?

  • The PlayStation Store doesn’t update until the afternoon sometime. I know it’s ridiculous. I forget everytime there is a game I want to play.

    I get up early, ready to spend money and time playing the game…but it’s never ready. They should fix that.

  • so any one have an idea on a time that it will come out??

  • The playstation store is updated, but I can’t see this game yet. Plus games, The Crew, everything is up now.

  • I don’t see December’s free Plus games yet, but I finally found GoT:!/en-ca/games/game-of-thrones-season-1-ep1-iron-from-ice/cid=UP2026-CUSA01402_00-GOT000000000GAME

    There is a season pass option for $24.99 (CAD).

  • excellent! great news. Even better news, you guys should also fix Motorstorm Apocalypse online since it was your useless recent update that knocked the servers offline. Yea…that would be great. As stated in comment 25. Well put

  • Okay. It is 12/9 and I cannot find this for my PS3. Any idea of when this will be available?

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