Close Castles Coming to PS4, Play at PS Experience

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Close Castles Coming to PS4, Play at PS Experience

I have a love/hate relationship with real time strategy games. I love them, but I hate playing them.

Let’s face it: RTSes are miserable pain engines designed to give players the worst possible experience. They’re kind of fun (though deeply stressful) right up until the first interaction with another player and then it’s all downhill for the next forty-or-so minutes. You play until someone gives up. They are lonely exercises in sadomasochism. Anyway hello. My name is Asher Vollmer and I intend to fix all that with my new game, Close Castles.

Close Castles on PS4

I made Threes because I love small, minimalist games. Close Castles is no different. The games are incredibly quick: they average around three minutes each on the fastest game speed. Buliding the game for a controller has inspired me to make the controls as simple as possible. You move your cursor around the field and press a button to build structures. What you build and where you build it will determine you and your opponent’s collective fate.

The game is built for local multiplayer, so there’s no hidden information. This means that the game feels a lot more like a fighting game at higher levels. It becomes about reading your opponent and turning the tiny cracks in their strategy into a crumbling pile of failure / rubble. This game is all about destroying buildings, so there’s a lot of rubble in it.

Close Castles on PS4Close Castles on PS4

The premise of Close Castles is simple: You and your greatest rival have built your castles WAY too close to each other. Your job is to build up your kingdom (despite the cramped quarters) while simultaneously sending out your loyal citizens to tear down the enemy’s vulnerable castle. We plan to have an amazing, harrowing story that somehow justifies the fact that all these castles were built in such proximity.

Did I mention the game is cute as heck? I’ve teamed up with Dominique Ferland, one of the most talented cutie-based artists in the world. He manages to create these incredible settings and characters that are simultaneously iconic and appealing and evocative as heck. I’m proud to be working alongside him to make this brutally strategic game look even remotely approachable.

Close Castles will be coming to consoles some time in 2015. But if you’re looking to play the game AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE come visit us at PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas! We’ll be crushing castles all weekend!

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  • Cool !!

  • Seems like it’d be perfect for Vita. Hint hint nudge nudge.

  • Come on guys, this HAS to come to Vita.

  • Looks awesome! Agreed that it should absolutely be on Vita.

  • The creator of Threes? You’ve got my attention. Looking forward to this one.

  • Another babies game for PS4

  • I also hate real time strategy games, so i wont be playing this.

  • Looks cool, needs to go on the Vita too obviously… and not to be a jerk to you and this awesome game but Sony’s first post on their blog on Cyber Monday should be about Cyber Monday Sales on their store especially after the terrible ones for their Black Friday sales. Their was actual articals from video game outlets about the PSN sales being “underwhelming”. We know the PS4 is your flagship but where is the PS3/Vita love? Especially Vita loving… C’mon Sony, the world is watching! :o)

  • this looks like some it will be some 15 dollar game you could probably get free on the ipad lol

  • Is this local multiplayer only, or can you play single player against the CPU? I’m kinda antisocial when it comes to gaming, but this looks interesting.

  • I gotta chime in, and by no means offense. But, why is PS4 keep getting games like this? Like everyone else just said, this should be a PSVITA game by all means. I mean cross-play perhaps, but why did you decide to target PS4, hell you could’ve made this on PS3, PSP and maybe even PS2. I understand the indie scene is popping on PS4 but its also booming on PSVITA and this will just get lost in the sea of AAA and couch friendly indies like Secret Ponchos, Journey, Trine, etc. Attention ALL PLAYSTATION INDIE DEVELOPERS, focus your efforts on the MOST SENSICAL platform not where most gamers are. Most console gamers don’t care for low-fi, low budget and probably most important Tower Defense games.

  • @gor1lla,

    While I get that most of your post is, vita please, don’t overlook the entire gaming population. For every Shooter fan, there is likely a RPG, Strategy, Pinball, etc. Fan. They bring the games to the console, or platform that has the most users. Most Genres have maybe a 10% take rate on a console. So to get the most profit, that means the PS3, or in the case of building a future to more than just launch day sales, the PS4.

    Do you not think that they did a study to find out the best platform?

  • Looks great! Like many people are saying, I as well hope it comes to Vita, but I’ll give it a swing on PS4 either way.

    More or less, some companies only comprise groups of a handful of people, which is simply not enough people to make a AAA-esque game. Barring that, it comes down to what they want to do, rather than anything else. If they want to make this game for the PS4, why shouldn’t they? It’s not necessarily about making tons of money, it’s also about self-fulfillment and being true to what you want to do.

  • OMG this looks like a game for 2016…i mean look at those graphics…maybe wait for PS8 so it can handle the power of this game that will be free the year its released

  • Awesome on CC game, But have a side question. Is game of thrones season pass coming out this Tuesday also? And if so then how much will it be?

  • no Vita? :(

  • Calling this as a PS4/Vita Cross-buy that launches on Plus.

  • Great job on Threes (iOS). That game was very efficiently designed and was well-suited to its platform. I’m sure this will have the same care and attention to detail in its development. Personally, I’m interested in any single-player aspects of this, as I tend to game alone. Blur I would be open to online matchmaking as well.

  • Why is this on the PS4? This should be one of those games on Kongregate or something…

  • Man, you guys did such a great job with the PSN Black Friday sale and to follow it up with this awesome Cyber Monday sale just blows my mind. You guys have also done a great job at keeping all the gamer good will you’ve earned after the PS4 launch E3. How do you guys do it?

    /s OK but seriously, how on earth do you guys manage to screw up so bad time after time after time. For the gamers my butt

  • I don’t get all this hate towards indie games on a console? Playstation is trying to do what the PC and companies like steam have done for the gaming community, allowing all types of games to be playing on a GAMING console. Not just AAA titles. I for one and glad that I can now have my console as a one stop gaming machine for all styles of games, rather than constantly having to switch back and forth between my pc and console to play games.

    I for one welcome the multiplayer aspect of games because games are just better when played with others. To be able to share those experiences with others. Most love the share feature on the ps4. And why is that? The same reason that multiplayer games have a place in most peoples households.

    Keep up the good work Playstation. I really think that most of these people forgot what #4theplayers really means. It’s really 4 the players, and not the so called players that hop on the bandwagon of just the AAA titles. Real players that play games because they’re fun to play, not because they have pretty graphics. Too many people forgot about this.

  • Reminds me of Mushroom Wars, awesome game and would love an inspired successor on the Quadruple, Consider me sold :-D

  • @21 they have so many indies just for something to sell. Do you notice the price disparity between playstation versions and other versions? Im sure they make a nice profit from these indies. Most should be five bucks, or ten, max. This seems like it should be fivebucks. Wana bet on the actual cost?

  • I am very interested in any game from the creators of Threes! Sign me up. Cross-buy with Vita please.

  • Color me very intrigued! Though I wish this were more of a PSmobile game or (dare I say it?) on iOS. (I don’t bring my vita to work with me)

  • Reminds me of mushroom wars! Loved that game! I know you’re focusing on fast games, but I hope you do make a few large maps!

  • While I am intrigued by any game made by the creators of Threes that’s coming to Playstation Nation, I have to second the requests already made regarding a Vita version of this game. I would be much more likely to purchase it for that platform. Hopefully, a Vita version will be considered. If so, then you’ve got a customer!

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