The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 12/2/2014

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for 12/2/2014
The Drop

Whew! With the mountains of Thanksgiving food now behind us, there’s only a few weeks left in the year. And even though we’re all still recuperating from overindulgent meals, we’re here to bring you a quick, holiday Drop of new games coming to PlayStation. Please excuse the simplified format!

This week, The Crew roars onto PS4 with a massive, open-world rendering of the United States. Tackle high-octane challenges across major cities throughout the country, speed through beautiful forests and snowy mountains, and do it all with friends. The devs have created thousands of square miles to explore, so get that car customized and take it out for one breathtaking, interconnected joyride.

But that’s just the start of this week’s lineup. See below for the full list, and as always, enjoy the Drop!

  • Chess, PSone Classic
  • The Crew, PS4
  • Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy, PS Vita
  • Final Horizon, PS4
  • Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series, Episode One, PS4
  • Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX, PS3
  • Secret Ponchos, PS4
  • Syberia, PS3

The information above is subject to change without notice.

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4 Author Replies

  • Don’t worry folks! This isn’t the new permanent layout of The Drop! Just a result of holiday travel.

    Have a great week!

  • Np it’s the holidays, have a nice one.

  • Psone’s Chess… What about some great psone games, or games already released for ps3/psp but can’t be played on Vita like Bloody Roar 2, Pocket Fighter? Or some good import games, like snk’s? And old psp games that can’t be played on Vita like Kof Orochi or DBZ Shin Budokai 2…

  • ah the holidays

  • Can’t wait for the Crew. Beta was awesome!!!

  • I think we finally made it through the hectic Fall release schedule.

  • Syberia would be great to play on Vita.

  • No mention of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX? I have to say that upsets me when it is by far one of my most anticipated game launches in my gaming career

    • Hello! Thanks for the note. And apologies folks, Kingdom Hearts is still coming. It was left off the list in error.


  • Ahhhh! Secret Ponchos! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. I’m really glad to see it added to the instant game collection!

  • Pretty sure Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMIX is coming out on Dec 2. Haven’t seen any articles stating otherwise.

  • Heard many good things about Telltale’s Walking Dead games… And I do like Game of Thrones. May give that one a try

  • So the Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series wont be on last gen systems, thats a bummer but its understandable.

  • If u can, can u confirm if there is a pre-order on PSN for Guilty Gear Xrd. I would really like to download it and take advantage of the spend $100 get $15 back.

  • @13 I meant to say, will there be a PSN pre-order for Guilty Gear Xrd?

  • Also I really look forward to PS Experience, it’s like E3 or Tokyo Game Show but everything PS related!!

  • What about Chivalry Medievil Warfare? Thought it was pushed back to the 2nd.

  • Too much Turkey was consumed by the PS staff to make a good drop post this week. Oh well, I can understand that feel.

  • How much will Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy be?
    Also, any word on Resonance of Fate for PSNow?

  • You guys should have “dropped” some more prices this weekend, then maybe you wouldnt have almost 500 negative comments for your sale.

    As far as thos useless post, we need prices and ALL the games coming tuesday, along with any major dlc.

  • Thanks for the drop RC. Can’t wait for the Cyber Monday Vita Sale! Oh well I guy can dream can’t he?

  • What about Kingdom Hearts 2.5? Has it been pushed back? Or did you just forget to include it in the post?

  • I just got $150 psn cash off eBay for $120 and am wondering if I wait to see if theres a sale on TUES which is when the spend $100 get $15 ends will I get the $15 back? Anyone know?

  • The Black Friday sale was a joke. Seriously.
    I had seen almost every one of those titles cheaper, and for a resaleable copy at that.

    Even Xbox had beter deals not only with their Xbox One, but their 360.
    I know I was tempted.

    As for the Holiday the mountain of food must be over for you, since you didn’t cook anything, which would make the fact you have such a lousy drop post pretty inexcusable.

    On the positive, I loved the sale for the NBA Jam, NFL Blitz combo.
    If you haven’t bought it yet, you better.

  • I’m waiting for Cyber Monday Sales. I want to spend money.

  • Thanks Ryan but could you answer a question please? Why did sony give us nothing for vita on the last sale while the eu store got an amazing vita sale? Okay we can accept only indies every month in the IGC but that was a litle too much discrimination. Does SCEA hate their vita customers or something? Please answer Ryan… Because chen chen only laughed at us in the comments…

  • Sony, waht are you doing? Where is SUIKODEN II?

  • It would b cool if you all can show the sales on tuesdays ahead of time so people can decide if they want something before the others expire on monday r not

  • Buying Game of Thrones, getting The Crew for free once Ubisoft gets that thing for buyers of the AC: Unity season pass set up.

    And picking up Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMix on Tuesday.

  • Vita has no games anymore.

  • Alright! We’re getting CHESS, a ps1 classic if there ever was one……..geez. Still waiting in the following CLASSICS

    Vandal hearts 1 and 2
    Megaman legends 1 and 2 (I’m fully aware of the copyright issue. Just remove that audio for all I care)
    Jade cocoon
    Die hard trilogy

  • Is there gong to be a season pass for game of thrones this week also? and if so, how much will it be?

  • Will Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series, Episode One be apply to the “Get $15 credit spending $100”?

  • Chess? Seriously? Out of the entire PSOne library that’s the game you choose to pick? You’re just pouring salt in the wounds from that so called Black Friday “sale”. Give us some good rpg’s or something. There’s other stuff besides Persona and Final Fantasy you know.

  • Would also love to see some psp games go on sale, or better yet, have their prices dropped permanently. How a good deal of them cost $20 still is beyond me (and some cost even more). Last weeks Natsume sale was ok, but I wouldnt pay that much for any of those. These are some I’d be interested in if on sale.

    ZhP unlosing ranger
    Snk arcade collection
    Armored core last raven
    Cladun (and why isn’t cladun 2 available for vita?)
    Elminage original
    End of serenity
    Fight night round 3
    Jeanne darc
    Mana khamia
    Patapon 3
    The sims 2 pets
    The 3rd birthday
    Unchained blades
    Untold legends warriors code
    Warriors orochi 2
    What did I do to deserve this 2
    Wild arms xf
    Wwe smack down (would love to have some wrestling on the go)

  • Game of Thrones? This is gonna be awesome.

  • Chess? Oh god Sony get your act together. There are TONS of games that aren’t available in the US, and we’re getting Chess? Like the people above me who did these kinds of lists, these are games I am still waiting for to be Classics:

    PSOne Classics:
    Chocobo Racing
    Parappa the Rapper
    Ape Escape
    LSD: Dream Emulator

    PS2 Classics:
    Parappa the Rapper 2

  • Chess, really? Can we get some PSOne classics that we might actually want to buy? And I sincerely hope there’s a Cyber Monday sale- that includes Vita titles- because the “Black Friday” sale was more like a weekly one. So underwhelming.

  • KH 2.5 Remix will most likely NOT be on the PS store.

    Disney has restrictions when it comes to digital licensing/distribution. It’ll most likely be physical only.


    That will be all.

  • SQUARE ENIX is cutting prices of items sold via its online store by 60% there are more than 225 games ,DLC packs and physical collectibles on sale including games like : Thief, Final fantasy, Tom Raider … it’s PLAYSTATION STORE having any sales for CYBER MONDAY ?????

  • @ 8, @21…..Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix LIMITED EDITION for ps3 it’s for Pre-order for $39.99 in SQUARE ENIX store. .

  • SQUARE ENIX Cyber Monday sale have PSP,PS VITA,PS3 and PS4 games. I guess PLAYSTATION don’t care about Cyber Monday.

  • Kingdom Hearts 2.5 is still coming out this Tuesday. The Drop is only for digital releases, (despite them often stating that the list is covers digital and retail) and KH is retail only.

  • Chess? Come on you can do better than this.
    Please STOP add PSONE games that no one plays.
    Consider add in the near future:

    Test Drives games: Test Drive 4, 5, 6, off road 3, eve of destruction,etc.
    Tony Hawk´s games: Pro Skater 1, 2, 3, 4, Undergrund 1 & 2.
    Mat Hoffman 1 & 2
    Gran Turismo games

    And please consider to make a Sale of Playstation classic games for the 20 years of Playstation.

  • Bump to Saltamirano151 comment,

    I to would love to see the original ape escapes remade!

  • Can someone tell me whether Syberia is digital/retail release or is it only digital. Also, does it include any of other Syberia titles ?

  • SYBERIA?! Sweet! If only it were on PS4. Will that also include Syberia 2?

    Also, we already have a current-gen chess game on PS3/PS4/Vita. Just sayin’…

  • @45, It looks like it’s digital only. First thing I did when I saw it here was check Amazon, and there’s no PS3 version there.

  • Can The Crew be preloaded?

  • Season pass for game of thrones out this Tuesday also? How much?

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