Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX: New Trailers Show Iconic Worlds

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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX: New Trailers Show Iconic Worlds

Hello all. The launch of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX is getting closer by the second — just 6 days! December 1st, we may get a chance to meet a loyal PlayStation fan at the “Inside the Kingdom, with Heart” event in North America, one day before launch. We plan to show this trailer there, so here’s a sneak peek!

Now is a perfect time to showcase moments from Disney as well as Final Fantasy and how the worlds connect between two of entertainment’s most beloved franchises. The magic in Kingdom Hearts is created in so many ways. Have you ever thought about why you became a fan? Disney Worlds Connect proves that if you are a true Disney fan, you are enthralled at the history and story behind every Disney character.

Playing Kingdom Hearts takes me on a journey with countless characters that I grew up loving. Did you catch in the official announcement of these trailers listing vast places to explore? The first trailer will take a glimpse into some Disney moments such as Never Land (Peter Pan), Olympus Coliseum (Hercules), 100 Acre Wood (Winnie the Pooh), Pride Lands (The Lion King), Space Paranoids (Tron), Timeless River (Steamboat Willie), Deep Space (Lilo & Stitch), Port Royal (Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl) and more.

Those who know the game well will see that fans will be able to get a glimpse of the cameos from the Final Fantasy franchise, including Setzer (Final Fantasy VI), Aerith, Cloud, and Tifa (Final Fantasy VII), Squall (Final Fantasy VIII), Auron (Final Fantasy X) and more.

Fans can pre-order the Standard Edition of the game at participating retailers to receive a complimentary upgrade to the Limited Edition, which includes the exclusive official Disney collectible pin (while supplies last).

Let us know in the comments below if you’re as excited as we are to start the countdown to launch!

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  • Picked up the collector’s edition that was only available through Square-Enix site. Can honestly say I have been excited for this since 1.5’s announcement. Long time fan here as well, and a fitting time-filler in between waiting for III.

    • +Zoni1990 Happy Launch day! :) We appreciate those who foreshadowed that KH HD 1.5 ReMIX would lead to KH HD 2.5 ReMIX! Celebrate!!!

  • if this was ported to the PS4 it would be nice! lol

  • So this comes out in like a week, yet no word on how the limited edition box will look. They did say they wanted to match the size of 1.5’s box. I hope they don’t scrap the idea cause of the CE now.

    But I’m guessing it will just be an outer tall cardboard box with the game and pin in it?

  • Wooo cant wait for this game!!! Been having a kingdom hearts itch that needs scratching. I’ll be doing an unboxing video on my YouTube channel The MachoChannel for it, and I’m really excited! 6 more days!!

  • I say this every time, but Vita version. The system has the specs, there’s demand for a game like this. What’s holding it back? The fact you don’t allow for digital distribution on KH and every Vita title has to have a digital version? Because that’s bogus.

    If not KH then how about SOME Vita love. Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Parasite Eve… show some love to the people who supported you in the PSP days.

  • 6 days so far away. After so much waiting, I am glad this will finally arrive! I hope everyone enjoys.

  • I was really hoping this game would come to ps4. I would have definitely bought it.

  • Shoot I didn’t realize it was so close. Looking forward to playing Birth By Sleep on a big screen though.

    • +somberfox December 2, 2014 is here! Did you start playing KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep on the big screen? Doesn’t it feel so nostalgic yet new with the controls being different?!

  • Dual Audio?

  • Soooo did you guys do a limited edition packaging like 1.5?

  • This needs to be on the PS4! Hopefully it doesn’t remain PS3 Exclusive :P

  • PS4 gets KH3 !!! hoping to see some star wars stuff in that one.. The Muppets would be cool also Kermit with a light saber.. sweet

  • Kaori, can you verify if the Voice Overs for KH2’s Mickey were updated to his new voice actor or if Wayne’s voice was still used? It’d be that much more worth it to hear Wayne’s voice one last time and on PS3 no less if the old VO was used. If not, that’s fine too, for consistency and all that.

    • +Shiroyami, Hello! Mickey’s voice-overs in KH2 were not re-recorded. (almost wrote re-re:coded!) Wayne Allwine for KH2 is who you’ll be hearing! Thank you for asking!

  • Yay! My collector edition just shipped today ^_^

  • PS4 or Vita please. Not just last gen

  • Really needs to come to PS4. Maybe they’re waiting to put them all together.

  • Kinda hoping they’d release this digitally, i’m a big Kingdom Hearts fan and won’t be able to pick it up physically.

  • With still no announcement about them updating the LE packaging to match 1.5, and making a CE that’s exclusive to their pisspoor online store… and the fact that I’ve basically moved on from my PS3 and barely even touched 1.5, I canceled my pre-order.

    However, S-E will still get my money as I moved those funds over to Just Cause 3. See you next year, S-E.

  • Bring this and 1.5 to PS4 in one mega package. I want to play this but don’t have a PS3!!!

  • I am looking forward to my CE. Thanks for the reminder but I avoid spoilers/trailers for my most anticipated games. My Christmas vacation will be filled with great gaming.

    • +lisatsunami That’s kinda cool how you enjoy the anticipation of waiting and seeing the game unfold when you first turn it on! Glad you will be playing KINGDOM HEARTS through the holidays! What was your favorite part?

  • Looking great still! I upgraded to the CE the week it was announced. Also, there hasn’t been news on it like there was last time but will there be a strategy guide this time around too? I bought and enjoyed the last one (though the character bios could of been written without spoilers, they didn’t concern me, but for new fans I imagine it would be pretty annoying).

  • Got my collector’s edition ordered. Now to wait for that plushie to arrive next Tuesday! :)

  • I would buy if it was on PS4. My PS3 isn’t in the same room now. It’s really sad the PS4 can’t play PS3 games :'(

  • I’m childish a bit… but… I am still kinda upset Square hasn’t sold a single “Collectors Edition” in stores since FFXIII-2, and that I didn’t get one… but oh well…

    Grabbing this game, just because I want that KH2FM finally so I can prove to my friends I beat it at level 1… as I had a JP Copy and my Swap Magic ended up messing up and wouldn’t work anymore.

  • Will they be releasing this on the PS Store at all?
    My PS3 BluRay drive doesn’t work anymore, so I can only play digital games on it now. This is definitely one I still want to play too!

  • This is going to be the very last PS3 game i am ever going to buy!

    • +MTRichardson01- That comment was kinda deep!!! Being that it’s the end of the year and with the holidays are around… you’ll have plenty of time to play KINGDOM HEARTS HD 2.5 ReMIX. :) Thank you for the support!

  • Kingdom Hearts 2 was the best game I’ve played and I can’t wait for the final mix.

    • +FFrpg15- The “BEST”… that’s awesome. There are so many memories in KINGDOM HEARTS 2… from the storytelling aspect, the battles, the music, the characters, the “feels”, I really love it too!

  • square enix and sony are both stupid fo not making these kingdom hearts games available on the ps vita. I find them interesting and i have NEVER played any of them. But i would buy them if they were made available for the playstation vita. I assume MANY others would too, however they arent on the system. Only ps3 gets them, why? Who knows, but sony should have spoke with square and brought a port over. I would love to play the games and see what all the hub-bub is about, but not on my ps3.

    Sorry square, you lost an interested buyer. I am a collector though, so maybe one day i will buy both games when theyre dirt cheap.

  • Guys, Please consider releasing it on PS4, you dont have to release a disc version a PSN download will be fine, I just want to play this game on my main platform.
    Also Final Fantasy X remaster, it was even released on the Vita so why no PS4 edition? Just a downloadable one, no need for discs

  • I got release editions of Days, BbS, and Re:coded (slipcover, decals, and stickers, respectively), I sank on the Mark of Mastery edition (though the base 3DS got outmoded right quick; guess I could use part of the case if I ever get it modded for video output), and the Limited Edition of 1.5 (alongside FFX/X-2 Limited, not to mention nabbing the TFFCC Collector’s off someone else, including the FFT-0 CollectaCards), but while the 2.5 Collector’s is tempting (dat Albert plush!), I’ve just blown too much elsewhere. But I’ll tell ya, had it included the remixed (“Re:MIXed”?) soundtrack… And I don’t mean some Blu-ray diorama like in FFX/X-2’s Collector’s, but more along the four-disc full suite from FFXIII-2!

    Seriously, “Hazardous Highway”. “He’s a Pirate!” also ramped up it game by bounds.

    • +THF588 You know your SQUARE GAMES for sure… we hear you on the soundtrack. Did you see the 7 disc set?!!?

  • (Oh, and confide in us: What’s keeping these games from digital distribution? I’ve come across murmurs of technical troubles among the middlemen before Utada Hikaru? If that’s the case, I’d laugh for KHIII’s delay being in part excuse by legalities and licensing.)

  • Can the set come to ps4!!!!!!

  • I think any of us who recognize what was done need to know: Beyond the premier of reversions to Japanese ability names (“Last Arcanum” versus the standardized “Ars Arcanum”), why, oh w-h-y, was “Ragnarok” changed to “Infinity”?

  • I can’t wait until kh3

  • Kaori is there any GOOD reason why they don’t Either remixes on PlayStation store would that not make Sony’s and square’s sales up

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