Tournaments, Live Music, Meet ‘n’ Greets at PS Experience

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Tournaments, Live Music, Meet ‘n’ Greets at PS Experience

They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Though, for fans near and far who attend PlayStation Experience this December 6th and 7th, they’ll be talking about the #PlayStationMemories from this show for a long time.

If this is the first time you’re reading about the event, one reason to go are the incredible “one night only” panels announced here, or the massive oasis of playable new PS4 and indie games, or how about this…

The PlayStation Worldwide Studios will be joining forces once again to welcome you into our massive family room — a community space at PlayStation Experience like no other, built for you, our PlayStation family.

Within our PlayStation Worldwide Studios community space it’s going to be one non-stop fan-fest until the very last second of PlayStation Experience, or when Elvis arrives:

PlayStation Experience Champion

Tournaments & Competitions

Think your Platinums are cool? Try winning an official PlayStation Experience real life trophy from one of these competitions:

  • MLB The Show 2014 Homerun Derby
  • The Last of Us Multiplayer Factions Tournament
  • inFamous First Light Battle Arena Tournament
  • Little Big Planet 3 Speed Attack
  • SingStar Sing-Off
  • Nidhogg & Towerfall Competitions!


Meet with Developers and Community Managers from PlayStation Worldwide Studios. No red tape, we’re here to hang with you. We’ll also be running Town Halls, so stop by and ask us anything!

Exclusive Stage Panels

Enjoy exclusive panels including Q-Games’Tomorrow Children, Creating the world of Tearaway with Media Molecule, an AMA for Naughty Dog’s new online store, a deeper look at The Order: 1886, and more to be announced.

Community Hangouts

Play new games and chill in our family room. Maybe you’ll wind up chatting with one of your favorite developers or industry figureheads — anything can happen at PlayStation Experience!

Live Hohokum DJ Music Spectacular

A curtain call performance on Saturday night from 6PM to 8PM, Ghostly International artists Shigeto and Michna will remix their tunes from Hohokum and perform fresh sets you won’t hear anywhere else.

This is an exclusive PlayStation Experience live music gig at the PlayStation Worldwide Studios Community space. They will also be on hand to sign the new Hohokum rainbow spotted vinyl, which you can pick up at the show.

PlayStation Experience Cards

PlayStation Experience Collectable Cards

It wouldn’t be Las Vegas without some card games! At PlayStation Experience, there will be 54 collectible cards scattered throughout the event. Only the most dedicated PlayStation fans will go home with a complete deck. We aren’t allowed to disclose where to get each card, but let’s just say that we may or may not have a rare card at the PlayStation Worldwide Studios community space…

Vegas is calling. Join us at PlayStation Experience. We’re looking forward to a family reunion with you.

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5 Author Replies

  • Why is it called PS Experience when there are no Vita games

  • Sounds like an awesome time! Too bad I’m on the east coast :(

  • @#1 it is called the PS experience because it is still Sony ps3 and ps4. I’d enjoy that if I were able to go…

  • What Towerfall and Nidhogg Competitions. Why do i have to live on the east coast. I wish i could go to enjoy it.

  • Damn, my crew would kill it in Factions. But of course it’s unreasonable to assume a group of four online friends could attend a single event in Las Vegas. Some online tournaments would be nice.

  • I’ll be there, really looking forward to it.

    Suggestion; if it’s not already in the works. I would love to see a schedule of events for the PSX, with dates and times. Either something printed physically and handed to me at the door, or ideally, something digital I can download. It sounds like there are lots of things planned and I don’t want to miss anything, or at the very least, be able to plan my time.

    • Great minds think alike? Prior to the show, the full panel and activity schedule will definitely be announced. I’d expect shortly after Thanksgiving. We also want to make sure you don’t miss anything!

  • Amazing logo….is that thing that looks like smoke supposed to be a clicker’s head?….cuz it was a fantastic idea.Iota’s head and Sackboy’s zipper were well implemented as well.Kudos to whoever had the idea for that logo.

    • The “smoke” is indeed a Clicker’s head. When you see the design at higher resolution or that image specifically, you’ll notice. The brilliance in that crest is the subtlety of the iconography in the design.


  • “or the massive oasis of playable new PS4 and indie games”

    And… what about Vita?

  • It’s DRIVE CLUB logo right in the middle! ?!?

  • @10: Yeah, the whole trophy is built up of different PS things. Sackboy’s zipper from LBP, Iota’s head from Tearaway, a Helghast from Killzone, cordyceps from TLoU, baseball bat for MLB, microphone for Singstar, Chaos Blades for GoW etc

  • I want to try out The Last of Us Remastered Tournament I may not be all that good but I’m just in for the fun of it.

  • I will be joining i am super stocked!!!’
    wish there was some freedom wars tournaments i mean come on show some vita love already all i hear is ps4 which is cool lets have some fun for vita fans also how about a killzone tournament? freedom wars pvp tournament? soul sacrifice delta alice maze tournament who can reach to stage 50 with random characters?

    For the Greater Good!!!!!!

  • How about a freedom wars panel how the game came to be? Show some pride with your vita games!!!

  • What about Vita??? I have a PS4 (and PS3) but I don’t want my Vita to become a Remote Play device, which I can’t bring on the road. You guys need to be more excited about it. I like Indies but that is all that we are getting these days (not a fan of JRPGs). We need games like NHL, NBA, GTA, Infamous, and other big name games for Vita. Why is 2K (Rockstar), EA, Capcom and others not making games for Vita. You made tons of profit on PS4 sales and PS Plus sales. Use that money to re-introduce the Vita and bring big name (AAA) games to it. Don’t abandon the Vita owners.


  • I wish I could go. But my college classes start December 8th and my math brush-up class is on the 6th. Maybe next time.

    I’d also like to see some Vita love. I enjoy the system and use it every day.

  • Will be playing in The Last of Us tournament

  • No Vita love at PSX. no Vita love in the comments. Never change Sony. <__<

  • So, if im underaged (Im 14) and go with a parent or guardian could I be able to attend PlayStation experience? some one please reply

  • I will see you there

  • Shirt design is complete and hope to see many of you PS fans there! :-)

  • Aaron,
    I know you said we should have the schedule around Thanksgiving. Any word on that? Also, do you know start and end times for the show Saturday and Sunday?

  • By the way, were making the trip from Miami!! So excited!!

  • how do you enter a tournament on mlb 2014 the show online?

  • does anyone noe

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