Knack Turns One: Easter Eggs, Ultra-Rare Statue

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Knack Turns One: Easter Eggs, Ultra-Rare Statue

Hello again, PlayStation nation!

It’s hard to believe that just a little over one year ago many of you embarked on a grand journey with one of PlayStation’s newest heroes, Knack. As a producer, it’s been my pleasure to hear so many heartwarming stories of fans playing together with their families and friends, searching for special relics and tackling the larger than life story within PS4‘s first exciting year. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support.

To celebrate Knack’s 1st birthday, I’d like to share a little-known easter egg with all of you Knack fans, as well as tease a special opportunity for those of you who make your way to PlayStation Experience in December.

Close observers of Knack’s stages might have recognized a few familiar shapes hidden within the walls and scenery. Take this screenshot from stage 1-2 for example:

Hidden Knack example - 1-2

Notice the small Knack shape hidden on the left pillar? That’s what we call a “Hidden Knack”!

Inspired by the “Hidden Mickeys” that keen observers can spot at Disney parks, the team at Japan Studio placed over 45 Hidden Knacks throughout the campaign of Knack! There are some pretty tricky ones hidden throughout the game – can you spot the Hidden Knacks in the screenshots below?

Hidden Knack 2-2

Hidden Knack 2-3Hidden Knack 2-1

Lastly, feast your eyes on these 3D-printed Knack statues, specially made by the Knack team at Japan Studio.

Knack Statue Right SideKnack Statue FrontKnack Statue Top

To celebrate the 1-year Anniversary of Knack, three of these ultra rare statues (there are less than 10 in the world!) will be given away at the Community booth at PlayStation Experience in December! Details regarding this promotion are forthcoming, so please stay tuned!

That’s it for now! I hope that all of you that have enjoyed Knack will continue to share it with new PS4 owners as we head toward the busy holiday season, and thank you once again for all of your wonderful support.

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