Brawl in the 1920s with Speakeasy, Out Today on PS4

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Brawl in the 1920s with Speakeasy, Out Today on PS4

Hey everyone! Gun Media here to let you know that our first title for PS4 is out today!

Speakeasy is a rapid-action game where rounds might only take a few seconds, but you’ll be playing for hours against your friends as you decide amongst yourselves who the final Fisticuffs League Champion is!

A local-multiplayer competitive game, Speakeasy is the perfect experience to play against friends, family, enemies, and co-workers this holiday. You’ll get to take on character after character from the 1920s in a variety of game-modes from simple 1v1 games to King of the Hill round-robin bouts that will keep you and up to three friends going at each other in a tempo you’ve not played before in a game like this.

The teams at Gun and SuperSoul have spent many a weekend facing off against one another with Speakeasy; it’s been a labor of love and we hope the PlayStation community enjoys it!

As a heads up, Speakeasy is $9.99, but PlayStation Plus members will get a 10% discount at launch!

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  • VERY glad to see the price point posted as well. Now that I know for sure I’m buying it, I have time to try and figure out how to trick my wife into playing it as well.

  • Too many awesome games to play right now. Ain’t nobody got time for this

  • This is truly the worst fighting game I’ve ever seen. All concept and no execution. What kind of combat is that, whooshing back and forth without a punch thrown. I’ve never seen lazier animations. I’m usually not one to be so negative, but this is an abomination.

    • Hey!

      Well, you would be correct. This would be the worst fighting game…but its not really a fighter. We’ve intended from the get-go to get this title as a party game that resembles a fighter. This title is best enjoyed with friends/family/enemies in close proximity while you are all hanging out. It really is a fun time to be had.

      Hope you and a few friends give it a shot! You might change your perspective on it ;)

  • Lol @ the comment above me. I hate to say it but…. the person is right. I’m not sure if I should get this but I might check out some gameplay later.

    • Gameplay, to be honest…is simple. This is a competitive title where more and more it becomes about fighting off against your opponent…the person sitting beside you. Try a King of the Hill round with a few friends, things get kinda hectic, lol.

      Hope you give it a shot!

    • So it appears I cannot edit posts, so I will make a post here that amends the initial post in which the game play was described as boring. What should have been written was that this gameplay is simple and easy to learn. You won’t be doing multi-combo button presses. You won’t be doing button mashing or chaining together a huge swath of attacks, blocks and jumps and slides. In that sense, you won’t be utilizing most of the controller; you’ll be planning your next move against the person or persons sitting next to you!

      The gameplay is simple, but it is fun when you are sitting right next to your friends and family, taking on one another to see who can get the most wins and who can carry the largest win streak. The gameplay is simple, the game is not and you will definitely get a sense for how fun that can be with your friends ;).

      I’d like to offer you a code to check this game out Bellalara, let you try the game out for yourself!

  • This game got a 3 on Gamespot.

    • I’d give it a 3 if we were a fighter :/.

      Still though, as a party centric game meant to bring people together, we’ve seen it in our playtester’s eyes and in what we’ve enjoyed as a team creating this game. People who’ve been playing games since they were growing up in the 70s…and we’re still acting like children when we’re playing against one another.

      But hey, that’s the challenge with a game so focused on that single concept. We’ve had a blast making it, it’s well polished, has amazing art and style and plays solid. The best part is bringing people together :).

      Hope you enjoy!

  • What did I just see? I was expecting to see a punch or a kick. I can’t imagine seeing whatever the characters were doing for many hours straight.

  • Got only 2 things to say….wasted potential + missed opportunity.

  • I still have not received my $15 credit after buying over $100 on PSN. I called on November 10th and the customer service agent said it would not be much longer. The deadline to use the $15 is December 9th. Can a staff from the blog please help.

  • I still have not received my $15 credit after buying over $100 on PSN. I called on November 10th and the customer service agent said it would nI still have not received my $15 credit after buying over $100 on PSN. I called on November 10th and the customer service agent said it would not be much longer. The deadline to use the $15 is December 9th. Can a staff from the blog please help.ot be much longer. The deadline to use the $15 is December 9th. Can a staff from the blog please help. Thank you.

  • I have no idea what this game is about? Is it a fighting game? or is like Dive kick?

    • More live Divekick, if you want to give it a comparison. Rock-Paper-Scissors is our best analogy. With some Rock’em Sock’em Robots. But in the 20s. Cause reasons.

  • Hey guys!

    Congrats on the first PS4 release! Bet it’s a good feeling to see all your hard work come to life.

    The game looks very intriguing, but I’m not really getting a sense on how the moment to moment gameplay looks. How exactly is this played?

    Also people need to calm down with the hate.

    • Hey, its gamers. People are going to be positive or negative and there’s nothing we can do but to talk and hope to get them to play. The best part of gaming for a lot of people is the sheer variety that’s coming up for games…we’ve got even more than ever before.

      This game is just so easy to play, it was hard not to jump on it. Thank you for your support, its been a ride getting a title to PS4 and we’re looking forward to more. Speakeasy started out as a fun little title with no real direction and its turned into this gorgeous little party game that’s fun for everyone we’ve put it in front of :). Bringing back community gaming, one downloadable party title at a time!

      As for gameplay; its basically Rock-Paper-Scissors. The controls are incredibly easy, but the difficulty is winning against the person next to you. We spice things up with some Tag Team (which lets you swap out players) and King of the Hill, which keeps you and 3 others going at one another as quickly as possible. Lots of fun to be had because you are with people right next to you in a social setting, trying to get the better of one another. It’s a lot of fun, we hope you give it a shot!

  • For everyone wondering about this game, I suggest you check out the review on Gamespot, mentioned in comment #5. This is effectively rock-paper-scissors… at a $9.99 price tag. Don’t fall over yourselves, reaching for your wallets.

  • Hey Ben,

    I like the art style and the music. This looks like a lot of fun.

    I wanted to ask if you guys would consider on making “Dynamic Themes” and “Avatar Pictures” for the PS4. Your game would look cool displayed on everyone’s PS4.


    Rob aka Graf

  • hey man would love to see a demo. either way thanks for doing something original and taking a risk. if nothing else i’m willing to check it out just for that reason.

    as far as the hate it’s good to ignore it. sometimes the worst thing about games is gamers. any forum board will show you that.

    • We actually had a tough time figuring out a demo as its a local multiplayer title only….which creates a problem. We have the gameplay and live action trailers up, though to experience the game you will indeed need a friend/enemy to play with :).

      Hope you enjoy!

  • A large majority of party games on the PS4 have been getting burned. Has the gaming economy taken such a large stride away from in-person gaming? I know it’s a struggle for me…I used to LOVE party games but I don’t have anyone to play them with anymore!

  • So Ben Strauss, I know this is a party game but why was there no mention of any single player content whatsoever? This is basically a “invite people over otherwise it’s a digital paperweight” type of game. Really was excited till I discovered it after buying it.

    • Hey SuperTiso!

      Well, apologies on the miscommunication…:/ That’s never fun, but labeling as local multiplayer only has been a big priority from the get go.

      Still though, good reason to call some friends up and play a few games of Cards Against Humanity, Settlers of Catan/Cones of Dunshire and then slap on some Speakeasy ;).

  • So from my understanding from the comments here and the info I managed to dig up, this is basically a glorified Rock, Paper, Scissors to play with the people next to you…..even though you can already play rock, paper, scissors with the people next to you.
    But hey, 1920s!

    I’ll be filing this one under “Cases against Indie games”.

    • I’m filing it under ‘Cases for Party Games,’ though.

      Hey, best part about choice is that you’ll always have some and someone is going to create something specifically with you in mind. Sure, this game isn’t getting your attraction in a positive way, but other games will…and that’s the same for everyone else.

      Hope you re-consider!

  • 9,99$ is a rip off – Gun/SuperSoul you should be ashamed to sell stuff which is less complex and ambitious than projects done to pass the subject in a college. Many people will buy it tricked that they’re getting a fighting game.
    This looks like a mobile or browser game that should be made available for free so that developers could get a decent feedback from the users and improve in the next title.
    Did you even consider hiring an animator? And don’t tell me that terrible result was intended – I think you’re just cheap.

  • Oh man, what? The trailer really doesnt help when its mostly people’s reactions to the game… ive never had thirty people at my house, either. Certainly wont be getting this, sorry.

  • @Ben Strauss

    Yeah that’s cool in theory and the irony is that I travel almost every Saturday night to a friend of mines apartment for “Game Night” where we do play board, card games, etc. The problem is I would either A) Have to bring my PS4 or B) Put my account on his system, download the game, play it for the hour or so before we move onto something else (then delete my account as I won’t be leaving it there). I don’t have people over my place so for all intents and purposes until I get a more sociable area of hang-out for myself in my own home, this game will just be sitting as a digital paperweight.

  • You missed an amazing opportunity to do an orginal fighting game. Look at Skull Girls
    What a waste of an original IP .

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