Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- Demo Out Tomorrow for PS Plus

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Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign- Demo Out Tomorrow for PS Plus

Hello there, friends! Russell from Aksys Games here to announce that from November 25th, 2014 (that’s tomorrow) to December 8th, 2014, a Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- demo will be made available on PS4 for PlayStation Plus members!

Get an exclusive sneak peek at this revolutionary fighting game and take control of main characters, Sol Badguy and Ky Kyske, in this extreme, flashy return of one of the most legendary franchises in the fighting game universe.

So what exactly is in this preview you might ask? Well, I’m here to tell you!

Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-

For starters, the Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- demo for PS4 will give you access to the Sol Badguy and Ky Kyske storylines in Arcade Mode. Whether you’re a seasoned Guilty Gear player, one that needs a quick refresher, or a newbie to the Guilty Gear world, you’ll be able to get a taste of what’s in store for the full version of the game!

For the uninitiated, Sol Badguy is our hulking hero, a bounty hunter with an awesome weapon that moonlights as a lighter (no joke, and it’s crazy). Ky Kyske is his polar opposite, and uses his finesse and fancy moves (Lightning…LIGHT-N-ING!) to fight. Oh, he also happens to be a king…

Also available is the very extensive Training Mode! Take control of Sol Badguy and learn everything from basic moves to advanced combos and skills. Prep yourself so that when you’re pre-ordered copy comes in (wink, wink), you’ll be ready to battle it out against your friends in Network Mode, or go through the many challenging modes the full game has to offer.

Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-

What makes Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- truly revolutionary will be on full display in this demo. ARC System Works, developers of the Guilty Gear and BlazBlue series of fighting games, mixed their trademark 2D animated styles and brought it into the world of 3D. Believe it or not, what you’re playing is a 3D “drawn” game made to look and feel 2D! What does that mean? Every time you do a special attack, get ready to go for a spin as the camera brings you into the heart of the action, giving you a sometimes 360 view!

The Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- demo will be available starting tomorrow, November 25th to December 8th for PS4 Plus users, so be sure to download it and check it out! And the full experience of Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- will be available in retail stores nationwide and PlayStation Store on December 16th. The PS4 and PS3 physical copies come in two versions: a standard edition and a limited edition that includes an art book, CD, specialized box and keychain.

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  • Ps3 or Ps4?

    Also, cool.

    Also, first.

  • Too bad no PS3 version, but I can wait for it! Hope there is a digital pre-order version with freebies coming soon!

  • Hey Aksys, will Xrd get a dub or will all the story mode be subs only?

  • Hey Russell, did your programmers happen to make use of the driver that adds support for PS3 sticks on PS4? The one co-authored by Cowboy from Naughty Dog and Lab Zero?

    I really want to play this game, but I don’t want to buy it for last gen and I really can’t afford to invest in yet another fight stick. =[

    • The developers of Guilty Gear, Arc System Works, are aware of the driver. If there are any updates, we’ll keep everyone posted!

  • Nevermind #2 answered.

  • Glorious Guilty Gear Yeah!!!

  • Hey Russell,

    Thanks for the info and letting gamers play this wonderful game.

    I wanted to ask if you guys would consider on making “Dynamic Themes” and “Avatar Pictures” for the PS4. Your game would look cool displayed on everyone’s PS4.


    Rob aka Graf

  • Heaven or Hell!

    Thank you guys for bringing again the most badass and cool fighting game ever! (Personal opinion XD). I’ve been playing GG since PS1/Dreamcast era and I waited a whole generation for this. I can’t wait to use Ky Kiske, Millia Rage and Chip Zanuff again (Although I’ll miss Dizzy and Baiken in this one), and also try the new fighters Like Elphelt and Ramlethal. Keep it up guys and you can always count with my support on your titles.


  • \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ #YES

  • What do you mean for plus members only? Its bad enough its only a limited time thing, why also put it behind a paywall? Since when are demos premium freaking content?
    PlayStation and their partners are seriously pissing me off lately. With Far Cry 4 demo being tied to their stupid keys, and now this.

  • @1 and @3
    it saus in the very first sentence the demo is for ps4 and in the last sentence that there are physical copies for ps4 and ps3 – doesn’t anyone read the article before they ask questions ?

  • oops , should be @2 , not 3

  • #3. Yes, Xrd will have a dub, but will this Demo have it, maybe? maybe not? I guess Russel might answer it for us, and yes, this demo is PS+ only for PS4 users.

    Also #10. Stop complaining, its bad enough to see you also complain also on “The Drop” for 11/23. >_>

    Well, anyways, at least we’ll see some of the story to understand in English in the Arcade Mode (but who knows if the voices will be only either in JP, or English.), but yeah, anyways, “Let’s Enjoy a Great Showtime”! X3

  • Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!

  • @3 Yes the game will be tailored to for US audiences there was already a Japan ps+ demo so I think they month delay was to finish the localization. I hope it doesn’t follow Chrono Phantasma’s lack of Japanese dub in story mode however, that was annoying.
    @10 Never stop complaining only you can prevent corporate abuse, stop the cash, stop the whiplash.

  • No PS3 demo is pretty lame, but oh well.
    Back to watching the trailers for me.

  • Can`t wait to try it out, that is assuming I don`t forget to download it. X_X

  • Cool looking forward to try it

  • Not a big fighting game guy, its on the very small list of genres (like 4 genres long lol) that I almost never play but there are a few games I love like King of Fighters, Smash Bros, Playstation All Stars, and Skull Girls, ext so Ill give it a shot especially since theres no charge :D

  • @13 this is the best place for sony AND their partners to get feedback at the same time. so thats what im giving them. without people like me and many others, things could get way worse. im aure when you disagree with what sony does at some point you will understand. But for now, ill leave you with this example: Evolution wanted to tie the Driveclub upgrade version, the one you paid fifty bucks for, to your plus account. Which meant that even after you bought it, you still needed plus to play it. And Sony was ok with that! Until enough of us complained. Then they changed their minds. You’re welcome.

  • Its retarded how this game on ps3 is free to play online but on ps4 it isn’t. Same for all cross platform games, makes no sense.

  • I’ve never really liked Guilty Gear (despite liking other ArcSys fighting games) but I really want to try this just for the weird mix of 2D and 3D. Want to see how that works out in action.

  • Hey @12 Can you really read my post properly? Geez!

  • Exactly “yowzagabowza”, but this is me “-_-” not caring, as I’m only a gamer of retro and niche stuff.

    You’re better off asking these questions in PS related blog posts, not publisher/developer ones. Next time, ignore these issues and don’t acute the negative.

    Anyways…just a day to go to try it out in English! X3

  • Can we expect to see this in Canada on the 16th?

  • Oh and “Cosmoslayer”, well, there’s already a JP ver. Day-1 Digital Pre-order for that one, but we dunno if we’ll get the US version will also do the same here as well, hoping possible, but who knows.

    Usually, as I remember, most of Aksys titles had a 1 week only discount launch sale for its digital releases, I wonder if it’ll be the same for Xrd once it comes out.

  • @NeoStrayCat Oh, thanks! Really hope US version gets it too!

  • Nice,looking forward to try it out…its weird considering I’m a lover of fighting games since ever,but I never played a Guilty Gear game before.Always heard the name and saw pics of it but never played.Curious with this one.

    Also thanks for including dual audio…listening to english voices is the worst torture.

  • Looks like fun. I’ll def download the demo tomorrow!

  • So dumb question: how do u actually pronounce “Xrd”????


    Or something different?

  • 2nd one. Heard it on arcade opening movie. XD

  • yeah but you guys have a bad habit of not getting games into Canada the day they’re supposed to come out

  • Yeees! I´m also hopping for that driver support for my PS3 MK arcade stick. You better listen to your costumers!

  • Oh hell yeah!!! Awesome!!! But at the same time it’s a shame that there’s no demo for PS3 =(

  • Hey Aksys, when will we see footage of Leo Whitefang. Also will Elphelt be completely free for people who pre order the US Version of Xrd, or is that incentive only for Japan?

  • In Persona 4 Arena Ultimax the “dual audio” applied only to the battles and nothing else.
    Will Guilty Gear Xrd’s dual audio apply to everything; including story, character select, etc.?

    How much will Leo cost? Will we get a gameplay trailer of him soon?

    Will connection indicators be done like it is in Blazblue with colors or with numerical ping like Skullgirls? Numerical ping is far superior for finding better connections for matches, but I’m not going to hold my breath since it seems like the colored icons are Arcsys’s M.O.

  • Really hyped to play some Sol and Chipp. Can’t wait for Xrd to come out.

  • Will Elphelt be free for the first week of Xrd’s release, just like when Adachi and Marie was free for the first week of P4AU’s US release?

  • Don’t worry guys, hopefully there will be some gameplay of Leo one of these days before (or around) the the time Xrd comes out. Well, if possible…

    And for the Elphelt situation, she is not a pre-order bonus (well, except in 1st print JP retail copies and in a limited time JP PS Store digital pre-order.), like what P4AU was with Adachi/Marie, she will be also free for a limited time when the game is out in the US to download her on the PS Store. For how long isn’t mentioned, yet.

  • Will the game pad in the Japanese limited edition be available for purchase here ? On a side note PLEASE make sure the netcode is functional. I’ve waited SO long for the game and have no GG community where I live, so this will make or break the game for me!

  • Niiiiiice, I’m playing this demo as soon as my finals are done. And… maybe a bit before haha, to try it out! Guilty Gear rocks, it’s been a very long time I’ve played one. Thanks! ^_^

  • There were many complaints about the limited edition music CD that came with Blazblue Chrono Phantasma. The CD wouldn’t play on platforms like te PS3, PS4 and even the majority of music players in vehicles, and it would only work through playing the music on Windows Media Player. Does the Guilty Gear Xrd vocal CD perform like a normal CD? I want to buy the limited edition of Xrd, but this will only happen if the product is usable.

  • @38 Could swear that BBCP used 1-4 and 3G for ping indicators and colors for skill since there is no PSR like Extend.
    Also 45 days pre-ordered time is standing still. I hope Elphelt would be free for x amount of time :).

  • What time will be uploaded on PSN on the 25th, of November?

  • Hey Russell, what is the current plan for a release to europe?

    There are two Option :D

    – no Info / no plans yet = everyone will import that game on december
    – Release Plan Info = we will waiting for it

    We have also many fighters, were waiting for an information or just an update ;)

  • Come on!!

    How come there’s not going to be a Demo for PS3, if the game will be released for both Consoles?

  • Let me plus up so I can play this demo. By the way my fight stick’s on the way.

  • I love dual audio. Never stop doing dual audio. I miss out on so many games from Xseed and Atlus because they won’t/can’t license Japanese voices. DVD/Bluray has had multiple language options for years, there’s no reason for video games to not have the same.

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