Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Hits PS4, PS3 April 7th

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Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin Hits PS4, PS3 April 7th

Hello, PlayStation fans! I’m beyond excited to finally reveal Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, a very special project from Bandai Namco Games Inc. and FromSoftware, available April 7th, 2015 for PS4 and PS3.

That, my friends, is not a typo. Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin is coming to PS3 and PS4 next year! Not only that, but it will take advantage of the next generation capabilities of PS4, giving fans of the series and newcomers alike updated visuals, rebalanced gameplay, a higher maximum number of players for online play, new and deadlier enemies, a brand new NPC to discover, expanded lore, and new in-game events.

Scholar of the First Sin also has the Crown of the Sunken King, Crown of the Old Iron King, and Crown of the Ivory King DLC already included as well. This is the ultimate version of Dark Souls II.

The PS3 version of Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin will be bundled with all three DLC missions and also include the additional NPC, expanded story, in-game events as well as improved gameplay balance and online matchmaking functionality. PS3 owners who already own Dark Souls II will receive the improved balancing and matchmaking as well as expanded story content free of charge as a large-scale update.

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First SinDark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

In short, we’ve got you covered if you’ve been thinking about jumping into the Dark Souls universe or are already a hardcore fan of the series for PS3.

And that’s not all! We can also announce today that the PS3 version of Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin will be playable at PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas on December 6th and 7th. We’ll see you wonderful people in Las Vegas as we try to piece together new mysteries in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin.

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  • Its about time, Can’t wait to play it!!!

  • This is great news. I hope we get some more information on the PS4 release. Is only the new DLC coming to PS4 or will the main game also be coming to PS4 as well?

  • OMG so glad I waited! Now I’ll get the definitive experience on PS4! This and Bloodborne. Now is the best time to be a PS gamer and a From Software fan.

  • @Bones00

    This is a re-release on PS4 akin to the Sleeping Dogs and Saints Row IV. It will include the original game, plus the new content, plus all previously released DLC.

  • Excellent! I look forward to trying Dark Souls 2 in its ultimate form on the PS3.

  • Another remake. Yawn.

  • recycle recycle recycle recycle recycle

  • I’d be on the line to get both, but Bloodborne is around the corner and that game looks awesome.

    Plus I still need to play the first before going into second.

  • Bring Dark Souls 1 to PS4.
    Sony, bring Demon’s Souls to PS4.

  • You would have had a sale at sixty bucks from me if you simply added Dark Souls with the Artorias DLC to the disc. I am not that needy to play through Fromsoft’s B Team project. Also, this is just a month after Bloodborne.

  • I platinumed the first Demon Souls and a few batches of youtube videos for the first Demon’s Souls. However my capture card was SD.

    I bought Dark Souls 2 for a fairly low price, about 35-40, but I’m just gonna sell it to my friend and pick it up on PS4 because… WHY THE HECK NOT!?

    Dark Souls + Party Chat = Win!
    Dark Souls + Share Button = Double Win!
    Dark Souls + Streaming + Friends = Nerdgasm.

  • Any word on price? I love the souls games but don’t think I would pay $60 for something I already have. Will there be an upgrade option for PS3 digital owners? What is the resolution and framerate? Will it support some kind of vita friendly remapping for remote play ala Destiny? Any plans on doing the same for DS1?

  • So the rumors ended up truthful. Glad I waited on the PS3 version!

  • Please, let us transfer our characters to the PS4 version

  • Wonderful news !! Tears of joy :*D

    I’d echo the call for the first Dark Souls title and its DLC seeing a PS4 release too – maybe as a collected set, if you will.
    Probably not a possibility, but I certainly wouldn’t mind waiting longer, if deft hands could make such a thing viable.

  • Okay, I have a question: If I hold DS II on PS3 til April, I’ll get all 3 Story Expending DLCs for free in addition to other improvements as a BIG UPDATE free of charge? Is this what you mean?

    Or I still will need to buy those DLC and the update is going to be free?

    Please answer and thank you.

  • That’s outstanding news! Thanks, looking forward to it!

  • How about instead of putting a bunch of PS3 games out on PS4 you work on remastering the games people really want. PS2 remasters. Not games with little graphical difference from PS3.

  • @magooser
    Yeah, that makes sense. Re-releasing 1 year old games doesn’t make interested as say, re-releasing gems like smuggler’s run, jak & daxter, silent hill.
    ‘they would need to be remade!’. That’s is the point. these ‘new’ games aren’t remade. just a graphic overhaul, pretending to be keep the playstation line up busy. And don’t know, re-hashing a game launched in march this year, while a fresh one is in the oven… please, don’t go ubisofting.

  • I’d love to see the 1st Dark Souls and perhaps even Demon’s Souls make their way to the PS4 eventually as well. But this is pretty awesome! Bloodborne then Dark Souls 2 a month later =)

  • @WanyaRolf:
    Yup. I would love Dragon Quest 8, Xenosaga 1-3, Rogue Galaxy, Dark Cloud.

  • Please, pleeeease, tell me I’ll be able to transfer my PS3 save so I can play a NG++ on the new generation…

  • I’ve already spent, what, 1200, 1500 hours on this game? Still doing co-op every night, helping Young Undead on their journey through Drangleic. Of course I’ll buy the PS4 edition. If I can transfer my save, I’ll be SL 838 by then, easy, and completely legit. I might even venture into NG+3, to play it all over again with upgraded features.

    6 person co-op? Why? That sounds crazy. Or will it be multiple invaders, 3 on 3? Yikes, crazy! And I guess there will be different servers for next-gen, so the community will get further split?

    This is great, great news! FromSoft and NamBam deserve my money all over again, for all the hours I’ve spent, and will spend, on their servers.

  • No mention about PS Vita?

  • I would really like a PS Vita version.

  • Awesome idea! Never got the chance to play it on PS3.

  • How big is the improvement in graphics? I’m not seeing anything too impressive in that trailer. I want the quality you used to hype this game last year and to this day it is shown in the screenshots on the PSN store that reflect in no way the true visuals of Dark Souls 2, not even the PC version. That’s what I want for the PS4 version. Is that what you’ll give me I’ll happily double dip (I bought all 3 DLCs you refused to bundle in a Season Pass for US PSN). You’d better deliver or I’ll wait ’til is sold for cheap.

  • That is kinda stupid, i was waiting for the ps4 edition and you were like there wont be one so i bought the ps3 version. Bah at least there is bloodborne!

  • Beautiful news! Best Souls game I’ve played since Demon’s Souls (and I’ve played them all). ps4 will give this game even more capabilities and I already see a lot more enemies roaming around. Big thanks to Namco, Fromsoftware, and to Sony for delivering for their loyal Souls fans.

    And not just to us, it’s only a matter of time before more gamers become hallow and join the dreaded worlds all around them.

  • Please, let us transfer our characters to the PS4 version

  • so close to bloodborne, why??

  • Yes! Loving these HD remasters! I finished Demon’s Souls but I never got to play this last gen. Can you tell us why Dark Souls isn’t also coming to the PS4? Seems odd to omit the first game in the franchise. Anyways, so happy about DSII coming to the PS4! Thanks!

  • @16 : LOL. You think they are trying to do some charity or something? xD
    No, if you buy the PS3 version (DS2) you will only get the “extended story” (probably some lame missions, a couple more hours and not that much), and the “improved balancing and matchmaking” (i.e. all the things they need to make the game “stable” after patching).
    So basically…if you buy the “old” version you’ll receive a USUAL patch, like all the regular ones from ANY game (that make some tweaks here & there and maybe add some “extra option”) AND NOTHING MORE.
    If you want all the bundled DLC…you’ll need to buy the “new” version (that it’s actually little more than an ULTIMATE/Complete/GOTY version)…or the “old” one PLUS each independent DLC.

    @29 : Sony doesn’t have anything to do with this. And they are not “delivering to their loyal Souls fans”…they are just trying to milk a succesful franchise and trick you into buying yet another remake for full price. Don’t be naive… >_>

  • But what about the original Dark Souls?

  • Just when I think the bulls*** will stop…more bulls*** comes our way.I can’t help but lol at people who buy these recycled crap,bought a PS4 to play PS3 games?…I would say sheeps dont see that once they keep supporting this they’ll just keep on making.But there are some who even celebrate for something like this.I’ll be lol’ing….LOL.

    @ 18 magooser – Yo glad someone still has reason.

  • PLEASE tell me I can transfer my save data from the PS3 version!

    And, also…maybe a Vita version? Cross buy? Or at least Remote Play?

  • @32 : Dark Souls WAS NOT “the first game in the franchise”…that honor goes to DEMON’S SOULS. Which they are also not porting.
    So they are just bringing the franchise to Next-Gen through their LAST game. It’s not that “odd”. They need something to be able to sell the NEW games [of the franchise] to Next-Gen players…so they are just using that ol’ trick of rehashing the last one to kick start the actual NG games.

  • I would LOVE to have this, or any dark souls game on the vita.


  • I’ll pass. I’m all in for Bloodborne instead.

  • Improved graphics? Will this version maybe look like the Beta? That would be awesome.

  • as a massive demon’s/dark souls fan i want to be excited about this. i skipped the ps3 version thinking a ps4 port would be just around the corner. i was begging for this for months.

    …but coming 2 weeks after bloodborne. what an epic fail. i’m getting bloodborne day-1 but dark souls 2 only maybe someday.

  • I will buy this and Bloodbrone for sure… but oh god how I would have loved if they have putted both dark souls and their DLC in one disc!!!

  • To those whining about ports to ps4, you should know that Namco is already planning to make Dark Souls III. This porting will not take development time away from any future nacom-fromsoftware games.

    Instead of complaining why not thank them? They’re continuing to support the series we all love. In no way was there going to be a new Dark Souls next year so let them give us this DESERVED port to the new standard Sony console with better everything.

    if you don’t like ports then just keep playing the ps3 version. There’s still plenty of new games of ps4 like I don’t know, Metal Gear Solid V, Bloodborne, The Order, Uncharted 4, and whatever else they will show at Playstation Experience.

  • Man. I’m torn between this and Bloodborne now. I’ll probably still be busy with Destiny’s expansions and other recent releases come March/April. I’m hoping this is released at a slightly lower MSRP, as to make the purchase impulsive I hear good things. Loved the first Dark Souls.

  • WOW!!!! this is good News because it comes out on my birthday. I guess holding off on buying the DLC for the ps3 version was a good idea.

  • That is a great subtitle.

  • @Ambience-Design Thanks. I concur with the others about a PS Vita version. That’d be awesome.

  • @Welmosca You also gotta keep in mind there may be people who have never played the ps3 version and so would rather take the ps4 version (like I did with GTAV). That said, I’m a huge lover of the Souls series, and I have the PS3 version, so I’m probably gonna pick this up for PS4 anyway.

  • Great news! I love the Dark Souls series, but didn’t pick up Dark Souls 2 for budget reasons and hoping it would come to PS4. I’m glad I waited, as I will now get my wish!

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