Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed Out Tomorrow on PS4

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Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed Out Tomorrow on PS4

In the beginning, there was Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed on PS3 and Vita. And it was ridiculous (But in a good way!).

Now… there will be Akiba’s Trip on PS4. And it will be even more ridiculous. In an even better way.

Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to find Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed in stores and on PlayStation Store in North America — just in time for Thanksgiving! The PS4 iteration of the game is less “old hat” and more “all that,” with lots of console exclusive features that might just make your holiday season a little crazier in that distinctive way only the best and weirdest Japanese anime and games can.

Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed Out Tomorrow on PS4

If you don’t know what Akiba’s Trip is, it’s the story of a customizable dude named Nanashi (which means “no-name” in Japanese). He lives, works, and goes to school in Akihabara, the infamous “geek district” of Japan (which has been recreated as true-to-life as possible in the game). The district is renowned worldwide for its many shops and restaurants centered around anime, manga, video games, cosplay, maids and butlers, and anything else you can think of that falls within the realm of “otaku culture.”

Long story short, Nanashi was lured into a shady back office by the promise of rare goods and transformed into a sort of energy vampire called a “Synthister,” and he must now seek out other Synthisters (male and female alike) with the help of a mysterious girl named Shizuku, as well as his friends in the “Akiba Freedom Fighters” and a handy-dandy vampire-identifying smartphone app… then beat them up with everyday objects and “expose” them to the harsh light of day.

You know… a typical Tuesday afternoon for most of us.

The PS4 version, of course, has all manner of graphical and performance upgrades, running at a solid 1080p without any framerate hiccups, and sporting a new lighting engine as well as enhanced character models.

But this is PS4 we’re talking about, so none of that should be very surprising. The real cool features — the ones that make this the definitive version of Akiba’s Trip — are the livestream chat commands, the Visual Editor, and Toybox Mode.

Akiba's Trip: Undead & UndressedAkiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed

The first of these features is for those of you who like to play in front of an audience… because now, that audience can actually help you out in battle (or troll the ever-loving snot out of you!). From summoning your little sister to fight by your side, to boosting your battle gauge, to calling the cops on you or making the locals turn violent, to inserting themselves into the game with customized dialogue, the act of livestreaming has gone from a one-way road to a crazy street corner with no stop sign!

The Visual Editor, then, lets you… erm… edit the game’s visuals. Like, virtually all of them. Want everything to have a greenish hue and super-thick red outlines? You can do that. Want to turn the motion blur dial to 11 and add so much pink fog that you can’t see two feet in front of you even while standing still? You can do that, too! One of my coworkers almost made himself sick by turning virtually every setting up to max, then attempting to move around while his avatar was set to a drunken walk cycle and wearing a pink bear suit. The effect definitely looked cool and psychedelic, but would not be recommended for anyone who just ate!

My personal favorite feature, though, is Toybox Mode. This mode literally lets you begin the game with one of every single weapon and clothing item there is. You basically have access to anything and everything the game has to offer from the very start — from the moment you pop the disc into your system — and can just play around to your heart’s content. The only downside is, you can’t earn Trophies or unlock any New Game+ content this way. But I’d say that’s a fair tradeoff, wouldn’t you?

Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed

There are a bunch of other things added too, including some incidental street conversations with each of the main female cast members (Assuming you know where and when to look for them!), all the DLC from the PS3 and Vita versions of the game, and PS4-exclusive clothing items to boot.

All in all, if you’re new to this whole Akiba Synthister-busting thing and you own a PS4, this upcoming iteration of Akiba’s Trip: Undead & Undressed is where you want to be. And if you’re an Akiba veteran, all the cool new features might just be a good enough reason to revisit this quirky underworld of dreams and naughty fun.

Whichever way you play it, though, one thing’s for sure: this is one trip that’s definitely worth taking.

November 25th. That’s tomorrow! Mark your calendars, people. It’s gonna be a hell of a ride.

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  • looking forward to it! Hopefully this is playable at the PlayStation Experience

    • Afraid not, sorry! We will not be present at PlayStation Experience this year — we’re too busy working on other secret unannounced games for you guys. ;)

  • I definitely would’ve waited to purchase this on the PS4 instead of the vita if I knew it was going to come out on this platform!

    • Sorry about that! We did make a point of announcing the PS4 version before the PS3 and Vita versions were released, just to avoid such situations, but we’re a pretty tiny company, so our announcements can sometimes get lost in the shuffle.

      Chin up, though! The core game is the same, and you get to play it on the go. I think that’s still pretty good! ;)

  • Anyone know if gamestop has any preorder bonuses for it? If so I’d preorder it. :)

  • I’ve been looking forward to this forever. Pre-ordered it a bunch of months ago. Turns out I’m going out if town for a week tomorrow and won’t be able to play until next week! So I get to look forward to it a little longer. XD

  • If you’ve purchased on PS3 is there any discount? I’d like to experience the new features but don’t know if it justifies another $50-$60 purchase for a slightly/moderately beefed up version of the same game… that also came out this past August in the US.

    • I’m afraid the answer to that is no — we weren’t able to provide any loyalty discounts for this product. Sorry!

  • I have the PS3 version, but after reading this, I have a feeling I’ll be getting the PS4 version too… This game is too funny… XD

  • Hey Tom,

    This is going to be a amazing fun game on the PS4. I have a feeling it could be a big hit as word gets out about the awesomeness of it.

    I wanted to ask if you guys would consider on making “Dynamic Themes” and “Avatar Pictures” for the PS4. Your game would look cool displayed on everyone’s PS4.


    Rob aka Graf

  • This game made my year. So many things to learn, so much fun to be had, and so many laughs…
    Wish I had a PS4 so I could play it yet more times.

    Please keep being so awesomenly BASED, XSEED.
    You ROCK!

  • This has literally been my most anticipated game just based off of the Japanese absurdity, which we’ve sorely missed on PS4 retail releases so far.

  • I wish this game was cross-buy with vita. Then I would more than likely buy it.

  • Missed this on the Vita so definitely picking this up for PS4, ca’t wait.

  • Hey just wanted to say I really enjoyed the game on ps3. I think ill pick it up for ps4 if theres a sale down the road.

  • Also thanks for dubbing the whole game. The english cast was so very well done. I hope more of your future games get dubs as well.

    • Don’t worry, we’re doing our part to help keep the local voice-recording studios and voice-acting talent pool gainfully employed. ;)

  • Enjoying this on my Vita, thanks for bringing it to PS4.

  • Im looking forward to this for one it looks extremely fun and the concept is just awesome lol

  • Cross-buy? If not, I’ll get it on Vita. Thanks for supporting all the platforms that I have :)

  • Sounds like the PS4 version is the one to get! Nice!
    I might have to try this game out one day. Maybe after I get some Christmas money cause I just spent way too much on games this month. Good to play though.

    • This has been a hell of a year for games, hasn’t it? I think 2014 has had some of the best releases since like, 2008.

      Akiba’s Trip is a worthy addition to a worthy year, though. Probably in my top five games of 2014 — though admittedly, I might be a bit biased. ;)

  • cool title,but i am wondering when people are going to see trails in the sky 2.0,do you think it will come out before the last guardian?

  • Wonderful, I’ve been waiting on this release

  • Haven’t got this yet, but will probably get it for the PS3 since I don’t have a PS4 at this time. Love that you put a color manual in it, so hope the PS4 version has one too.

  • Is Europe not getting a retail release? can’t find it for pre-order anywhere

  • Thanks XSEED for bringing us stuff we only used to wish would come to NA!. …and on to that “secret project”….could it another treat for our PSVita???

  • Really weird looking game. Might just have to get it to see how weird it can get.

    • It gets super-weird, in that particular way one typically only encounters from the best of anime-style Japanese games. If you’re into otaku culture at all, chances are you’ll really appreciate the tongue-in-cheek social satire aspects of this game, as it’s a really nice roast of everything weird about anime and video games. ;)

  • @ Tom Lipschultz – Thanks for commenting! I would definitely agree that this game is top notch. I’ve poured RIDICULOUS hours into this title. I’m soo glad it made its way to the US!

  • Any chance that the graphics changing lets you.. Uhh.. Change the apearence of the sensor bars? Either in the sense of different or um. Removed lol. I’d bet against the latter, thought that would make my girlfriend enjoy it more. Can’t hurt to ask.

    • You can never remove the censor lights, nor change them to anything other than bright lights — but you CAN make them significantly smaller, even in the PS3 and Vita versions. Just mash the X button over and over again as soon as the light shows up, and each time you press it, the light will grow dimmer and dimmer.

  • So it includes even the paid dlc? o-o definitely picking up my copy tomorrow

    • Yep! There is one DLC pack (of new stuff) for the PS4 version on top of that, but it’s a free DLC pack, so yes — no paid DLC anywhere to be found in Akiba’s Trip PS4, and nothing unaccounted for.

  • If my gamestop doesn’t have this I will be upset! Can’t wait :D

    • They should! We got all our copies out to retailers pretty early this time around, so if they don’t, it just means that retailer-senpai refuses to notice us. :(

  • Yup getting this, but for PS3

  • Loved it on my Vita, can’t wait to play it on my PS4. Got the game off Amazon. Thanks for all the work you guys do XSEED!


  • #30. Ugh you’re so happy to complain about nothing. Ugh, the nerve of such people. (Shouldn’t even bother posting anyways with that attitude.)

  • I may check this out later on down the road, but I have to put a dent in my backlog first. These past couple months have been murder on my wallet.

  • I was also wondering are you guys ever going to release some avatars? I would love a tohko one.

  • I want a dynamic theme with panty falling lol

  • I’ve been wanting this for a while on my vita
    now i’m torn whether to get it on ps4 or vita

  • Does the PS4 version include the Vita/PS3 DLC?

  • I guess the PS4 version have shorter loading times?

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