This Week in PlayStation: Hello, Los Santos

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This Week in PlayStation: Hello, Los Santos

New Bloodborne details! This game just keeps looking better and better (and by that I mean more and more disturbing).

Here’s your first look at Telltale’s Game of Thrones premiere, a little game called Grand Theft Auto V is out now on PS4 — not to mention LittleBigPlanet 3, Far Cry 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd, you could win a PS4 for you and a friend by showing us your victory dance, we got a taste of the funkysweet jams in Cosmic Star Heroine, and ROCKETS.

What are you playing?

  • I’m playing: GTA V, Far Cry 4, Binding of Isaac
  • I’m watching: Telltale’s Game of Thrones teaser trailer
  • I’m listening to: Various game soundtracks ‘n chiptunes

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This Month’s Free PS Plus Games

Steamworld DigThe Binding of Isaac: RebirthFrozen Synapse PrimeLuftrausersEscape PlanThe Hungry Horde

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PlayStation Blogcast 144

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  • Instead of doing the victory dance video you should be spending the money on servers for the Driveclub PS Plus Edition. Then, you also have the Playstation Experience celebrate yourself thing coming up.

    Just release the PS Plus Edition, we paid for it.

  • I’m playing: GTA V, Far Cry 4, Freedom Wars.
    I’m watching: Btooom, & Black Bullet.
    I’m listening to: nano – No pain, No game.

  • I’m playing: GTA V, Destiny
    I’m watching: Lego Movie, Far Cry 4 on Twitch
    I’m listening to: Christmas Music

    I can’t believe that I am enjoying going through the GTA V story again as much as I am doing… Never played a GTA game for a second run again. This is worth it!

  • @honkayjeezus They should be putting that money into the PS4 servers to fix the message load times, friend request errors, and the store. Forget about Dtiveclub, its dead. I won’t download that POS for free.

  • I’m playing: GTA V, Destiny, Fifa 15
    I’m watching: Chappelle Show
    I’m listening to: Kendrick Lamar – i

    Loving the next gen titles, can’t wait to get DriveClub and The Crew

  • QUESTION HERE !!! How many systems can you have in your playstation account ?? I have 1 ps3, 1 ps4 and 2 psVita. .. I want to buy a new ps3 bundle this week !.. I buy digital games all the time. I need to know if I can have another ps3 add to my account !?.

  • I’m Playing Assassins Creed Rogue ( Awesome Game ) Right Now And WWE 2K15 Which I’m Disappointed In , No Career Mode Sucks ~ But Creed Is Awesome ~

  • Jake I Think Your Aloud 3 Systems ~ I Bought A New System N Had To Un Register One B 4 I Could Register My New One Because I Had Too Many Linked To It ~

  • The amount of systems peer account should be changed. Maybe, 2 of each. PS vita, psp, ps3 and ps4. Not everyone sells their old systems. I’ll be facing that issue when I buy a ps4.

    On topic to post.

    Playing: borderlands presequel
    Watching: heroes
    Listening: rent collection, both movie and Broadway

  • Also. Special edition ps4 red console bundle for bloodbourne?

  • I’m playing: GTA V on my Playstation
    I’m watching: American Horror Story season 3 on Netflix
    I’m listening to: Folk music

  • @honkayjeezus

    I don’t see the big problem about driveclub.
    I spent over £100 onit,got all 225 stars most of the trophy’s etc.
    Fair play if the game servers aren’t the best,it’s playable online,if your not happy with the game I recommend buying Far Cry or wait for The Crew to come out.

    I’m playing : Farcry 4
    I’m watching : Insomnia Gaming Festival/ MADCATZ
    I’m listening : Music by Robb Fallon

  • I’m playing: Last of Us Remastered, NBA 2K15, Monopoly, Mario Kart
    I’m watching: The Walking Dead, SNL
    I’m listening to: Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Talking Heads, K-OS, N.E.R.D.
    I’m growing old: Waiting for Driveclub + Edition

  • im playing: Destiny (PS4) , sword art online hollow fragment (vita), sonic all stars transformed (vita), dbz boz (vita)
    Im watching: Sword art onine 2, walking dead, sonic x, K
    im listening to: Dej Loaf try me remix
    getting gtav add me mostly active player if im not home remote play enabled player

  • I’m playing: GTA V,Infamous,Super Street Fighter 4 AE and The Last of Us
    I’m watching: The Walking Dead and Batman The Animated Series
    I’m listening to: 80’s metal

  • Hey Justin – you know I love the show and my Vita(s), as we now have 2, the PSTV and the PS4. But can anything be done regarding PSN and the PS mobile app?

    Every time my son pops on RP to play Destiny, inevitably a friend will invite me to: Raid, Iron Banner, Crucible, or party. (Destiny)

    So I pull up the PSN app on my phone to politely decline. Which works about 5-10% of the time. I try to send a message and get error after error before the message goes through.


    Please, please, please. Ask Shuhei about this. Come Christmas time we’re going to have ANOTHER influx of new PS4 owners.

    Imagine PSN in that situation. Are there plans to undergird the infrastructure somehow?

    Hoping hoping hoping



  • I’m playing: GTA V(PS4), Deadpool(PS3), God of War Collection(PS Vita)
    I’m watching: The Walking Dead,(NETFLIX) NFL
    I,m listening to: RITTZ and Yelawolf
    I’m Waiting for Batman Arkham Knight

  • One of the craziest weeks for games….ever.

    I’m playing: Warframe, GTAV, Far Cry 3 (gotta do this before I get to #4), Hatsune Miku Project Diva F2nd, Destiny of Spirits.

    I’m watching: The Walking Dead

    I’m listening to: Music from Project Diva F and F2nd

  • I’ am playing: GTA 5, COD AW and soon The Crew.
    I am watching: The Walking Dead,How I Met Your Mother and The Office.
    I am listening to: tech n9ne, and ADTR.

  • I’m playing: Need for Speed Most Wanted, Killzone 3
    I’m watching: PS4 unboxing suff
    I’m listening: Zomboy!
    hope to get my PS4 soon!

  • Why isn’t there a single answer close to two months later about the Driveclub PS Plus Edition? Paying customers paid for it. I smell 2013 Microsoft and 2006 Sony arrogance.

  • Playing: Tales of Hearts R (Vita) Assassins Creed II (PS3)
    Watching: Sons of Anarchy & The Walking Dead
    Listening: Gaming Podcasts talking about broken new releases.

    Maybe after Christmas I will buy a PS4 but right now my backlog is pretty big on my PS3. Not really interested in the PS4 bundles that are out right now either.

  • shadow of Mordor has a lot of bugs please fix itI paid good money for this game

  • I’m playing: GTA V (PA4), Advanced Warfare (PS4), Battlefield 4 (PS4)
    I’m watching: GTA V on YouTube
    I’m listening to: J Cole. Drake

  • How to post the victory dance

  • Word on Geo Wars cross buy? I purchased for PS3 accidentally and would much rather ps4 version

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