PlayStation Blogcast 144: Bloodborne to Be Wild

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PlayStation Blogcast 144: Bloodborne to Be Wild

Hello, friends! Today we talk about new Bloodborne details, our continued obsession with The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Far Cry 4, and even a little Final Fantasy XIV. Join us for a pre-Thanksgiving blowout! Enjoy the show.

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Bloodborne
  • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
  • Far Cry 4
  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  • Bread

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The Cast

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1 Author Reply

  • Enjoy the shooooow!

  • Thanks, Ryan! Any word on black friday sales?

  • Thanks Ryan, always the highlight of my week!!!

    Side note: How come PS didn’t give us any anniversary goodies for PS4 like XB1 did?

  • My binding of is sac doesn’t cross save at all. We need see some black Friday deal. +uc1993 I would highly doubt their giving us anything would happen already.

  • Ermergerd its a blergkerst!

    Just in time for the last hour of work, play me home boys!

  • Enjoying my new Gamefly membership since PS Plus is now for online.

    Sales were not even for Plus members, and you advertised them earlier, like we would save money with it.

    How about some better ones?

  • Guys, Last week you were talking about exercise and I thought I would share an idea. My wife and I bought a treadmill for our bonus room years ago. I had my PS2 hooked up in there and used to play a lot of NCAA Football when I realized I could be walking instead of just sitting. I could walk about 3.0 miles in the time it took me to complete one game so about 45 min. This made getting exercise fun and soon I was playing two games and walking 6.0 miles. I now enjoy long distance runs outside and participate in the Music City Marathon here in Nashville every year. Just a suggestion as the holidays approach us because I’m sure we will probably eat a little more than we should. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  • I’m about to iTunes this.

  • Ah yes very good gentleman right on schedule as usual. However I must wait until I return home to listen to this surely hilarious spectacle. I am most excited to hear about the bread in particular.

    but alas the fiance and I are currently in transit towards the movie theater to see Big Hero 6. for you see we have been dating for 5 years today and we intend to celebrate. I will be certain to give this a listen when I get home later.

    PS I went ahead and snap chatted you guys. it is a photo of myself enjoying a delectable delicacy that is the egg nog shake from Steak and Shake.

  • Umbasa.

    How about a red special edition ps4 bundle to go with that there bloodbourne game. Huh?

  • Guilty Gear Xrd demo :O RIP my friends PS4, I’m gonna play that all day at his place. :)

  • And to go with that awesome RED color scheme, maybe an edit button. Bloodborne…..stupid auto correct. Thinks its all smart.

    But really. Red ps4. Also, happy thanksgiving. Let’s all eat and be merry. Then trample each other the next morning. Woot.

  • Awesomeness!! Thanks plus for guilty gear I’ve been excited for this since well it seems like since launch thanks for the demo

  • Speaking of Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, where is the 1.02 patch? Steam got it about a week and a half ago, and in the game’s current state for PSN version (1.01) it is literally impossible to get the platinum trophy due to bugged trophies. Please release the fix.

  • I listen to this in the car on my commute, it’s because of podcasts like this that I almost wish my commute was longer than 15 minutes.

    I look forward to hearing about bread. And Rebirth.

  • As Dune is my favourite novel I weep for what should have been (I suspect divine intervention thwarting the whole process). And the Giger art is phenomenal, but not for the kiddies (a wee bit of sandworm naughtiness ;)). Thanks for speaking unto this tragedy Sid.

    Keep up the great work gents!

    I still love the Lynch movie nonetheless…..

  • I’m looking forward to hearing about some bread and Bloodborne!

  • What Ever happened yo DriveClub PS+ edition?

  • A great show as usual. Bloodborne and Evolve my most anticipated games at this point. Great to get a few more tidbits of info on the double b. Also I haven’t really given Isaac a fair chance yet, I’ll have to take another stab at it this week. Have a great Thanksgiving guys, enjoy the many sauces dinner brings.

  • Sid, Jodorowsky’s Dune is amazing. What a great documentary. I found out about Jodorowsky (Joe-Doe-Row-Skee) from his Metabarons graphic novels, which are essentially Dune in comic form. They’re phenomenal. He also worked with Moebius on the series The Incal (which Nicolas Winding Refn might adapt to film or TV), and Incal was ripped off for The Fifth Element movie. Jodorowsky got mad and tried to sue, but the director Luc Besson had hired Moebius to do concept art so the suit was dismissed. Jodorowsky is probably the most influential guy in Hollywood for his failed projects, ironically enough!

  • Sid, Boyhood is one of my favorite movies this year. I´m a huge of Richard Linklater. He´s done some of my favorite movies ever, specially the “Before” trilogy (before sunrise, sunset, mignight). This project was huge, not because of the production but because how those 12 years of shooting came out looking. One thing you mentioned, the awkwardness of the characters in their teen years was something that stayed with me because of how real it felt. It´s such a fantastic film and so glad I watched it. If you go unbaised you will have a great time.

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