Battlefield Hardline and EA Sports Coming to PS Experience

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Battlefield Hardline and EA Sports Coming to PS Experience

Update! Visit the EA SPORTS UFC area at the EA SPORTS booth between 12PM-4PM for a chance to meet Chuck Liddell, Miesha Tate and be entered to win tickets to UFC 181. A big thanks to our friends @UFC and @EASPORTSUFC for the hookup. UFC 181 is a stacked card featuring 2 title bouts including Johny Hendricks vs. Robbie Lawler and Anthony Pettis vs. Gilbert Melendez for the UFC Welterweight and Lightweight belts, respectively. This is one event you don’t want to miss!

Electronic Arts is ready for the first-ever PlayStation Experience by adding a stellar lineup to the mix with Battlefield Hardline, Madden NFL, EA Sports UFC, NBA Live 15, and FIFA 15. Join us in Las Vegas and get hands-on with the latest EA games!

EA at PlayStation Experience

Not only will there be playable demos of your favorite EA Sports titles, but fans will have the opportunity to play alongside (and get an autograph from) UFC Hall-of-Famers and former champions Chuck Liddell on Saturday, December 6th from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM and Matt Hughes on Sunday, December 7th from 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM. Also a get a chance to meet top Women’s Bantamweight Contender Miesha Tate on Saturday, December 6th from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM and Sunday, December 7th from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

Once you’re done going head-to-head with a world class fighter, head over to the Battlefield Hardline booth with 24 stations available for hands-on demos with one of its new multiplayer modes, Hotwire, which brings the intensity of the high speed chase to the Battlefield.

EA at PlayStation ExperienceEA at PlayStation Experience

Fans can also meet and hear from Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis and the Battlefield team directly in its panel on Saturday, December 6th from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM as they discuss how the cops and criminals theme inspired Battlefield Hardline. From TV and movies to the fantasy of being on either side of the law, they’ll show you how this will be the fastest Battlefield multiplayer and what Visceral is bringing to singleplayer. Stick around to receive a one-time redeemable DLC code for Final Stand, Battlefield 4’s latest expansion pack.

Gear up… let’s do Vegas with style!

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  • Is EA bringing people from their Need for Speed team over to help with Battlefield Hardline? Because that picture looks more predominantly like a racing game than any FPS I’ve ever seen.

  • No thanks.

  • Will wait for reviews before i rush to buy another EA “Battlefield”game

  • isn’t hardline already out? i thought this was for games that are coming out soon

    • No. It’s not out yet. Release date is March 17th. PlayStation Experience isn’t just for release games. We want to give fans the opportunity to get hands on with Hardline before it ships!

  • Battlefield Hardline isn’t out yet. The game itself releases March 17th, 2015. The original release date was October 21st, 2014 but was moved to March to stop another Battlefield 4 server failure event.

  • Anyone know the PSN data breach is true where some account were shared on PasteBin?

    Can we get an official announcement if we should be concerned.

  • Hold up…wasn’t Hardline supposed to launch in October?…I forgot about the game so I didn’t even noticed but whats up with that?….

  • Two more reasons to not go to Playstation Experience.

    BF hardline will most certainly live up the the standards set by it’s original game…

  • I’d rather play the Star Wars Battlefront game.

  • @Welmosca: They’re still trying to figure out all the issues from BF4 which hardline will inherit… seeing as how none of the issues with BF4 were ever truly worked out.

  • Where is DriveClub PS+ edition?!

  • How about a Vita title, and some more digital sales for the holidays.

    You can keep Vegas.

  • Its using the same engine as bf4, I’ll pass. No way I’m paying 60 bucks for what should of been a bf4 add-on. Since bad company 2, its been downhill…

  • People, please don’t buy Hardline. The VG industry has gone to crap again because people keep buying this garbage. Battlefield fans: This game is NOT being developed by DICE. It’s a BF3 mod being developed by a different studio, while DICE is currently working on BF5, which will release in 2016. If you consider yourself a Battlefield fan, you will not be doing yourself a disservice by skipping this game. LBP3 turned out to be the worst and most overlooked installment because MM didn’t make it. Would you want someone other than Naughty Dog to make Uncharted 4? Would you want someone other than Kojima to make MGS5 or someone other than Polyphony Digital to make Gran Turismo 7? Absolutely not.

  • All this hype for PlayStation Experience that 99% of fans will not be at.

    How about some decent deals to compete with MS. Maybe some decent prices outside of the US too.

  • Come on folks. Hardline looks absolutely fantastic. The demo was a blast to play and that was only 2 game modes. Positive reviews of the story mission have already come out and, let’s face it, who doesn’t love cops and robbers?

  • Since Battlefield 4 had so many launch issues / lag / rubberbanding, I waited to buy a ps4 until around may 2014. When I got my ps4 and BF4 + premium with it, I just figured the issues would have been sorted out by then… I guess not, because:

    1) I still can’t play the 1 player – it deletes my game-save. I read online about many others having the same issue, some even getting to the last level on HARD mode and then having their game-save deleted. This was enough for me to not want to touch the 1 player again. But do players not deserve a refund if the product does NOT work?

    2) Sure, BF is all about online, supposedly, so lets talk about that too. I love BF’s destruction + amazing engine and lots of it’s design, but there are some clearly bad design decisions that I really hope DICE will isten to. First of all and most importantly to me, HARDCORE mode. The first time I played BF4 I immediately noticed the HUGE amount of aim assist and increase in aim assist from BF3. It’s TOO much. Not only that, but even the “hardcore” mode lets you use aim assist. Why is this? What is “hardcore” about aim assist?! PLEASE take aim assist OUT of your hardcore modes in BF Hardline!

  • 3) Communication – I think it’s a great idea to have squads, but not being able to talk to your WHOLE team anymore is a mistake though. Imagine you’re RIGHT next to a teammate, but you cannot speak to them to warn them or plan anything with them… is this how a TEAM game should be designed? I suggest proximity chat to be implimented along with the squad chat, or – allow full team chat for full teams who want to talk to everyone on their team. At the VERY least, squad LEADERS should be able to speak to each other. Look at MAG for this type of mic setup, or look at Socom confrontation to see what Proximity Chat was about.

    4) Perks / Assists – I played the BF: Hardline beta and while it was VERY fun, the “perk” that medics now have to bring THEMSELVES back to life is WAY too powerful. I am making a video about this to show what I mean, but I basically brought myself back to life countless times and killed MANY enemies that had NO idea I wasn’t dead. These are cheap kills… and it feels arcadey – TOO arcadey. Please keep the arcadey perks out of Battlefield.. I don’t think it needs them to be interesting and it actually takes skill away from the game, only adding randomness/unskilled kills.

  • I hope you guys will take the feedback to heart. That said, being a huge socom / counterstrike fan, I am interested in trying the HOSTAGE mode in Battlefield hardline – is there any chance that will be at the PS Event? Other mode looks fun too, just curious when we’ll see more of the 1 life per round hostage mode.

    PS: Defuse mode in Battlefield 4 is still broken too…. (if you change guns, it goes to a black screen the next round. And the game plays half a map on one map and then randomly plays the rest of the match on another map…). I really think that any customer who wants a refund for BF4 deserves one… too big of a percentage of it doesn’t work.

  • Dear EA. I do love your games, and I look forward to playing them on PS4. Please do not abandon the Vita. I want EA games on Vita and not just remote play. We need a new Madden. We especially need NHL on Vita. The handheld has not had a hockey game in ages. At least put the PSP version of NHL 07 on the Sony store and make it playable on the Vita. And imagine the lack of a basketball game. No 2K series on Vita; it would be a perfect time for NBA Live to expand if it came to Vita. And I would even love to see older EA games on the Vita. Please, don’t ignore the Vita. Come back to the Vita and make games for it again.

  • Can’t wait!!

  • Sorry Battlefield fans, I’m most interested in this game than any other installment in the franchise. Big fan of Visceral work.

  • I’ve been impressed with what I’ve since from Battlefield Hardline so far. Also Dan Mitre I can’t wait to see what you guys and girls do with the next EA Sports UFC.

  • I like military shooters like BF4 not cops &robbers if it’s called “Battlefield” it should be a war shooter.. I’ll still play it however if Dice is making it they do great with multiplayer FPS’s in my opinion. Visceral and dice are working together together so this should be good. I would of been too busy with far cry 4, Gta5 and BF4 final stand to play it so i’m kind of glad they delayed it. But I can’t wait for BFBC3 or BF5 to come out that’s what i’m really waiting for from dice! loves me some real battlefield =)

  • @AtomicDawg187, DICE is not making Hardline. It is a BF4 mod being developed solely by Visceral. Please help gamers by not buying garbage. If gamers ever get smart again, we WILL force game makers to stop churning out these cash-grab titles every year. Nowadays, indie developers are pretty much all we can count on for passion and originality, but I am even seeing some indie titles that are being pushed out for a quick buck now. The video game industry is at an all-time low, and we are the only ones who can make a difference. And all we have to do is refuse to buy games like this.

  • looking forward for hardline, really stoke now that i see the staff from dead space are in it,, glad they went back in the lab to work making it the it should be,BAD A- -!!!.. willing to pay a few extra bucks for a rockin game, so keep up the good work and i will see you guys in march,,

  • Okay so this game looks pretty sick and i’m glad they might actually have a game where you are driving but you also can stick your head out the window and shoot.Haven’t seen that since Modern Warfare 2 came out when in the mission your on a jet ski and are still able to shoot.In other word i’m gonna get this for my new Playstation 4!I have one question though… How can you mix “MADDEN NFL, EA SPORTS UFC, NBA LIVE 15, AND FIFA 15 TO A COMBAT RPG GAME? PLEASE REPLY BACK I NEED TO KNOW HOW IT WORKS SO THAT I CAN PLEAD TO HAVE THIS GAME!

  • Sorry… but I’ve abandoned all EA products since Mass Effect 3 and Battlefield 3. All of the launch issues from each game shows only an interest for EA’s bottom line.

  • @PanTheMan16 So in your perspective, a game made a different developer means it’s sucks. What terrible logic you have. You do know that telling them not to buy Hardline will not make a difference to influence their decision? And do you even know why it got delayed to March 17th? The answer are simple, so it wouldn’t be an udder mess like Battlefield 4 was. I rather buy a game by a different developer than have a game with the same developer, but with launch issues. That’s the reason why I prefer Treyarch’s Call of Duty titles than Infinity Ward. Maybe this delay can help EA learn their lesson not to compete with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. By refusing to buy games, you’re not giving them money to make better games. Therefore, the only reason the video game industry is alive is the gamers themselves. How else are games being produced in the first place? You’re so-called “difference” means nothing to them.

  • Has anyone had problems downloading the update for Hartline in Battlefield 4. I keep getting a error code 80029564

  • @29: Literally, nothing you said holds any relevance as a reply to my post.
    1 – Knowledge does influence most decisions.
    2 – Why are you attempting to justify the delay to me, when I said nothing about it? I embrace delays.
    3 – I, too, prefer Treyarch games. I won’t purchase IW’s Sledgehammer’s. But Call of Duty has nothing to do with this.
    4 – Most important fact for people who are BF fans and want to buy this just because it’s BF is that DICE (developer of all other BF games) is NOT developing Hardlinei. EA commissioned Visceral to make a BF game so EA can continue banking on the franchise while DICE works on the next real Battlefield game.
    5 – Hardline is essentially just a mod, biult on the last-gen engine that was used for BF4, so it will look and feel the same or worse than BF4. Visceral is taking something that already exists and just painted it a different color and called it new.
    6 – The VG industry is at it’s lowest point in decades because people mindlessly buy into all hype in an attempt to have the next cool thing. Publishers like EA are clearly very aware of this hand they rely on it while they push out garbage to further saturate the market.
    7 – Udders are found on cows.

  • @31: It’s mostly about your logic, which I clearly don’t understand.
    1 – That’s justified. As long as we know what kind of reputation each company have, then we know which ones to avoid.
    2 – Just in case you ask about it, that’s all.
    3 – Cool, glad I ain’t the only one. Don’t know if Sledgehammer’s take on COD is good though since they’re new (Not counting MW3 because they co-developed it with Infinity Ward).
    4 – This sounds exactly like the trend that Activision does with Call of Duty every year. Not surprised.
    5 – As long if it’s a good mod, it’s okay for me. Treyarch did the same with COD and they managed to do it better. Like Sledgehammer, Visceral is new. Perhaps they can be better, who knows?
    6 – Hype exists because of mass advertisement. Luckily I’m not the type of person that will buy into that. Any garbage EA puts out is their fault and hopefully they learned their lesson.
    7 – It’s a slang meaning BF4 is riddled with bugs, you get the point.

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