Ubisoft at PlayStation Experience

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Ubisoft at PlayStation Experience

Peanut butter and jelly. Harold and Kumar. Video games and Las Vegas. What do these dynamic duos have in common? They’re all absolutely perfect pairings! That’s why Ubisoft is so excited to participate in PlayStation Experience, taking place in lovely Las Vegas on December 6th and 7th.

Far Cry 4

PlayStation fans — especially readers of this blog — might already know about this massive two-day community event, which is dedicated to gamers from all corners of the world. Offering up some of the best PlayStation games across multiple platforms, the Experience includes opportunities to go hands-on with games, attend industry panels, and nab all kinds of goodies from contests and giveaways.

So, what does this mean for the Ubisoft aficionados out there? Within the 400,000 square feet of gaming nirvana, you’ll find the latest titles from our lineup, including:

Assassin’s Creed Unity. Rebuilt from the ground up for next-gen, this game reinvents the beloved blockbuster franchise by offering unprecedented control and unparalleled depth. Set during the French Revolution, Unity features massive crowds (up to 5,000 NPCs on screen) in a gorgeous re-creation of Paris. With a greater focus on stealth, the game includes new ways to customize your Assassin and seamlessly go from exploring Paris on your own to a wide variety of replayable co-op missions.

Assassin’s Creed Rogue. See Assassin’s Creed from the other side… In Rogue, you play as Shay, who turns away from the Brotherhood to join the Templars and become an Assassin hunter. Set during the French and Indian War, the game is the darkest chapter yet in the Assassin’s Creed franchise. Keep an eye out for some familiar faces from recent Assassin’s games!

Assassin's Creed UnityAssassin's Creed Rogue

The Crew. Head out on the highway in this next-gen driving game. Explore the game’s re-creation of America — a massive open-world playground full of all kinds of challenges, populated with friends and potential rivals. Join up with your crew, align with a faction, or simply go it alone and drive from coast to coast in your fully customized cars.

Far Cry 4. Set in the Himalayan nation of Kyrat — a breathtakingly beautiful region full of natural and man-made dangers — Far Cry 4 delivers a new story every second. How will you survive? Write your own story and decide the fate of this war-torn nation using anything from weaponized elephants to a wide array of armaments.

Speaking of Far Cry 4, fans will also be treated to an exclusive panel at PlayStation Experience — Far Cry 4: From the Developer’s Mind to the Gamer’s Imagination. Get a rare peek behind the curtain and find out how the developers built this open world. And since Far Cry 4 is all about the player experience, the panelists will also show off some of their favorite fan-created moments. Who knows — maybe you’ll see your video of that special moment with the honey badger…

Head here to learn more about PlayStation Experience and purchase your tickets. And to keep up with all of Ubisoft’s latest gaming news, be sure to check out the UbiBlog.

We can’t wait to see you in Vegas. Let us know in the comments which Ubisoft game you’re most looking forward to playing!

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  • will your panels run at more than 22 fps?

  • Parity confirmed #UbiShame #ACFlop

  • AC: Rogue will be at Playstation Experience… So does that mean we will see the PS4 version? I really want to play that game on PS4. AC: Black Flag was my favorite PS4 Launch title.

  • Hi Ubisoft. Sometimes less is more. Please give us more AssCreed. And by that I mean far, far less.

  • Will we Rising Phoenix? or a new Assassins Creed for the Vita? I sure I already know the answer but I had to ask because I really would like to see another one. Platted Liberation on my beautiful White Vita!

  • Will we see

  • Hey Ubisoft. How about some Vita love? At the very least Valiant Hearts should be on there.

  • Who said you can’t learn anything from playing Vidya Gamez?

    Ubisoft is French for: Unfinished, Gimped games / paid Beta Testing at retail prices.

    Let’s hope you guys take some pride with the upcoming PS4 version of Rainbow Six by stopping the “parity” BS by taking advantage of PS4 Hardware.

    My .02

  • Can we expect a PS4 AC Rogue announcement?

  • Back in the days Ubisoft used to make video games, now they are in advertising business.

  • Gary Steinman
    please remove the need for a key just to play the far cry 4 DEMO this is not even access to the fulll game so what the point of implementing DRM when you are trying to promote a game

  • Ubisoft, rediscover your passion and re-convince yourselves that video games are more than just about money. Give us a new, amazing Prince of Persia title that takes at LEAST 2 years to develop. Until then, please, do us all a favor and disappear from the gaming industry. Don’t worry, we won’t ‘feel bad.

  • They are saving all the frames per second for playstation experience

  • Give us a new 3D platformer like Rayman 4!

  • I dont know why you guys would even show your faces there. I want one answer from you and sony: who thought it was a good idea to do the Keys to Kyrat? And then falsly promote it the way you did at E3? Im sure your developer panel will answer honestly : /

  • I just came for the drama. *sits back with bucket of popcorn*
    Was not disappointed.

  • lol @BanzaiHeil well sit tight cuz we only 16 comments deep lol…I doubt Gary Steinman or any ubisoft staff even have the audacity to even give a reply in this blog post.

  • I think the die-hard fans at PlayStation Experience would also be eager to play some 2015 upcoming Ubisoft games, rather than only games that will already by widely commercially available (AC: Unity, AC: Rogue, Far Cry 4) by the time PS Experience starts.

    What about, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege for example? Or Tom Clancy’s: The Division?

    Anyway, good luck and hope all the fans will have a great time at PS Experience!

    Personally, I would love to see a new 3D platforming-based Rayman game from Ubisoft!! (Rayman 4 or non-numbered, as long as it’s a 3D platformer in the vein of Rayman 2: The Great Escape) A new game like that with modern graphics on PS4 would be amazing! Maybe Ubisoft Montpellier could handle it since they did a fantastic job with Rayman Origins and Legends?

    And Ubisoft is still one of my favourite publishers among all the megapublishers (Ubisoft, EA, Activision). I am very grateful for the fact that they brought some amazing games like Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends, AC: Liberations and Child of Light to PS Vita. I generally like their portfolio of franchises as well.

  • Also, I hope to still see lots of Ubisoft games on PS Vita in the future for 2D games like Child of Light, Rayman Origins/Legends.

    I would like to have Valiant Hearts on the PS Vita.

    And I’m totally with fine with lots of Assassin’s Creed games from Ubisoft. If they are of great quality then people shouldn’t mind and should only be grateful. Nobody is forced to buy these games if they don’t want to play these games anymore. It’s up to them. Half-Life fans would only beg that their favourite franchise would receive as many installments as Assassin’s Creed. Same goes for The Last Guardian fans.

  • Huge AC fan but Unity was a huge letdown especially after how good IV was. If Rogue ever comes to PS4 i’ll play it but don’t think i’ll be buying it for PS3.

  • I wonder if Unity will be as buggy on the event as well…better patch that mess before putting in the event or you might experience some shame ubi.Oh what am I saying?…since when you care about the shame above your greedy heads…after Watch Dogs you guys still were brave to release another beta advertised as a full game.S*** can’t get worse.

    Anyway please do not bring Rogue to PS4….PS4 had enough of recycled crap already,only sheeps buy a PS4 to play PS3 games.

  • Hi Ubi! How are you? I’m not that great. Do you know why? Well I’ll tell you. I have yet to be able to play co op on ACU. I bought the game on release day, preordered actually, and have yet to be able to connect to anyone. And before you suggest I reset my router, ps4, game, etc, I’ll let you know that I already have. And don’t say “set up a DMZ in your router” because there is no reason why I should have to do that. Every other game works…except for unity. So please, how about you announce fixes for these games at PSX….. Because I don’t like paying full price for half a product. No one does.

  • I am just excited about the ‘PlayStation’ only stuff by SONY really at the event :D Seems most of these big companies have let people down already this Gen. Take Watch_Dogs it looks nothing like the 1st Video that was shown at the PS4 reveal show :-/ Oh well.

  • Ubisoft…..why even bother.

  • Hi:
    Let Me see if I understand right… Do you have the Hypocrisy to talk about Unity and promote new games when your last releases are just a fraud to us?
    I wonder WHY SONY accepts this kind of behavior. People at Ubisoft should be ashamed of what they did to PlayStation 4 users with Unity. At least for Me, I won’t buy ANYTHING from you and MAYBE consider to buy The Division after read some reviews from PLAYERS, of course.
    To SONY people, I’m sorry for my behavior BUT, you really shouldn’t let Companies to sell “games” like Unity.

  • Stop releasing broken and downgraded games.

  • Blood in the water. The comments on this post have not disappointed.

  • Hmmm, no Tom Clancy titles are gonna be here….

    no Rainbow Six on The Division, just the Crew….

    everything else is already released.

    is this it? is this all you can conjure Ubisoft?

    10 bucks that The Division and Rainbow Six is gonna be at Microsoft’s dumb knock off event

  • Man, it’s such a hot trend right now to hate Ubisoft, and I just don’t get it. I thoroughly enjoyed AC IV and Watch Dogs, and from what I’ve played of Far Cry 4 and Unity so far, I’m thoroughly enjoying those too.

    I get that some stuff is downgraded from the reveal trailers, but so what? They’re still fantastic games. And I don’t know if anyone else will admit to remembering this, but the enemy AI in Last of Us is nowhere near as cool as it appeared in the E3 demo of Joel and Ellie fighting their way through the hotel. Doesn’t matter though; that’s still my favorite game of all time.

  • Ouch, some of you guys are being too rough, but Ubisoft has definitely done some big missteps, no, MISTAKES, in this past year. The biggest one for me (since I’m a huge competitive multiplayer fan) is how they took out THE best part of Far Cry’s online mode – the multiplayer peer vs peer map maker (now it’s only a solo map creator and maybe a coop one soon). The multiplayer map editor allowed the online community to make THOUSANDS of maps (think little big planet but for shooters), and to play them with + against each other – competitively. Ubisoft took this out – without telling fans a word about the map editor before launch – and most of the reviews I’ve seen have FAILED to mention this HUGE missing piece in Far Cry 4.

  • (continued)

    Very let down and didn’t buy it at launch because of this (taking shortcuts and forcing people to buy DLC to play new maps instead of delivering what the fans really want in Far Cry – the ability to make and play their own maps online). Other people here mentioned the “Keys to Kyrat” and I obviously agree (because I have common sense)… why not just make the Far Cry 4 “demo” into a regular demo? What’s so bad about giving EVERYone a chance to play a demo of your game? Instead, you chose to make people have to go through an extra step to play the demo, for no reason. It’s not a huge deal, but it just shows how out of touch this company is. Start listening to fans, and stop rushing your games + cutting out stuff, you’re losing more fans than you’re gaining by rushing a game out to release it before the holidays.

  • ^^^And by “rushing”, I obviously mean Assassin’s Creed Unity. I was SO looking forward to that game (GORGEOUS recreation of Paris…) but looks only go so far as they say…There is NO way you could have not known the problems with framerate and all the bugs that were in the game before you launched it. But you chose to launch anyway. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. So you definitely deserve the flack you’re getting.

    This is different than games like DriveClub where the issues were only discovered after release. When you KNOW your game has problems functioning correctly and you just push it out the door anyway to make a quick buck off of FANS – you don’t deserve sales / resepct / fans until you change your ways or fire whoever is running AKA ruining the show…. I’ll get Unity used – I’m sure there will be plenty of used copies, and I’m sure I can live without the “online” mode. Whoever is RUNNING the show at ubisoft and PUSHING the developers to RUSH their game out, is screwing the whole company over. It’s really a shame to create such a gorgeous recreation of Paris but then fill it with BS – I feel bad for the artists who put in all the work only to have their work smeared by “management”.

  • Stop giving us games that run worse than weaker hardware. We all know you put more time into the Xbone version of Unity because of the marketing deal and the fact you always demod that version and sent out Xbone review copies.

    Stop being a greedy company.

  • +If I go to this event I will definitely be bringing up these things. Have some pride in your work – they are pieces of art, and you’re suffocating art with business. You, EA, Activision… You rush your devs to release HUGE products with no room for delays (or NEW creative ideas). Anyone that knows anything about development knows that there WILL be delays …that is of course unless you refuse to let those delays happen…

    Look at EA – they finally got the clue it seems and have delayed Hardline until next year. I still can’t play BF4… it deletes my game save every time I try to play the 1 player, and Defuse mode is still broken after 1+ year and 5 fully priced DLC packs. How is that acceptable?

    Learn from everyone’s mistakes or the next time Ubisoft releases another broken product I have a feeling your sales are going to be VERY low. Everyone is finally starting to catch on and are tired of rushed broken products.

    As for the EVENT, bring a game competitive players are looking FORWARD to.. R6 Seige – and please leave the aim assist out of the game, don’t pull a BF4 and put aim assist in your supposed hardcore game / modes.

  • Is it true Micro$oft is paying Ubisoft to dumb down their PS4 games? It was bad enough that third parties wouldn’t ever go the extra mile on their PS3 games but they always had the it’s more complicated excuse. Sony made sure the PS4 was easy for developers while Micro$oft did a horrible job designing the Xbone. So get busy and push the PS4. If the Xbone looks weak next to the PS4 that’s Micro$oft’s fault. Forget about parity. Nobody cared about that the last generation.

  • ubisoft I don’t know what going on ,but I’m hearing bad things with the games.. I have anephew who like ray man he is very big on that.

    Hope thing are going ok and get better as time goes on.. and also happy holiday to everyone at ubisoft.

    vp psn legioniarre group

  • I’ll be at Playstation Experience, but I’ve already seen all these games. Sorry, Ubi. However… if we could get a peak at The Division, I may swing by your area ;)

  • I am a big fan of Ubisoft games. I loved AC Liberation and the Rayman games on the Vita. Ubisoft: Please make another Assassin’s Creed for Vita. And bring Valiant Hearts and Beyond Good and Evil HD to Vita as well. Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell Collections would be welcomed to Vita as well. I have a PS4 and PS3, but would love to see those games mentioned above make their way to Vita, so I can bring them anywhere with me without worrying about Wifi connections.

  • Stop ignoring Vita.

    We Need You.

  • Big Plus +++1 on comment #38.

  • Looking forward to double and triple-dipping on Tetris Ultimate. Got it for that “other” handheld system and awaiting the PS4 and Vita releases.

  • And don’t worry about “entitled” comments like #12.

    And yet sadly, comment their negative comments to other posters when they don’t agree.

  • I know you are, but what am I?
    What a hypocrite.

  • Hey Gary! I just have one thing to say — I miss PTOM…

  • Well now, I wonder how many of these people complaining about Unity being unfinished have even bothered to play the game, or have only been reading about other people’s experiences.
    In my 20 hours of play so far, I have seen exactly one person fall through the ground (not myself), and had one insane moment of frame rate stoppage. A few instances of rather noticeable slowdown, but nothing game-breaking.
    If people did some research, they’d see that most of the problems are occurring on PC, and to a lesser extent on XBone. Unity is actually running better for me at launch than Black Flag did when I picked it up two months after release. And Ubisoft has done a great job fixing problems that have become apparent after millions of gamers started playing this title, compared to their team of maybe a few dozen testers.

    All that said, I don’t care about any of these games being at PS Experience, as even The Crew will be out before then, so I’ll own all of them.. The Division or bust.

  • And I guess I should throw in, I haven’t tried the co-op yet, so I have no personal knowledge of whether or not it is working. If it is indeed broken, then that would be a rather large misstep, and definitely something they had every chance to know about before launch… ah well.

  • is this supposed to be funny? because i don’t see anyone laughing.

  • This is one reason I see not to attend. No more love for Ubisoft and their shovel-ware lack of PS support tactics.

    If M$ is going to pay you off fine. If you’re going to short change your customers who have supported you for years due to the money from M$ then you can take your software and go. Don’t need it, don’t want it.

    The “technical limitations” and the developing for the least common denominator for the money from their manufacturer will cause you to only have support from the small minority. I hope that the money from M$ is enough to offset the loses your choices will get you.

  • @Aizawa: One frame-rate issue you’ve perceived is too many.

  • I love this blog:)

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