New Bloodborne Weapon and Hunter Emerge

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New Bloodborne Weapon and Hunter Emerge

Hello, PlayStation fans. I am excited to be able to share some brand new details for Bloodborne, our PS4-exclusive collaboration between Sony Japan Studio and FromSoftware. We’ll have much more to share in a few weeks at PlayStation Experience, but in the meantime here’s a sneak peek at some of the beautiful and nightmarish stages, enemies, and weapons you’ll get to see in the game this March, straight from the dark and twisted imagination of the masterful team at From Software.

We revealed a number of new areas of the game back at TGS, including the forbidden forest and an old, abandoned part of Yharnam back at TGS. You may also remember the Hemwick graveyard we first revealed at Gamescom, located on the outskirts of Yharnam. Despite the warm colored sky and beautiful clouds, this graveyard is home to some very twisted residents, like the deformed gravekeeper hags with their horrifying shrieks and long reach attacks.

Bloodborne on PS4Bloodborne on PS4

When you make your way through the depths of the Hemwick graveyard, you’ll come upon an old rickety manor inhabited by a powerful eyeball-collecting old witch, among other things. You may want to bring a fellow player or two along when you’re ready to meet her face to face.

Also at TGS, we already revealed Gascoigne, a stylishly dressed priest who also wields a giant axe and does double duty as a Hunter in Yharnam, as well as a mysterious hunter with twin blades and a cape of bird feathers.

Now I would like to introduce Gyula, an old veteran hunter who is said to possess amazing skill. No one has seen him in many years, since he ventured into the old part of Yharnam, deserted and burned to the ground after the plague of the beast took its toll there long ago. You just may run into Gyula when you venture into the old part of the city.

Bloodborne on PS4

Another place you’ll travel to in your quest to find the truth in Bloodborne is the Cainhurst castle. Seemingly abandoned and frozen over, the noble family that once lived there disappeared without a trace. Its grand stature is visible from afar even through the thick fog of the lake, but getting there won’t be easy. What happened to the family that ruled this castle for many generations? What secrets, and what dangers, await you there?

Moving away from a fantasy medieval setting into a slightly more modern gothic and fearful setting has allowed the team at FromSoftware to bring a whole new vision to life on PS4, not only in terms of stage design and the kinds of enemies you’ll face, but also the kinds of weapons you’ll have at your disposal to deal with these nightmarish creatures. From shotguns, transforming saw blades, and axes, to nimble twin blades and even a steel sword that becomes the hilt of a massive block hammer, there’s a wide selection to find and choose from.

Bloodborne on PS4Bloodborne on PS4

Each weapon offers players a unique play style and strategy to leverage Bloodborne’s more pro-active combat style, light/heavy and short/long range combo system, and Regain System for earning back health during intense combat. Here’s one more weapon you’ll be able to wield: the transforming cane. In its standard form, it’s a melee weapon for short range attacks. Like many of the other weapons in Bloodborne, however, this weapon can also transform into a deadly heavy or long range weapon as well, making it a devastating bladed whip.

Bloodborne on PS4Bloodborne on PS4

Last but not least, I have one more exclusive screenshot to share that’s a teaser for things to come. Deep under the city of Yharnam lies an expansive network of multi-leveled ruins, seemingly much older than Yharnam itself and crafted by something other than human hands.

What’s more, these ruins appear differently to each hunter brave enough to enter. We’re all very excited to talk more what that means at PlayStation Experience on December 6th and 7th. We hope you can join us for a live presentation at the keynote as well as our in-depth panel presentation at the show in just a few weeks.

Bloodborne on PS4

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  • Looks awesome. Art design and creature design looks really good. =)

    Does this mean that those ruins under the city of Yharnam will be procedurally/randomly generated or something?

    I don’t have a PS4 yet, but if I’ll buy one in 2015 then I’ll make sure Bloodborne will be one the first ones that I’ll play!

    And is Gravity Rush 2 still in development at Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio? I would love to see it and I hope it will be available on PS Vita + PS4! And I will also see The Last Guardian one day from SCE Japan Studio!

  • Why/how do you guys keep getting more and more amazing. I’m already throwing my cash at anything that says bloodborne on it. Pretty soon I’ ll be sent to a mental hospital. I’ve been able to calm myself down a bit with dragon age and diablo 3, but you guys showing more amazing stuff right after delaying the game is too much.

  • I am so exited for this game and the waiting is killing me

  • Procedurally generated underground dungeon? I certainly hope so! Could be amazing.

    Bloodborne looked fantastic when I got to see it at E3 this year, and I know it’s going to be amazing when it finally releases. Already got my copy pre-ordered! Looks amazing you guys and gals!

  • Could you make a PS4 Dynamic theme while we wait for the game!!?

  • My most anticipated games in 2015.

  • Thanks for all the amazing information. Also, thanks for delaying Bloodborne until March 2015. Seriously, this game is very important to me and I want it to be the best it can be. So many current gen games have issues when they are released that prove they needed more time in development. Thanks for all your hard work and I cannot wait to buy Bloodborne digitally Day 1!

  • Any word on Gravity Rush 2?

  • Christ, this looks FANTASTIC! Not mad about the month delay at all. Just means it will be even better!

  • So far away.

  • I expect to see “YOU DIED” displayed every 5 seconds or so :)

  • Magic!? Where is the mage class PLS! Im getting WORRIED in that aspect!!!

  • Red console bundle?

    You did a white for destiny… Not even an exclusive. How about a red ps4 to go with this one. Maybe note crimson than fire truck though. I’d say bloodsplatter pattern, but that’s a bit gruesome.

    I DO NOT own a ps4, yet. A limited edition RED one would make me cave. Its not money, just…thankfully ps3 support is still going strong. So I’m in no hurry. But I’m a sucker for limited edition, almost bought the white one but not a fps guy.

    Excited for this either way. Let’s get depth of atmosphere back. Sure it’ll be awesome.

  • Those of us who pre-ordered the digital version were given a chance to cancel due to the slight delay. Of course I kept my pre-order. It would be great if there was a closed beta as I would like to see some more features. The closed alpha was great, I had no problems at all, other than not being able to kill the fat guys, lol.

    The only thing I would ask you to tweak from that sample is to somehow make other players more discernible from the NPCs. The color scheme and outfits make it almost impossible to figure out who your allies are. Yes, their titles and presumably eventually the PSN IDs were over their heads, but in this drab world, that didn’t register for a few seconds and in Bloodborne’s faster pacing, those couple seconds count a lot.

    Please tell FromSoft people that I both love and hate them, and have since Demon’s Souls turned me into a hard-core gamer.

  • + Masaaki Yamagiwa on November 20th, 2014 at 11:56 am said:

    Please endure a while longer. We are working hard to live up to your expectations!

    “Patiently Waiting”


    Once again From you have surpassed my expectations with Bloodborne. You are the creative masters of this industry by a mile.


  • Looks amazing, I can’t wait to play it. Next year is going to start with a bang.

  • For the love of god, no procedurally generated BS PLEASE.

  • The weapons remind me of god eater. Was there by chance its inspiration? Also ppl dont forget hype kills games.


  • Can’t wait for this game!

  • Damn this game looks good!!! I can’t wait, so i am gonna go all fan boy here: Love FROM games and I hope that the success of the souls series does not discourage work on an armored core for ps4, either way know that i am excited for the new games and i still play the old ones. Thanks for showing what pasionate developers can accomplish and keep up the good work!!

  • Thank you for the delay, making sure a game works is the most important thing and being upfront about a delay is awesome of you guys. I have never played a souls game but this is a game i’m excited to see at the Playstation Experience next month.

  • I can’t wait to play this game, I know you guys will give us an awesome game!

  • I didn’t want to get a PS4 but as a hardcore souls fan I just have to <3 I just hope it plays more like Demon's Souls since it is my favourite.

  • This will be another gem I can’t wait to play on my PS4.

  • Soul games are the only games that i love so much, , Ever since I’ve played demon souls i was so hooked to it. It’s given me my best gaming experience ever and ever since then i kept looking forward for more and more of it as i enjoy playing them a lot and no other game close to how i felt and experienced on Demon Souls. It’s really the best game i’ve played this decade and in my life so far!. Can’t wait for bloodborne!

    I’ve never bothered platinuming any games i’ve played before too but i loved demon souls so much that i had to go for platinuming to a 100% and i did !. I’ve done that for Dark souls and dark souls 2 too as well and i keep looking forward to do so for every soul release really looking forward to playing bloodborne and enjoying it a lot and later on for platinum as well !

  • Thank you from software. I love you hidetaka miyazaki please never stop making these godly masterpieces of yours. Really looking forward to every title related to Demon Souls type of game your making.

  • I NEED this game. No more delays please. This is gonna be epic. The art style is so dark and beautiful.

  • Inject it into my veins!!!!!

  • Definitely my all time favorite series. Looks great! Take your time and get it right, we’ll wait.

  • Sad this isn’t on the pc. Hopefully it’s great, but it could end up being the next demon’s souls, too limited an audience

  • Procedurally generated underground dungeon I believe?

  • Glad it was delayed.My wallet is so dry!

  • What is that thing behind Gyula? A MACHINE GUN?!? Awesome!!

  • Please someone, anyone, put this game inside me!

  • Can’t wait for this game… here’s to hoping PS4 gets some decent exclusives next year, X1 is getting everything right now.

  • Bloodborne is THE ONLY reason for me to buy PS4 – but only when Sony will release it in Slim version. It won’t be my first time to buy a game and only after some time – console itself. It reminds me a bit of my Demon’s Souls purchase. I saw it one day at VG shop – came to pick my order. It was the only copy of the game in the whole store. Its cover pulled me in, I took it to have a look what’s the game about – and it never released me again. It’s unique atmosphere, challenges, story, though hidden, is so satisfying to uncover, so the player can imagine its ends or continuations, form from it another, more personal story. That’s right : nowadays games, especially from big publishers, don’t respect gamers when it comes to story – they drown us in primitiveness, being full of stupidity. They are afraid of creating daring and fresh experience, that may even spark a legend in gaming – in opposite of what exactly Demon’s Souls did – it made me love gaming itself.
    From, if you’re reading this – please don’t screw this up, just like DS2 did in surprising majority of its areas. I want to be pulled again into incredible.

  • Most anticipated game of ps4, since dark souls are my favorite game of the last generation, can’t wait to play it.

  • Man I wish this game was available for the upcoming holidays. Very excited.

  • The Souls games have been my favorite series since the release of Demons’ Souls the year I graduated high school. Please continue to make some of my favorite games of all time!

    I’m so excited for Bloodborne, I’m not even buying a PS4 until it’s out!

  • This is the best game of 2015. The dark gritty atmosphere in an online world that’s ever evolving and engaing. Yeah, the FromStofware keeps delivering the best games once again.

    Keep it up! All your Souls fans will be getting this.

  • Take your time fromsoftware. Heck, I’ll wait till June! I’ve been playing Demon’s Souls and was marveled by the quality of that game which was somewhat lost in Dark’s series. I love all souls series and dark souls 1 is my best one. But demon’s souls is the highest in quality. So please Fromsoftware give me a true souls once again. I want lore, I want tough but not cheap bosses and I want loads of weapons and items. Take your time fromsoftware and make us proud.

  • Nothing else even comes close to matching my anticipation for this game! I pre-ordered it the moment it went live on PSN and occasionally look at the days until it releases under my library. On a related note, I am sure that this game will have a deluxe edition or similar available on PSN before it releases like many others have done, but can we please have it implemented so that if we have it ordered and a new edition becomes available then we can pay the difference to get the more expensive edition? This happened with Destiny, but other games have not given us the option to do this. I would have liked to have done this with Far Cry 4, but there was no upgrade option. Maybe I just need to stop pre-ordering games so far in advance, but I do this for titles that I know I will want for sure.

  • Awesome!
    Can’t wait to get it.

  • Is that wax on Gyula’s face? Like the Maiden in Black?!

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