Get Your Own Precursor Orb at The Naughty Dog Shop

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Get Your Own Precursor Orb at The Naughty Dog Shop

We’re kicking off a new franchise in our collectible line on the official Naughty Dog Shop this week. We previously revealed our PlayStation Collectibles Clicker Bust and now we’re going back in time a few years with the 30th Anniversary Jak and Daxter Precursor Orb.

This mysterious artifact is an iconic symbol of our studio. The orb has appeared in every one of our games in some manner since its inception. For the physical version, we’ve adorned the Polystone base with our 30th anniversary logo and the orb itself is made of Polystone.

The orb stands 10″ tall by 5″ wide and 6″ deep. It’s a proper relic that’s worthy of catching before the limited edition of 1,000 pieces disappears. It’s available now for pre-order on the shop for $120. We ship to North America and Canada and are hard at work to start shipping to other regions in the coming months.

We’ll have a special discount on other items in the shop soon, so get ready to get some holiday shopping done. Once you get your items, share them with the world by using #NDShop. We’ll be retweeting some of our favorite photos.

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  • Where’s Driveclub Plus Edition?

  • @cbrady2k this is Naughty Dog not Evolution studios they don’t make the game so ask EVO. anyways I definitely need this like right now :D any black friday or cyber monday deals? either way I’ll be getting it!

  • Being a HUGE Jak & Daxter fan, I need this. The design on the orb was always so cool to me.

  • I have always loved Jak & Daxter, although I must say Uncharted is my favorite franchise of all time (with Uncharted 2 being my favorite game of all time). Great thing with this orb, which I totally hope to get, is that it links to both franchises

  • As much as I LOVE ND recent work (Last of Us is truly the game of the generation and Uncharted is right there on top), I think it would be awesome to see old franchises getting back on their feet under ND wing, such as Jak and Daxter and Crash Bandicoot. Crash might be trickier, being an Activision property and all, but one can dream…

  • Funny, these ads are usually just at the top of the page, not a full article.

  • @ #6, funny, I thought the comments say “open to everyone, but don’t be a jerk” ;)

    Also funny, I thought this was the Playstation Blog, where EVERYthing IS an ADVERTISEMENT for games / SONY related stuff.

    Very funny, I thought (and I know) that Naughty Dog is the best developer on playstation and they can advertise anything they want to me all day every dang day :P

    I like funny stuff.

    Also, Comment #1 is VERY funny. Direct your comments to the right people if you want answers…. why would Naughty Dog know when Driveclub is coming? Naughty Dog doesn’t make DriveClub…Evolution Studios does. Do you call your mom and ask what time you’re going out with your wife? L O L. Yes, that’s the funniest one ;)

    Oh and as for the oh so rude advertisement, lol, I’d love to get one of these but $120 is a little much for me. Will this kind of stuff be at the PS Vegas event?

  • ^^^Because I know SONY has said there will be swag (free and paid?) at the event, so I’m just curious. Give me a HINT! Throw me an orb, tell me the future….! :P

  • If the proceeds go to funding Naughty Dog’s reacquisition of the Crash Bandicoot franchise I will buy / donate. :P

  • i have a question are we ever going to see jak x combat racing for ps3 at all i love that game alot

  • So when is Naughty Dog going to

    A) stop gouging fans with DLC and give us complete games?

    B) stop screwing over PS3 owners and give us a complete version of the Last of Us?

  • Never played Jak & Daxter on PS2 but LOVED Daxter on PSP. Wouldn’t mind seeing something like that for Vita or as a smaller downloadable on PS3/PS4. Kinda want one of these orbs, too…

  • TIL: Strange Relic from the Uncharted games was actually this. I’ve always wondered that the deal with is was and why it kept appearing.

    Wacky idea: make a chocolate version of the Precursor Orb, kind of like a creme egg. I almost thought this was a candy before reading the post.

  • ^ Dang, now I want one of those Cadbury creme eggs.

  • I bought a Sword Kirby figure instead. Sorry!

  • Too expensive for a metal easter egg.

  • @9 I agree!

    I wonder if it’s glued to the acrylic rod or if it can be removed. This looks cool.

  • I love the marketing term polystone, just a fancy name for plastic. $120 for a 10″ plastic egg? $150 for a plastic character? Nice ability gouging your fans because they are just that “fans”. Fanatical enough to purchase a useless piece of plastic being represented as art for $120-$150 then tell them hurry to go get this hunk of plastic because we are creating false scarcity by stating there is limited production runs. Just stick to making $60 games and then creating another $60 worth of add ons so you can continue to rake $120 off each title.

  • @9 I would buy two of them if that is the case. Crash 4 life!

  • I preordered mine this morning! I’ve always been a huge fan of Jak and Daxter, and the design of the Precursor Orb is just gorgeous! Thanks Naughty Dog!

  • Now if they would just make the Crash Bandicoot games playable on Vita that would get my attention.

  • Hold up…”The orb has appeared in every one of our games in some manner since its inception”

    I don’t remember seeing it on TLoU…where is it?

    Anyway what a nice collectible item…wish I could get one.

  • I really want one! But I also want to be able to afford next semester’s tuition.

    Hmm… Decisions decisions.

  • Nooooo! I won that last of us Clicker statue hoping it will never be made ever again!!

    Call me selfish

  • @24 I feel you there. This orb was an exclusive for press and given out for the 10th anniversary of Jak and Daxter in 2011. It kind of sucks for people who have it to see that it’s lost some of its collectible value with this rerelease. Though admittedly the Orb is THE perfect collectible to honor the studio, so I’m torn between wanting one and feeling upset for those that have the original. I won the Fortune Hunter’s Edition of Uncharted 2 in 2009, it was limited to 200 copie, but with this and the Clicker bust I have a sneaking suspicion the Phurba from it will be seeing a reprint as well. Yeah I know it’s selfish, but that thought makes me sad and disappointed because it diminishes the value of these “exclusive collectibles” when they eventually become available for general purchase in much larger edition sizes. The 30th anniversary prints from the Gallery Nucleus event are another example of this as they advertised “once these runs sell out they will never be made available again”, several of them DID sell out yet are now available for purchase again in the Naughty Dog shop. I’m less irked by those but it would be nice to have something actually feel special and rare for once without the sensation being ephemeral.

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